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  1. But note that changes to an itinerary are not necessarily the same across all sailings. For example, there are two sailings of Hawaiian Island Sojourn in December. One sailing has had the order of ports changed and the other has had Kona substituted for Maui.
  2. I would have agreed pre-Covid. Re-start, however, has been difficult since shore-side services in all ports are not re-starting at an equal pace or with equal vigor -- and Viking is wholly dependent on the shore-side providers for buses (and drivers), tourguides and port services. Many travel industry workers were forced to find new jobs during the hiatus and may not be returning. Things will continue to be rocky for the unforeseeable future. If an included tour is marked sold out, contact tellus@vikingcruises.com to tell them an included tour is sold out and ask when they will be adding me more places. Then continue to watch MVJ for openings.
  3. Can you post the body of the e-mail so we can see what the email actually said? Also, what are other people on the 12 JUN 2022 saying about the e-mail?
  4. @Astromaid, once you have booked your cruise, check out this tread for information about tours in Iceland: Excursions and how you liked or disliked them. It all about the shorex in Iceland even though it does not say so in the title. As for thoughts on booking, most of the people here aren't as happy with AIrPlus as I am; working with them is not for everyone. When I book, I always take the Viking Air offer because I know that I can drop it later if I find a better deal on my own. For those who are not familiar with flying, for those who don't want to want to upgrade with points, for those who feel more comfortable letting Viking arrange their flights, AirPlus is a viable alternative, even if things are rough right now because of Covid. I have happily used them multiple times over the past 10 years -- and I was really happy to have used them for flights to Japan for our April, 2021 cruise, because when Viking cancelled the cruise 5 months prior to sailing I wasn't left to deal with getting refunds for flights to Japan or even worse, being stuck with thousands of dollars of vouchers for an airline that I might never be able to use.
  5. Viking uses SOLD OUT for multiple reasons. Actually sold out, not going to offer, not yet ready to open for booking. So, it isn't time to panic yet. Once booking does open for DV and if one of the shorex I want still says sold out, that is when I send an email to tellus@vikingcruises.com to express my disappointment that a tour I wanted to do so much has sold out and urge that they add more buses. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; it depends on the nature of the tour. In the meantime, keep an eye on MVJ. People change their minds and places open. Even if only one seat is available, snap it up; then keeping trying for the second. Easier to talk your way on to the bus if you already have one seat.
  6. I went back to the first voucher we received when Viking cancelled our 3 JUL 2020 cruise and it clearly says that they are transferable: *This voucher can be used on any new Viking cruise and will be applied at booking. This voucher cannot be used as payment for a Travel Protection Plan, and the voucher must be redeemed by the expiration date prior to final payment. Once redeemed, it cannot be re-issued or used toward another cruise, and any unused balance of the voucher is lost. The voucher is transferable. If you are unable to use your voucher by the expiration date, simply return your expired voucher to Viking and we will send you a refund equal to the original amount paid to Viking. Just keep in mind that the fine print on your voucher may be different depending on when and why (Viking cancelled vs. guest cancelled) the voucher was issued. It is entirely possible, depending on the rules of her voucher, that OP just needs to wait until the voucher expires to get her money back. [And just to be clear: A 125% voucher will be refunded at 80% of the face value, the amount of your refund before the the bonus; Viking will not refund more than you actually paid for the cruise.]
  7. Or choosing a Medicare supplemental plan.😖 Still as long as we remember NEVER EVER click Start new topic in a roll call, we won't go wrong.
  8. Phil, I have to disagree with you on this one. I think that OP is trying to tell us not to travel with Viking. I think the take-away from this thread is that now more than ever, it is very important to do your homework, keep up with the social media chatter so that we are fully aware of what is happening on board the ships and are ready for the disappoints that will be part of cruising for the foreseeable future. The cruise industry is a long way from returning to anything near the pre-Covid "normal."
  9. Many thanks to @Heidi13 and @chengkp75 for taking the time to explain these technical things to us. We might not like the details of what we are reading but it is comforting to know that someone who has worked on ships is giving us answers and clarifying details.
  10. Have you recently attempted to add a post to your roll call and now can't find it? Are you new to CC and the roll calls? Keep reading. At the top of each each roll call, just above the first post, there is a big blue button to open a reply composing window: To its left are three fatal words (as in very confusing): Start new topic. This heads up is about those three words -- and explains why what you thought you posted in the roll call was not there when you went looking for it. It's not your fault! In the language of this message board platform, a 'thread' is called a 'topic.' Very confusing. It is not where you click if your roll call is currently talking about shorex and you want to talk about specialty reservation --although a logical assumption given the nature of the roll calls, which jump around from subject to subkect. If you click on Start new topic, it will take you out of the roll call and open a new thread/topic -- and the people on your roll call will not see what you have to say or ask. Anytime you want to say anything on your roll call, either click on Reply to this topic or scroll to the bottom of the thread to use BUT NEVER EVER click Start new topic in a roll call. At one point, CC had removed the Start new topic choice from the roll calls but they must have undergone some sort of upgrade that restored the inappropriate option. It may or may not be fixed--and in the meantime, we just have to live with it. If you were caught in the trap, go back to your roll call and try again. Your fellow roll call members are waiting to hear from you. Don't worry about the thread that was created; it will eventually sink to the bottom of the pile -- and it is not worth the hassle of trying to get it fixed.
  11. You are lucky you got into Palermo. Last time we were scheduled for Sicily, we had to skip it because of weather.
  12. Politically, they are part of Europe (though not part of the EU). Geographically, Iceland straddles the tectonic plates of Europe and North America -- and visitors can walk through that rift as part of the Golden Circle tour. Regardless, the flights to Reykjavik can be shorter, depending on where you are flying from.
  13. For anyone thinking of these itineraries, here is a thread that you should bookmark for later (because it is quickly settling down to the bottom of the pile and you will never find it 18 months from now): Excursions and how you liked or disliked them. It doesn't specifically say Iceland in title but that is all it covers. There are other threads from this past summer's Iceland cruises but they aren't as concise as this one. A lot of the conversation this past summer was about the Covid restrictions and protocols, the delay in being able to book shorex and other issues that were specific to the Welcome Back cruises -- and that hopefully will not be issues for 2023 cruises.
  14. Although not required. It is guests' choice just how dressed up they wish to be. Some people took advantage and dressed to the nines, others were happy in their normal evening apparel and everyone sported their "I'm so glad to be be celebrating on Viking" happy faces to dance the night away. This group liked being dressed up: A year later, a very different vibe New Year's Day brunch welcoming in 2019. I believe that all of these flowers are actually fruits and vegetables.
  15. Totally agree with you. Glad you shared your story. If it helps just one person in their dealings with VAP, it will have served its purpose.
  16. Because honestly, pre-pandemic, my dealings with VAP had always been hassle free. I got the flights I wanted and never ran into anything like broker1217 has reported. At worst, there were some minor changes with flight times. At the same time, I wasn't planning on upgrading my ticket or anything else, so my needs were not as complicated. That is why I can say that I have been happy with VAP. Then there are those who don't feel comfortable making their own air arrangements. They aren't seasoned travellers and VAP provides a certain level of ease and comfort, getting them from airport to airport to ship and home again. However, I do see changes in the kinds of things people are reporting about their dealings. While I am not exactly thrilled with what they are saying, I am happy that people are sharing their recent experiences with us so that we know what we can expect as consumers. And I hope that they are sharing these same issues with Viking at tellus@vikingcruises.com, so that our concerns might be addressed.
  17. MDR and buffet serve pretty much the same menu each night (although no sushi/seafood bar in the MDR😉), so if there is a holiday special it should probably be available in both venues. My guess is the CT will keep to its menus and that Manfredi's might add a holiday specific special to the regular offering. Sorry, I only skimmed your original post. We are on the same cruise. Come join the roll call. We have over twenty people on board already and we are always happy to add one more to the conversation.
  18. The problem is that the advice you did give is not good advice and we aren't arguing with you but rather making it very clear to all those who do read it that it is no longer applicable in today's market.
  19. The key is that you were on board when you booked and the 6 month final payment is standard operating procedure for all cruises booked on board. For those with a future cruise already booked and are booking from home, it is not standard and you have to ask for it.
  20. Just a reminder to the rose lovers, that Viking has an unlimited BYO policy and no corkage fee in the dining room. You can consume your BYO anywhere on the ship without have to hide it in a sippy cup or a brown bag. You can bring your bottle to any bar and they will give you glasses -- they will even open it for you. Room steward will give wine glasses -- and a corkscrew if there isn't one hiding in the mini bar. Package does not cover wine by the bottle but does offer a discount on bottles over a certain price (just don't ask me the current details).
  21. I haven't been on board for Christmas but I have done 3 NYE cruises. No special menus for NYE dinner but a nice party in the Atrium starting after dinner. The last time we cruised NYE, the party spread to the pool deck with simulcast from the Atrium and there was also a HUGE New Year's day brunch around the pool. The kitchen crew went all out.
  22. A few things to note about how Viking does things. Viking doesn't keep waiting-lists. Gathered from conversations here, there are a few on-the-ball agents who seem to, but nothing organized. There are certain changes to your booking that Viking might consider to be a cancellation and new booking at the current price. Check the fine print in the Terms and Conditions. Look for cancellations just prior to the 6 month pay in full point and the 120 day "last chance to cancel and get your cash back" point. These are two dates that effect the US/Canada pax, who make up the majority of Viking pax and thus the majority of cancellations; UK/AUS/NZ have different contracts with different pay in full dates and cancellation policies. Hope this helps.
  23. Bon voyage to you all! Looking forward to your reports.
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