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  1. Depends on the tides. When we arrived and when we departed, it was a steep ramp up to Deck 2.
  2. When we arrived at the pier, there were people checking in there.
  3. In the air; ended up emailing the ship. The phone number in our digital docs cannot be reached from Iceland. Hoping the email is actually to the ship and not to some mailbox in the California office, where it is currently the dead of night. I guess time will tell. Worst comes to worst, we test in Boston.
  4. BIG HEADS UP: if you are not heading from ship to airport, make sure you check the date on your test results as soon as they arrive in your cabin. Ours were dated for THURSDAY and not FRIDAY. My bad. I did not look at the test date. We are sitting at the airport fortunate to have gotten our boarding passes and I am about to call the ship.
  5. UA desk got it wrong. The only thing Iceland cares about is the bar code-- and if you don't have it when you board, you can get it when you land. Passport control does not need it or even look at it. Once you get your luggage, someone will check to see that you have a bar code and will point you where to go to get one if you don't. Right before you exit security, they scan the barcode and release you into Viking's waiting arms.
  6. IMHO, cut out the middlemen and email the ship. Let them tell you what they are willing let you do.
  7. The bus that brings you from the airport is the same bus that will take you to the ship. You may leave your stuff on the bus other than what you need to check in. Once you have finished check in, you are free to wander -- or wander first, check in later.
  8. In Heimaey today. Did the Wildlife boat trip today -- not the RIB boat. If it is raining or going to rain, raingear is a must, including waterproof pants. The best view is outside on the deck. The seats are metal and hold the cold and the wet. Keeping cameras dry is also an issue. Don't forget wind chill factor on deck. Guide Telma was very good. Lots of stories and good information.
  9. Yup! Good timing. I was just about to hit send, when your post appeared. Loved the lagoon. Did not do a facer either into or out of the boat. GEAR: They give you a jacket and life vest but not pants. The jacket is very warm and the sun is very strong. Did not really need the down vest under it today. Also did not need rain pant -- but if their is rain in the forecast, you may want to bring them along. Make sure that your jacket has enough room to zip it comfortably and have a good range of arm motion. Waterproof shoes a good choice but not essential unless it is raining. Long ride. Lovely nap coming and going. Pit-stop in Hofn coming and going. Local library. Long line. Clean facilities. Six unisex bathrooms with sinks. Facilities also at the restaurant right there at the zodiacs. Two photo stops on the way home in addition to Hofn. I thought that the party planners did a good job of coordinating the 6 or so buses and all the moving parts -- feeding us, clothing us, avoiding bottle necks. Yes, it was worth the long drive to get there.
  10. Arctic terns migrate to Antarctica. Eider ducks to Labrador(?). Can't remember the others. One migrates just as soon as the chick's hatch, leaving them to mature on their own and eventually fly to join their parents.
  11. We are tendering this morning in Djupivogur. Our cabin is right over the tender. Man, is that noisy! We are off to the glacier lagoon this morning. Woo-hoo! It rained overnight. But this morning it is that strange combination of fog and sunshine that we have been getting all week.
  12. Skalanes Nature Center tour. Yes, it said 60 degrees high today in Seydisfjordur but that didn't include a wind chill factor nor did it apply to weather at the nature center. It was cold and I was glad to have both my wool sweater and my down vest. The highlight of this tour -- and it was the best so far -- was the walk out to the cliffs. It was 800m over gravel path to the viewing deck, with steps up to the deck. There be nesting puffins here! A least for now. As with Vigur Island, the owner was our guide. Skalanes is not just a nature center. In the summer they host academic research projects. One group is collecting DNA samples from Artic Foxes. They aren't even studying the DNA; they are just working the methodology for collecting the samples -- an important step to worked out for future studies. The ride out to Skalanes was all dirt road. Fording the streams in the bus was rough, perhaps too rough for bad backs (certainly something to think about). Steps into the bus were steep but do-able.
  13. Roothy, 1 SD slot, 2 USB ports. Access to File Explorer. No editing software.
  14. Viking transfer on July 13 will probably go straight to the ship since cabins will already be clean and ready for occupancy. It is only subsequent tours that will have to hang out at Harpa Hall.
  15. Just remember that all sailings don't necessarily have the same roster of tours and times.
  16. I wear them on the ship as required even though I am bad at remembering. I wear them on the bus without complaint. But I will take them off as soon as I am outside and away from others, so that I can see what I have come to see. I do wish that the guides would remind folks of the mask rule or even better that the Viking shorex would step onto the bus and do it.
  17. It was gorgeous for the first couple of hours of the day but the the fog rolled in and along with it a chilly breeze. On the Skalanes tour it was cold and I wore my wool sweater and down vest. DH regrets not having grabbed his jacket.
  18. When I checked the CT menu when we boarded on Saturday, I saw three completely different menus listed (one of which was the Sandanavian menu) and based on that did not book at all. After reading what Diana posted, I went back and looked again. Now I am bummed.
  19. Timing is everything. There was no one in line at security as we got there, just after 5:30pm. I don't think it stayed that way for long. As crowds grow in TermE hopefully more facilities will open up again.
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