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  1. Saturday was a beautiful day in the Quarter. Restaurants are open: most of the old ones and some new ones as well. Music clubs are coming back, including some of our old favorites. Still no cruises, though.
  2. For events: www.bestofneworleans.com Music venues: www.offbeat.com Restaurants: www.nomenu.com Live music isn't back yet, but restrictions are slowly being lifted, and by 2022 ut should be a much different picture.
  3. Cruises out of New Orleans have grown tremendously over the past several years, mainly because they are out of New Orleans. It is a very compact city, easy to get around by foot, Uber, pedicab, etc. Lots of great restaurants in the French Quarter, lots of things to do and see. The City is gradually coming out of the COVID shutdown. By Spring of 2022 it should be back to close to normal. The music clubs are still mostly closed, but restrictions are gradually being lifted and they will be back in time. My wife and I spent last Saturday in the Quarter, and there were lots of people out and about.
  4. Slowly but surely. No cruises on the horizon and no live music except on the streets. Lots of people in the French Quarter this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and ambiance. Restaurants are at 50% capacity, bars at 25% inside and the usual drinks to go. Our mayor has been very strict on opening up the city. Painful, but Orleans Parish has some of the best numbers in the country, and they are still improving.
  5. The Whale Lot on Convention Center Blvd. adjacent to cruise terminals. Or Machu Pichou Tours parking lot with shuttle.
  6. There will be many changes, of course, but the City has vowed to allow this celebration to go on.
  7. The aroma of spilled beer and mule poop kind of grows on you after a while.
  8. As we have for many years, my wife and I spent Saturday in the Quarter. It was a beautiful Fall day, cool and dry, after a very hot and stormy Summer. The bars are open, but for to-go drinks only. There were lots of people strolling the streets with their drinks in hand. Not as crowded as before COVID knocked the Quarter on its butt, but close. About 80% wore masks, and did the best they could to maintain distance, even on Bourbon Street. Restaurants are opening at reduced capacity, with some menus shortened. Some don't keep their web sites updated, so call before you g
  9. About 15 years ago a local radio station had a contest: describe how a loved one endured Hurricane Katrina and improved the lives of others. I entered my wife. Well deserved. Then I completely forgot about it. About a month later I got a call from the radio station. My entry had won a cruise on the Fantasy. We kept waiting for the cabin assignment, expecting something in steerage. We arrived at the terminal the morning of the cruise, still with no cabin assigned. As soon as we checked in a Carnival rep came to meet us. She said we had been assigned to Cabin 2. What in t
  10. NCL and RCL use the Julie Street terminal. An elevator takes you from Riverwalk into the terminal. Carnival uses the Erato terminal. Everything is covered except the two flights of stairs.
  11. The walk from the Hilton to the terminal is through Riverwalk Marketplace, handy in case of bad weather. You will also pass Cafe du Monde, if coffee and beignets are on your agenda.
  12. Based on past experience, ships usually arrive around 5:00 a.m. Factoring in customs, etc., disembarkation should begin by 8:00. There is not much traffic on weekends, so a 10:45 flight should work.
  13. Restaurants are reopening at 50% capacity. Bars that serve food are open at 50%. Other bars open at 25% capacity. Still no live music except in open-air forums. Harrah's casino is open. Shops are reopening. People are returning to the streets.
  14. That's pretty much what the French Quarter looks like now, but there are signs of life. Cafe du Monde just reopened. No bars or music clubs yet, but a few restaurants are opening, mostly for take out, but a few with limited seating: 25% of capacity. Some shops are open, mainly on weekends. We see more people on the street each week, something like the post-Katrina era. COVID numbers have been improving steadily.
  15. jgmpuma


    Restaurants will be closing at 9:00 p.m. Bars will be closing at midnight. Tour groups limited to 7. Until further notice.
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