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  1. Thanks Jim_lain. X issued OBC is not showing on cruise planner. I just tried to book a couple of excursions, but it went all the way through to asking for my credit card info. My confirmation from TA shows their OBC and a separate OBC from X. I'll start with my TA, but I guess I'm probably going to have to call Celebrity. Ugh!
  2. Thank you jelayne and Cdresser for your responses.
  3. We have a large amount of OBC for our upcoming cruise to Bermuda. Some from Celebrity and some from our TA. We've selected the drink pkg and pre-paid gratuities as perks so we will use the OBC for excursions. My question is: Can I book the excursions now using the OBC, or do I have to wait until we're on the ship? I would like to take advantage of the sale that's being offered now. Thanks to anyone who knows how this works.
  4. This photo could have been taken from our room. This is the exact view we had to see Paul McCartney leaving the hotel on the right.(St Antoine maybe??) It was quite a mob scene, but we watched it from the comfort of our room (with cameras zoomed in)
  5. We stayed at the Le Priori and thought it was great. Near all the action in lower town, great price, delicious breakfast and a very nice staff. We could see the Le Priori from our cabin balcony.
  6. Thank you Turtles06. This is one of the most enjoyable threads I've ever followed on CC. I began following because we are going on the Summit next May, but I really enjoyed your photos of Canada/NE, since we did that itinerary last year.
  7. Thank yo so much for the excellent cabin review. That's just what I was wanting to see.
  8. Empress is a great little ship with a big heart. We sailed her twice to Cuba in an oceanview cabin because the JS and OS were priced out of sight for that itinerary. I would absolutely sail on her again, but only in a JS or OS. If you just like to chill it's perfect. I don't think children , especially teens would like it at all. Virgin Gorda is awesome. Be sure and go to the Baths. If you decide to go on this cruise you will surely enjoy it. Have Fun!
  9. I would really like to get surf & stream. I am D+. Is there any 'deal' ? I realize I would have to pay something, but was wondering if maybe there was a discount. Thanks.
  10. Thank you Turtles06 for this info. We are cruising in May in a next-to-corner FV. That means I have 7 months to grow my hair to pony-tail length or get a shorter do! What a mess they seem to have made. Regardless, we are so looking forward to this cruise, I know it won't really matter. Can't wait to see your pictures.
  11. I highly recommend the aft cabin. We had a corner aft on the Mariner of the Seas when we went around the Horn. You will be more protected from the cold winds and possible rain. Enjoy your trip!
  12. I agree that you should Rent a car at MCO. When we did it the cost was Very reasonable. The drive to Cape Canaveral was easy. The morning of the cruise we went to the rental office, turned in the car and the car rental company shuttled us to the port. On our return, they met us at the ship, shuttled us to the office where we picked up a car. We drove back to MCO and dropped off the car. I think the company was Budget, not sure though.
  13. I've always found insuremytrip dot com to be a very helpful site when choosing travel insurance policies. You enter your criteria/needs and it pulls up many different options. I think it also has policies that are not trip specific, but based on yearly travel coverages. Hope this helps!
  14. We sailed the Empress to Cuba twice recently. Just aft of the elevators on Decks 7, 8 & 9 (7164, 7664, 8164, 8664, 9164 & 9664) there are larger cabins that say 'obstructed', but they are not. Our TA advised us not to book them because of the obstructed view on our first trip. While on the cruise I did a little investigating and the view wasn't any more obstructed than our cabin which was the first one behind it. One the second cruise, I tried to get it, but since it will accommodate 4, and the ship was full, we could not get it.
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