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  1. I have a 7 day cruise booked, in my booking summary I dont see a reference to the Princess Plus package (drinks/wifi etc.) I purchased. When I compare todays price for the same cruise it is approx. $350 more than what my cruise total was. Is there anywhere in the booking information it will show the package? I am wondering if my cruise planner properly booked my cruise. Under the payments tab for my booking it shows my remaining balance, has an option to view the complete price breakdown, no mention of the package. I booked several months ago. Thanks in advance.
  2. Update.....I just went to book a new cruise using my FCC. $885 more for the same cruise, same itin., same cabin category. It is what it is....however that is a 27% increase from March 2020.....the frosting on the cake for me was when I went through the booking process, they applied the FCC and showed the remaining balance. I went to book it and they still want a $400 down payment??? The $2,100 credit they have had for over 1 year was not enough??....they want an additional $400 to hold on to for the next 10 months? Come on, now that is cheap.........This is like dealing with a used car lot...
  3. Correct it sailed, I was told approx. 30-40% cancelled due to COVID concerns.
  4. I used a Princess cruise planner, She has given me incorrect information on a few other issues. I will try my luck at booking a new cruise with someone else at Princess.
  5. Correct, our cruise was March 7, 2020 on Sky Princess. We weren't on the original notice Princess sent out, it started March 9 or 10. I rec'd an email March 6 allowing us to cancel, we were in our FLL hotel putting luggage tags on and I checked emails. If you remember Princess had several ships stuck in international waters during this time period. It was not a comforting feeling...The cruise did go off without a problem, when we cancelled I was told approx. 30-40% of passengers elected to take the FCC. I was on the roll call for the cruise, looking forward to meeting good people!!!!
  6. Thank you very much, I will take a look. My PVP has never mentioned it in the 3 times I have spoke to her about my FCC.
  7. Correct, not normal times. Fuel prices will skyrocket the next few years, that does increase prices. I did see lower prices a few months ago, not much lower. From the sounds of it they are changing filtration systems on ships, extras expenses equal price increases. And if you recall Princess probably had the most negative press coverage of most lines when COVID first broke, I believe there is fallout from that as well. All these extra adjustments probably are the cause of higher fares. I think they have most definitely adjusted the algorithm....
  8. They have gone up quite a bit. We have cruises booked with other lines and those prices have not increased anywhere close to what Princess has. I don't wan't to leave $2,400 on the table so I will have to spend an extra $700-1000 to use it I guess. In the end we will have a great vacation either way.
  9. We plan to book something for Dec. 2021. Cabins I have looked at have been available for months. I dont think people are going to rush back to cruising, dedicated cruisers yes but not new cruisers. I agree it probably wont get better on pricing. Just felt it was a significant increase (24%).
  10. That is crazy, I am sure some dedicated cruisers will pay it.
  11. Yes, prices fluctuate.....I have been on a lot of cruises, they typically don't fluctuate that much (even 10 years ago with fuel surcharges). Previous poster pointed out they are not going to sail at full capacity. That is probably the reason for the significant price increase.
  12. That is probably what we will do, balcony deluxe. It is not equal, still $350 more.
  13. Thank you, I did not know they were not filling the ship to full capacity.
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