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  1. As long as we are talking "illegal," Viking has a list of items that are prohibited on board the ship. http://wpc.475d.edgecastcdn.net/00475D/mvj/onboard-prohibited-list.pdf Among them are the following electrical items: • Extension cords (USB and laptop charging cables are exempt) • Any electrical device that produces heat (curling irons okay to bring), such as: - Clothes irons, including steam irons - Hot plates or heating kettles - Electrical air humidifiers & refreshers - Heating pads • Any electrical device with a surge protector The most important one on the list not to ever, ever plug into the ships electrical system is the last one -- even if nothing else is plugged into it. They will explode. As I understand it, surge protectors are designed to work with the A/C electrical power that is fed into our homes. Ships generate their own electrical power and it is not compatible with the surge protectors.
  2. If you paid for the cruise and the shore excursions with a voucher, then it all must go back onto a voucher if you cancel. Once a voucher, always a voucher. If you paid for the shorex separately with a credit card, it is a different story. IMHO, if you haven't contacted tellus@vikingcruises.com to dispute how they are handling refunds on the shore excursion, then you aren't talking to the right department. If you are working with a TA, let them do their job. If they can't get it figured out to your satisfaction, maybe the credit card company will be willing to get involved (and maybe they won't). And, no, you probably cannot dispute the cruise fare or airfare through the credit card company; just like you can't get a refund on an airline ticket you have to cancel. The only reason you might be able to dispute the shore excursion refund is because of the separate cancellation policy for the tours and separate payment. We paid for Iceland with vouchers issued when Viking cancelled a cruise. The cruise fare was less than the amount of the voucher and we had until the start of the trip to spend the balance. I used it to pre-pay the gratuities and to pay for shore excursions when they finally opened. With the cost of the excursions, I had spent it all.
  3. I'm the one who mentioned it. First get Viking to make it right. If that fails, then and only the should you try get the credit card company involved. It is very complicated and considering that Viking has more or less refunded it to you in the voucher, the credit card company may not want to get involved. I just depends on how hard you want to push the issue.
  4. IMHO, time to lodge a complaint with the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com. You have cancelled more than 48 hours in advance and should be able to get that refunded to your credit card -- and not rolled into a voucher. If that doesn't work and you paid by credit card, try getting your credit card company involved.
  5. That is one really tough choice. Golden Circle gives you: meeting of the tectonic plates, a very large waterfall and a geyser with other geothermal happenings. Northern Iceland gives you: a not quite as large waterfall, geothermal hot springs, a lava labyrinth and pseudo-crater. Both give a scenic drive to and fro. However, as simply a timing thing, in case Covid changes the course of your your cruise, there may be an advantage to choosing the an earlier tour over a later tour.
  6. IMHO, they are a vocal minority. The rest of us don't care enough about what other people wear to get involved in the conversation or to argue with people whose opinion isn't going to change.
  7. I have always felt that on Viking we are all treated as if we were traveling in the owners' suite. There are no segregated public spaces. There are no "Black Cards" to wave around. There are no rewards for having cruised more times. First-come-first-served and everyone waits their turn in line to be served. It is hard to be snobbish when the on-board culture doesn't promote it.
  8. Yes, the 100% single supplement is harsh and uninviting but OP's problem doesn't have as much to do with the single supplement or how single travelers may be treated as it it has everything to do with how Viking handles contracts. Viking treats all its guests the same way no matter how many people are in the cabin and with Viking, a contract is a contract. Once we make our deposit, negotiation time is over; the only way around it is to cancel the contract and start with a new booking. That is how they have always run their business.
  9. As much as we want to help, perhaps this is one of those times when it is safest to talk things over with Viking directly and get answers from the source. Viking allowed you to book the cruises back to back, so let them explain their position and make any adjustments they feel are necessary. Best bet is to contact Viking at tellus@vikingcruises.com, not the phone bank. Email them, explain your problem and your worries and ask them to call you to discuss. Include your booking numbers and your phone number. I also suggest that customer service is swamped with guest questions right now, so don't delay in contacting them. BTW, the health questionnaire was done on-line. The e-mail only contained a reminder it was now available on MVJ.
  10. On July 3 (which means things could have changed since then), for those without Viking transfers, baggage drop was before you got in line for check in and boarding. What I can't tell you is how early you would be able to drop your bags -- or if they will even let you do that.
  11. Great graphic! Which ship are you on --and are you having a good time?? The control panels are not the same on all of the ships, although the icons may be similar. BTW, if you are doing a very small load and unless it is jeans, choose delicate.
  12. Very possibly because your sailing is already underway and it is too late for them to add addition tours to accommodate all those who would have to cancel independent tours. Also, end of the trip and something about horses/cows and barn doors.
  13. I have read Andy's blog and it is excellent. If you don't have the patience to read the whole thing, then look for the summary posts that he did at the end of each cruise. If you have to buy your own airfare, the cost will eat up a lot of the difference, especially if you fly business class. Viking is offering free airfare. Not only that but the flight to Sydney is crueling and you would want to arrive a few days early even if you would have to get to the ship on your own. (Transfers are included only when arriving on embarkation day and departing on disembarkation day). If you want to save money on Viking, consider the shorter LA to London.
  14. I didn't have an issue either my scheduled painkiller.
  15. In your digital cruise documents is the phone number for the ship. Call the ship and ask them. They will have the most accurate answer to your question since they are running the show. Also, considering how quickly things are changing, call them again on Saturday (although, I did have trouble calling the ship while in Iceland but hopefully they have fixed that issue).
  16. I requested on my laundry slip that my things be washed in cold water and dried on low. No idea if they complied but nothing that I sent in shrank and the stuff I sent is stuff that I usually do not put into the dryer. So far, I have never has any trouble with any of the clothing that I have sent to the laundry.
  17. I'm fine with the laid back cabaret-style and I like the Abba show, but the cast currently on the Sky is not one of the better casts I have seen/heard on board.
  18. Yes, the one on the desk. BTW, even a folded piece of paper will work in the slot.
  19. Same day service for an additional 50%: Picked up by 9am, returned by 7pm Regular service: Picked up by 9am, returned next day by 7pm. We send out laundry on our latest trip and it was back, next day by 7pm (sometimes earlier but always by the time we spiffied up for dinner).
  20. River pricing is different. River cruising has its own forum, River Cruising, and that is the place to look for an answer.
  21. There is also a drawer in the night stand. DH uses it for his watch, etc., so there wasn't much of a chance he would forget to grab it in the morning. On the other hand, I never use the drawer because I know that I will forget about whatever I put in there. My disk lived in the little cross-body pouch that I use for room key and credit card; I never leave the cabin without it. BTW, I was never asked if I had it on me.
  22. A few weeks ago, we were right above the tenders. The mechanism (can't remember the right word😳) ran right under our cabin and was used once or twice during our sailing and even then it didn't take them two minutes to do what they needed to do. My garbage disposal makes about as much noise. Was the noise a problem? No. Did it bother me? No, I knew that we had a cabin over the tenders and that odd noises at odd times was to be expected. This was not the first time we have chosen a cabin over the tenders but this is the first time we were in the cabin when was of the tenders was lowered or returned. It ain't no big deal. In truth, I have stayed in hotels that are noisier than a Viking ship. You hear every noise coming from the corridor -- and from the people above. People talking at full volume no matter what time of day.
  23. IMHO, three things not to put on the table: your feet your hat your mask
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