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  1. When does the concierge typically reach out before a cruise to help with reservations for dinner and such? We’re in a Sky class suite on Ovation if that matters.
  2. Sounds like I should just buy her the package too.
  3. Has anyone recently done the $10 kids and been told they can’t order off the adult menu. I know the program has changed but I was careful to read the details and when we booked it didn’t say kids had to order off the kids menu. My daughter doesn’t eat “kid” food so I’m wondering if I need to get her the packages. Of course it’s more expensive now than when I originally bought.
  4. I've seen a few mentions of Joleen's whale watching trips in Juneau but struggling to find much in terms of reviews. Does anyone have personal experience you can share? Looking to book a whale watching trip for 5 in July (ages 10-75).
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