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  1. Has anyone else seen this? DH & I had a cruise booked in September to New England and Canada. Cruise was canceled and we got the letter (via email) saying we could pick FCC or a refund and the form would go live on 7/6/2020. So we planned on waiting until then to make a final decision. Today I got an email from NCL that says they have applied the FCC (125%) to my account. No mention of the option of a refund. No mention of a policy change. The link they sent out initially that mentioned the refund just goes to a 404 error page, but I didn't figure on that link being live until
  2. The Lobster Bar in Bowen's Wharf then you can go to the Cookie Jar (awesome cookies) for Dessert
  3. Everyone does the Breakers, do not get me wrong it was beautiful my favorite was Rosecliff, Marble House and the Elms. Mansions were also nice. Places to Eat The Lobster Bar, Dels Lemonade,The Red Parrot, Benjamin's Restaraunt and Raw Bar are my reccomendations. The Cookie Jar has awesome cookies. Visit St, Mary's Cathloic church Where John and Jackie Kennedy got married. Cliff Walk, Bowen Wharf. Thames Street to shop. I totally enjoyed it. Then again we spent a week in Newport instead of one day. But I enjoyed it. Ditto on what others commented
  4. You could save all the lying, sneaking around behind their back and the drama, which will result, and there will be bad feelings and possible ruin the vibe and possibly the friendships of the group on your cruise. The simple solution to the issue, You should be honest and up front BEFORE the cruise. Tell them, you and your husband prefer late night dinners and want to eat at different restaurants. Also you can make the effort to do one night of early dinner seating with the group, you can eat something light and then eat later on. Trust me they may want to do things on their own as well. I
  5. I'm currently in planning my cruise on the Breakaway. I am opting for a balcony cabin. But I am looking for one that is not above or below busy areas. Anyone can give me a few tips. Thanks in advance.
  6. Question on NCL a travel agent offered me up to 150.00 resort fees and on board credit can you explain this to me. I'm a bit confused. I know what an onboard credit is, not so sure what a resort fee is. Thank you in advance!
  7. There is plenty to do in Boston. It's probably one of the biggest tourist cities in New England. It does lean heavily towards history and museums, although it's also a big university and huge sports city. Museums are everything from fine arts, to science, historic building. There is a lot to see and do walking on your own Like Boston Common and the Public Garden. My favorite is the Tea Party Museum, my husband is the New England Aquarium.
  8. I purchase trip insurance whether on a cruise, weekend trip on Amtrak especially if I am flying. In 20 years I never had to file a claim (knocking on wood). I been happy with travel guard(I do NOT work for the company)over the years.even when I accidentally deleted the email with my printable policy cards they re sent the email. I will look into the link above.
  9. Always get travel insurance I use Travel Guard. I rather spend that extra 150.00 better safe than sorry. Travel Guard even emails you policy cards to print out. The amount of coverage get depends on what type of trip I do. But my last trip to New Orleans(non-cruise) I never had to use it. I haven been using travel guard for 20 years. whether a cruise, a weekend trip on Amtrak, and especially if I am flying. Many travel experts, travel agents, travel magazines recommend travel insurance. Always compare travel insurance companies and see which one will work best for you
  10. I traveled with my breast cancer(my surgery is next week)I did buy travel insurance when I went to my New Orleans non- cruise trip in December. I never had issues traveling. They gave me coverage(travel Guard) Then again I don't know the policies across the pond in the UK. I know I won't be doing any travel for a few months. With most companies and even people. You mention cancer they treat you like a fragile doll or get nervous and walk on eggshells around you. But I understand the travel companies don't want the risk of someone even with a simple cold, your immune system can be compr
  11. I swear by Travel Guard, I have been loyal customer for about 20 years. Not once had to file a claim but it is always good to have.
  12. Travelers checks have been out of favor in retail for about 10 years now. Even writing a check can be passe. But my older customers still do use them. I have worked in retail customer service for 30 years. Most people use credit cards now. and now the apple or google pay. The reason some stores just don't want to take personal checks or travelers checks, Some stores(mine does)use armored car services like Dunbar or Garda it could take about a week or more for a check to clear. Or they use a Square or pay pal credit card reader with an I pad or tablet. I'm a cash gal personally but credit/de
  13. As long as they don't fall out of the dress go for it. With my breast cancer surgery next week. (It's all good don't get all sad- be happy) I will not be showing my cleavage for a few months. If you can show off the girls but keep it classy not trashy. I wish I can turn back to my 20's enjoy it! Rock that cleavage!
  14. I find my dresses at Burlington or Marshalls. You also can hit Macy's clearance rack. I never pay full price for anything. I like to bargain hunt. I am not so much about formal night like my husband is. Everyone is different. Congrats on the weight loss.
  15. I usually have my passport, my passport card and my state ID. And pictures of my documents in my email and photos phone just in case lost or stolen. Depends on what port. I would invest in a passport card next time you renew your passport. It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a real ID in the state of CT(175.00)the passport card is accepted as ID to fly domestically. international you still need a passport.
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