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  1. Full schedule of live music by venue and type of music. www.wwoz.org
  2. The construction on Convention Center Blvd. is still going on, but they don't work on weekends and you should not have any problems getting to the port.
  3. One of my sons works part-time booking French Quarter tours. People regularly ask him if they will actually see ghosts. He assures them that they will not. The guides tell stories about places that are "haunted," based on myths and local lore involving sightings, voices, voodoo, etc. but they are just stories. No bars are involved.
  4. It is a fairly easy walk to the French Quarter from Embassy Suites. You are also within walking distance of the Canal Street and St. Charles Avenue streetcar lines. Maps and schedules are here: www.norta.com
  5. If you would like to learn about Creole cooking, a great way to start is with La Bouche Creole. It is a cookbook by Leon Soniat, first published back in 1981 and still in print. It captures the European/African roots of the cuisine of New Orleans with lots of local classics. The recipes are easy to follow, but success depends a lot of the fresh seafood readily available in this area.
  6. frenchquarterfest.org All you need to know about the French Quarter Fest. Lots of great local music and food. freetoursbyfoot.com Garden District self-guided tours, and getting there on the streetcar. The St. Louis cemeteries (the oldest ones in NO) are adjacent to the French Quarter. You must be part of a group. Just do a Google search for New Orleans cemetery tours.
  7. They are very different places. Willie Mae's is smaller, with a more limited menu, and famous for her fried chicken. Dookie Chase is a good bit larger, with a more varied menu, and lots of soul food. Both have on-line menus. Coin toss.
  8. March 3 is a Sunday. There is a night parade, but nothing downtown during the day. You should have no problems.
  9. They are creating a three block long green space. It makes no sense to me, but no one asked me. From the renderings, it doesn't look like it will make any difference in foot traffic, or access to the whale lot, and no effect on the Erato terminbal.
  10. 10:00 should be OK. Most of the debarks will have left, and porters will be available.
  11. And after that first half-dozen you will probably order another half-dozen. And then .....
  12. Metairie has some dicey areas just as New Orleans does, but this one is OK. There is lots of traffic around, and it is close to I-10.
  13. The river re-opened yesterday (Friday), but traffic is backed up because of the closure and fog delays.
  14. jgmpuma


    It would be a $10 - $15 ride from the port. The cab drivers will know where it is. There is no cab stand at Costco, but you can call United Cab: 522-9771.
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