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  1. jgmpuma

    Streetcar to Julia Street Terminal

    About four blocks, but you can cover most of the distance through the Riverwalk Marketplace.
  2. jgmpuma

    Where to go for jazz

    You can find a complete schedule of New Orleans music venues here: www.wwoz.org
  3. No charge for the potatoes. They just bring them. A golden-fried soft shell crab is culinary paradise. I have never had one at Deanie's, but I'm sure they would do a great job on them.
  4. Deanie's, 899 Iberville. They do a great job on frying seafood. Unless you are really hungry, the oyster poor-boy is big enough for two, and is packed with oysters. Free appetizer of new potatoes boiled in seafood boil. It is usually very busy, no reservations, but the line moves quickly.
  5. jgmpuma


    There will be lines of them.
  6. jgmpuma

    Hilton Riverside to Julia St. Terminal

    The porters will be there (or close by) when you get off the elevator.
  7. jgmpuma

    Terminal used by Royal Caribbean

    At the southern end of the Riverwalk, there is an elevator that will take you down to the terminal. Riverwalk is on two levels, but there is an elevator between them. Look for the signs.
  8. jgmpuma

    New Orleans 2019

    The City of New Orleans rents spaces on reviewing stands in front of Gallier Hall on Carondelet Street. No food or beverage service, but a great place to watch the parades. Rental information will show up on the City's web site a couple of months before Mardi Gras.
  9. The porters will stay with you, and take your luggage anywhere you want.
  10. jgmpuma

    Carriage rides

    There are always plenty of them. They line up on Decatur Street in front of Jackson Square.
  11. jgmpuma

    Mule Tour of Quarter - Tall Enough To Ride LOL?

    There is a step, and the driver can help you up.
  12. jgmpuma

    Terminal in new orleans for ncl breakawy

  13. jgmpuma

    New Orleans parking question

    The phone number for the Port Of New Orleans is (504) 522-2551. Maybe they can answer your question.
  14. jgmpuma

    Taxis -- credit card or cash only

    They accept credit cards.