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  1. We were just on the Sky. There were no drawers in the closet of our DV cabin.
  2. I am a wimp. If I can do it, so can you -- and it really is much better than letting someone else do it. We tested when we came home, just to make our children feel better. They do it at the drive thru. The pharmacy tech manning the window patiently walked us through step by step. I tested on Friday lunch and had results by Saturday dinner. The results came to my cell phone, with the ability to download a pdf to my cell. CVS offered two types of tests with the reminded to make sure that the test you choose will be accepted at your destination.
  3. Always a tough question. My answers is: your vacation, your suitcase, your choice. Every sailing has a different vibe. Within the guidelines set by Viking (spelled out in the Viking FAQ), you can dress any way you want. If you like to dress up for dinner, do it. If you prefer to be more casual, do it. The only thing you need to think about is the inside temperature: are you always too cold, too warm or just right in air conditioning?
  4. Yes, there is a review and some discussion in one of the early sailing roll calls. See #382 .
  5. Great thread, Esther! I hope that more people will post here especially with information about other tours that haven't yet been covered. Reykjavik: Included tour: "Snapshots of Reykjavik" It is what it is -- an hour and half bus ride around Reykjavik and a chance to see things a bit further our of town that you might not otherwise see (which is why we chose to do the tour in the first place). I thought that it was a good tour, nicely planned and giving a wide overview of the city. No pit stop. Completely accessible. Good value for $$. Optional: Viking Museum & Reykjanes Peninsula: I was looking forward to this one and in the end, I did not like it at all. It was a long bus ride with one 15 minute stop at the Seltun geothermal pools (smelly but interesting and deserving of more time), one 5 minute photo stop at a lake (could have been completely eliminated) and a longer stop for bathrooms and shopping at the Viking Museum. The tour, although the description touted the meeting of the continental plates, did not include a stop at "Bridge Between the Continents" which would have been far more interesting than the lake or the overly long amount of time spent at the Viking Museum. Accessibility: Very accessible. Very little walking. Rollator/walker/ friendly. Hiking boots/poles not needed. Isafjordur. Optional: Vigur Island. Loved it, top to bottom. A simple, short well planned circuit to see the puffins, eider ducks and Arctic terns that nest on the island. Guide/owner excellent -- gracious, knowledgeable and informative. Accessibility: Not very accessible. Steep ramps to reach the ferry to the island and at the island --and can be slippery when wet or damp. On the island, rough, uneven walking surface and narrow paths are not rollator/walker friendly. No steps. Availability very limited: only 22 people per tour. Notes on the ferry boat: seating for 22 people inside and a few more seats outside. Steep steps involved in getting on and off the boat. (Learn more about the island here: https://www.vigurisland.com/about) Akureyri Optional: "Northern's Iceland's Natural Treasures" -- Loved it. Well done and well organized. Exactly what I was looking for -- a smattering of the various natural features of the area - pseudo-craters, waterfalls, geothermal mud pools and lava labyrinths. The tour was exactly as described on paper, though not necessarily seen in the same order. Lunch was good -- filling and healthy -- but wish I had known about the ice cream stand sooner -- don't linger of lunch so you have time for dessert. Accessibility: depends on the stop but most are a short walk from the bus. Rollator/walker accessible (except for the pseudo-craters which have steps). Paved hiking paths at the lava labyrinth are steep in places but you can go as far in as you wish and turn back at any time. Mud pools are fairly flat and you don't have to walk very far to get the ideal of what it is all about. Waterfall has paved path all the way to the falls but it is a bit of a walk to the edge of the falls if that is your goal. Seydisfjordur Optional: Skalanes Nature Center -- another owner-operated venture. Loved it. Olly (sp?) is knowledgeable and informative -- and has a lot to say -- and not just about the birds and flowers. It is obvious that the nature center, which is a working research station for researchers from around the world, is a labor of love. Some of my best photos of the trip come from these few hours. The best part of the tour is the viewing platform that the owner has built at the cliffs to make it easier to see the birds that nest there (puffins, gulls, kittiwakes, etc.). Accessibility: bus ride over mostly gravel roads. Fords three streams which can be very rough and jolting (think disc and other back issues). Once at the center, it is an 800m walk to the viewing platform over rough uneven ground. The platform itself is reached by stairs -- not steep but equivalent to a couple of flights, no hand-rail (yet?). Djupivogur Optional: Fjallsarlon Ice Lagoon by Zodiac -- Magnificent day. Loved it. Even with the 2+ hour bus ride coming and going so glad we were able to do this excursion. I was worried about getting in and out of the zodiac (short legs and out of shape) but I did just fine. The crew is accustomed to helping folks on and off the boats and loading, unloading is a quick and easy process. Wardrobe note: Contractor provides a warm jacket and life vest but does not provide waterproof pants or boots. Bring waterproof pants because you will want them if it is raining when you get there. Jackets come in multiple sizes. It was warm and sunny and I did not really need the down down vest I was wearing. Accessibility: Path down to the lagoon is rough and uneven. Rollator/walker use questionable. Heimaey Optional: Wildlife of Heimaey by Boat -- wet weather made this a disappointment -- cold and wet outside -- no views and exhaust fumes inside. With 20/20 hindsight, we should have chosen a land-based activity as the bird-viewing was just a repeat of Vigur Island and Skalanes. However, if you haven't made it to Vigur or Skalanes, come prepared for the worst. Regardless of the day's forecast, wear/bring waterproof gear including waterproof pants so that you can sit outside without being cold and wet. Seating area is tables with benches -- solid metal, holds the cold and wet. Waterproof your camera equipment. Accessibility: Steep wet ramps on to the boat. Steep wet steps up to the outside viewing deck.
  6. It can't be helped. It is 122km from the ship to Gullfoss on the shortest route. Its at least an hour and half to get there, no matter what. We did Golden Circle with GrayLine after we disembarked the ship. It was magnificent. It was cool to walk between those two big chunks of rocks and realize that what I was looking at was the edge of two different continent-sized hunks of rock--and that these two hunks of rock are actually moving. Just freaky to think about. And I have never seen a geyser before.
  7. LOVED IT! It was just what I was looking for -- a smattering of different bits of science and nature with plenty of time to enjoy them. Much, much better than the Reykjanes Peninsula tour which I though was a complete waste of time. It is a bit of a drive from the ship to the Myvatn area, but a beautiful one -- in that ruggedly Iceland kind of way. Most everything was walkable. The only steps that I remember were at Skútustadir (the pseudo-craters) -- it was also our lunch stop (at the Sel Hotel), so if you didn't want to do the walk, you could check out the information center or go across the street and check out the souvenir shop next to the hotel until lunch was read. We did a little of both. BTW, there is an ice cream stand behind the hotel. I didn't know about it and did not leave enough time after lunch to check it out. Those who did said it was worth it. With this tour, what you read is what you get -- although not necessarily in this order -- but everything is fairly close together so it doesn't matter if you start with Godafoss or end with it. Godafoss Falls and Mývatn Lake Discover the stunning landscape and natural treasures of northern Iceland. Travel by motor coach along the coast of Eyjafjördur—Iceland’s longest fjord—and take in stunning views of Akureyri and the surrounding mountains. Journey through the Fnjóskadalur Valley to the majestic Godafoss waterfall, named after a pagan priest and chieftain who threw the statues of the pagan gods he once worshipped after converting to Christianity in the year 1000 AD. Your next stop is the Mývatn volcanic lake area, pausing by the impressive craters at Skútustadir along the way. You will also visit the towering lava castles and grottoes of the Dimmuborgir lava labyrinth, and experience the geothermal wonder of hot sulfuric mud springs and gurgling sulphur cauldrons at Námaskard. After a wonderful day in nature, return to your awaiting ship.
  8. That is because mask wearing is not required in Iceland -- nor is social distancing. We had one guide tell our bus that mask wearing was not required on the tour.
  9. Don't guess. Read the fine print or call the insurance company and ask. Also, "cancel for any reason" is a misnomer. Before you tell your cruise company that you are canceling, check with the insurance company to make sure that your reason for canceling is a covered reason and that you will be getting your money back -- and get it in writing from the insurance company.
  10. Ditto everything Phil said about the all day "National Treasures" out of Akureyri. Loved it. The timing was great; I did not feel rushed at any of the stops. I thought that the sites chosen gave us a smattering of everything -- lava, geo-thermal, waterfalls, Alaskan lupine and a beautiful lake.
  11. Roothy123, review of photography excursion to be found in this post.
  12. And I spent the whole time looking at the lagoon on the other side of the bridge. Our guide did not make it clear that we were at Diamond Beach. 🙃 At least not that I heard. Now that we are home, I am slowly but surely getting things organized. One thing that I did was to upload the Viking Dailies from the July 3 sailing to Google Drive. They are available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19b7WwaGKk36duIse2XO5jmbcaOTNt0M0?usp=sharing Let me know if there is a problem with the link please.
  13. Discontinued only for vaccinated travelers. Unvaccinated pax still must test and quarantine for 5 days upon arrival.
  14. While Torshavn is the disco, currently dancing is not being encouraged.
  15. I think you have to take a really hard look at the information that has been shared so far (because that is about all you are going to get) and decide if you are willing to go through what SKY is going through right now. There is no sense in trying to second guess what will happen on subsequent cruises. Either you are willing to put up with how things are being handled today or you aren't-- and if you aren't, then don't go.
  16. I agree with you but asking people not do do something here is useless. It just eggs them. I suggest that the more people who report posts as offensive or off-topic or hijacking or "member-directed," the more chance of ending the diversions. Report a post by clicking on the three dots beside the post #.
  17. Why not? The ship has a full time medical staff and the capacity for daily testing of all on board.
  18. In fact, we do cross the Arctic Circle as it is actually just a few miles offshore as the ship sails from Akureyri to Seydisfjordur. However, there is no Bluenose ceremony, just a certificate delivered to your cabin.
  19. Considering the confirmed positive test on the Viking Sky, it is hard to answer this question at this point because we don't know at this moment if Viking is going to have to re-establish the Viking bubble. You can follow the situation on Covid Positive aboard Viking Sky 7/14/22
  20. PLEASE, could we all please agree to cooperate and move all conversation about the positive test on board the Viking SKY to the dedicated thread that Clay started earlier today. This topic is momentous enough to deserve its own special thread and having the conversation in one place will make it easier for everyone to follow all developments, without having to wade through the multiple threads of conversation that are already going on here. Covid Positive aboard Viking Sky 7/14/22 @kate7047, your post is very helpful and very informative. Could we get you to also post it again to Clay's thread, so that it is part of the conversation there? Thanks.
  21. PLEASE TAKE HEED: If you are staying on in Iceland and are planning on using your Day 7 (Heimaey) test to get back into the US, you need to know that Viking is handing out test results taken on Day 6 (Djupivogur). Not a problem if you are spending just one night or if you are staying more than two nights and already have an appointment to be tested in Iceland BUT if you are spending TWO NIGHTS, you will have to ask Viking for results from your Friday test. Ultimately, we are each responsible for making sure that we have the correct forms and tests to enter the US. I did not check the date of the test and we had a problem at the airport, as did the sisters who had shared our van to the airport. We somehow managed to talk our way onto the plane but the sisters missed the flight because they had to find a place with an open testing appointment and get tested. If we had simply checked the information on the test results instead of assuming that they were the results for our Day 7, we would have avoided a lot of hassle and a lot of worry.
  22. Yes, we stopped at Diamond Beach briefly, can't remember if it was 10 or 15 minutes. There were two items of interest here, the beach and the ice lagoon (the one we didn't go to).
  23. Lorna, when we had a problem at the airport in KEF, I tried to call the ship from my cell phone and it would not connect. The attendant in the Saga Lounge tried to help me and even tried to place the call from a land-line but that didn't work either. The number is +1-323-870-4740. This is the number that is given in our final docs and on the Viking Daily every day. One would hope that if this is the number we are given for contacting the ship in case of emergency while we are in Iceland that one would actually be able to put the call through and reach the ship. Viking also gave us a 24 hour emergency numbers for problems with flights prior to departure. Someone from the first sailing has already reported that when they called the number, it was the insurance company and that they were unable to help them with their problem.
  24. If the ramp is in use, it will be difficult to use a three wheeled device since there are foot grips of a sort running crosswise down the middle of the ramp -- triangular bar, 12+ inches across and protruding an inch or more from the surface of the ramp like a triangular-shaped speed-bump. There are also handrails along both sides of the ramp. Maybe someone who is on-board currently could share pictures with you of the various configurations that you could encounter over the course of the cruise.
  25. We did the ice lagoon and the Heimaey Wildlife Boat trip I carried a dry bag for the ice lagoon, just in case I did something stupid getting in or out of the boat. I did not. Otherwise, unless precipitating, it is a dry ride. It was drizzling in Heimaey where the issue was keeping things dry while trying to use the camera.
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