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  1. I find the longer or more exotic the cruise, the fewer the children. We don't book holiday or summer cruises. But.....last October we just needed a getaway so we booked a week on the Liberty out of Galveston. I checked Louisiana and Texas school calendars and saw no holidays. The ship was FULL of children. What I didn't know was RCCL had a "Kids Sail Free" promotion for that sailing. I do have to say that all of the children on the cruise were precious and well behaved.
  2. I cancelled on March 9 for a May 9 cruise using CWC. Received my 50% to credit card within days, still nothing from Celebrity regarding FCC.
  3. Years ago we were on a cruise with a Norovirus outbreak. They shut down everything. Guests could not even get their own sugar packet. The waiter had to hand it to you in the MDR. You wouldn't believe the amount of whining that went on. "They're not putting enough food on my plate!" Personally, I would love to see food servers at the buffet stations. When we're on-land, whether traveling or at home, we do not frequent buffets.
  4. That's what I thought. LOL, but I had to ask. Thanks.
  5. We cancelled our May 9 cruise on March 9 using the CWC policy. We received 50% refund to our credit card on file within days, but still don't have our FCC. I sure would like to have the $$$ instead of FCC! Have any of you tried to change from FCC to refund to credit card?
  6. Our TA stated this in the cancellation confirmation: **YOU WILL RECEIVE A VOUCHER IN THE AMOUNT OF OUR CANCEL PENALTY TO USE ON A FUTURE CRUISE WITH US** Since we're getting A FCC, it will all work out. But, I would have preferred if we had not been charged in the first place.
  7. I agree with all of the above. We do private tours about 95% of the time. I look at my Roll Call and Port of Call here on Cruise Critic and then I go to Trip Advisor and try to book first or second rated tour in my destination. I have always had excellent results and adventures. One thing that wasn't mentioned that I always look at.... See how difficult it would be to get to your next port of call. I'm extra careful in choosing a tour if this is the last port of my cruise and getting back to the US would be a major problem/expense. Go for the private tour and have a wonderful time!
  8. A couple of years ago we stayed at the Embassy Suites on International Blvd. There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. When we checked into the hotel we made reservations for a shuttle the next morning to the port. I think there were 3 options for a pickup time. I thought the cost was reasonable, but not as inexpensive as Uber. I think it was $25/pp. That evening there was a free happy hour at the hotel and then we walked across the street for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. The next morning we had a leisurely, very good breakfast then boarded the last shuttle to the ship. It was a very easy experience. So much so, that we are doing the same thing this coming May for our Bermuda cruise. I am going to call the hotel before our cruise to make sure they still offer the shuttle to the port. Just in case!!
  9. We did a 46-day B2B2B from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles around Cape Horn. It was awesome. We embarked and disembarked in US ports, so there were no long flights. I highly recommend an itinerary like this. Enjoy your planning!
  10. Thanks a bunch to all who responded. I usually don't have this problem, but with all the 'perks' now it's a nice problem to have. This 'old' cruiser just learned something new!
  11. Does the cruiseline automatically use your non-refundable OBC's first? That way, toward the end of the cruise you will know what is left will be returned to your method of payment if unused.
  12. Thanks Jim_lain. X issued OBC is not showing on cruise planner. I just tried to book a couple of excursions, but it went all the way through to asking for my credit card info. My confirmation from TA shows their OBC and a separate OBC from X. I'll start with my TA, but I guess I'm probably going to have to call Celebrity. Ugh!
  13. Thank you jelayne and Cdresser for your responses.
  14. We have a large amount of OBC for our upcoming cruise to Bermuda. Some from Celebrity and some from our TA. We've selected the drink pkg and pre-paid gratuities as perks so we will use the OBC for excursions. My question is: Can I book the excursions now using the OBC, or do I have to wait until we're on the ship? I would like to take advantage of the sale that's being offered now. Thanks to anyone who knows how this works.
  15. This photo could have been taken from our room. This is the exact view we had to see Paul McCartney leaving the hotel on the right.(St Antoine maybe??) It was quite a mob scene, but we watched it from the comfort of our room (with cameras zoomed in)
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