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  1. That's interesting. We were on the Jupiter from 10/5-19 and once we hit warmer temperatures around Porto and Spain we used that pool several times and it was popular. Didn't see any problems with it or the hot tub located there. I wonder if the whole area will be closed or just the pool. We sat at tables by that pool several times for sail away which usually coincided with the opening of the World Cafe (6 pm) so we had sushi and drinks before going in to shower and change for dinner. Very pleasant....
  2. Lorizack, You have been an invaluable resource! Thank you for your responsiveness and sharing useful, practical information. I am so glad you have been happy with the cruise. I like the way the itinerary is arranged, going from colder/rainier weather to southern Spain. I wasn't expecting Malaga to be gorgeous so it will be a port to look forward to seeing. Enjoy your last few days before it is back to reality. These exchanges are why I enthusiastically recommend the Cruise Critic boards to friends.
  3. Lorizack, We leave tomorrow for Bergen to start our identical cruise on the Jupiter. Quick question (testing your memory) re Bruges. I know you did the Viking on your own excursion. Do you remember or know if Viking provided a shuttle from the ship to the town of Bruges? I think there is just a shuttle from the ship to the beginning of the port. A friend spoke to Viking's Live Chat who made it sound like there is a free Viking shuttle to town. We have arranged for a taxi to take us to town which we would not need if Viking provided transportation to town. But, if I'm correct, you actually paid for an excursion that was basically transportation to town, right? Was today an at sea day? Tomorrow, Malaga? Keep us posted!!
  4. And I felt very "insensitive" for not realizing why there were no tickets available that day when there were tickets available on the days before and after the 9th. Will have to get back to Amsterdam some other time.
  5. Does that mean the seas are very rough? Curious as to why it was canceled. Of all the ports, if one had to be missed that would probably be the the one I would choose. Glad you got to Stonehenge yesterday. We are going to try and do it on our own taking the train from Portsmouth. Glad you liked it. I have read mixed reviews, but felt, like you, that it was a bucket list site to see.
  6. On the 60th day out, I tried to buy tickets for the Anne Frank Museum, and was unable to do so. After emailing the museum, I learned that it is closed for Yom Kippur the day we will be there. So going to the Rijks instead. With so many things to see, plenty of alternatives.
  7. Sorry to keep bugging you. But you are our firsthand source of info! Did you do any Viking excursions in Amsterdam? We are going to do the canal boat tour. Thinking you are in LeHavre today or maybe yesterday. Any words of wisdom on that port?
  8. Have you had your Meet and Greet yet? Just wondering what day of the cruise Viking will schedule it. If so, how was your turn out and did Viking make it worth your while?
  9. Lorizack, Thanks for all the info. We leave Friday the 4th for Trade Routes of the Middle Ages on the Viking Jupiter. How was your weather in Bergen? Temperatures? Did anybody do the funicular ride? Wondering how that will be if it is raining or cloudy. Is Amsterdam your next port? Thrilled if you keep posting as you go for those following behind you very shortly.
  10. Thank you "Lack Creativity" for capturing the essence of what my original post was trying to convey!! Next week will be specialty restaurant selection. Once again, I will not be moaning if I do not get a 7 pm reservation on a sea day. I just hope the booking system allows me to choose from what is available and make the reservation. Fingers crossed!
  11. And we are a bit the reverse situation. We have been consistent Oceania customers and this will be our first Viking trip. Viking's marketing of excursions was part of the appeal of Viking. I agree that S*** happens on any line, but I consider that to be unusual occurrences. What I am reading on this website strikes me as an ongoing, repetitive problem that leaves a bad taste before the cruise even begins.In this day and age of technology, I don't think it is too much to expect that the reservation system will function properly.
  12. Parsley Cruises, I think you are missing my point. I fully understand the number of cabins on the ship and how that plays out for the timing of booking excursions. The reservation system for excursions was set up by Viking. Viking knows on any given day how many cabins are permitted to start booking excursions. The system should be designed to handle this recurring situation. The excursions I was trying to book were not sold out in which case, booking a higher grade cabin to have an earlier selection date would be a legitimate solution. The 15 day cruise we are taking only has three sea days and we will be spending our time in ports, out of the cabin. Thus, we choose not to take a bigger cabin. And, the "solution" to the Viking problem should not be to force one to take a more expensive cabin. I was not looking for an earlier opportunity to book excursions, just the opportunity to do so based on the system and timetable set up by Viking.
  13. Today at 3:01 pm the magic hour had finally arrived. But for a helpful Viking representative who booked our excursions via a phone call, I don't know if I would still be online trying to book them. At one point we were receiving messages saying there was a conflict, even though we had nothing else booked for that particular day and the excursion was not "sold out." Numerous times a message appeared saying the system was undergoing maintenance. Other times, the "loading" message would go round and round and then take you back to the original screen so it was as if nothing had happened and you had to try and add a reservation all over again. The website was verrrry slow. The Viking rep mentioned that these problems may have been due to the opportunity to book excursions opening up for so many people today. But that is to be expected. There is no point in being able to do it online if it doesn't work. Just wanted to add another factual account to those previously posted for other cruises on other dates.
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