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    I've read & now want to clarify!

    I just looked at the 2005 price list. The water price is still the same. However, the bottle of wine I had is listed at $21 on that list. I know it was $22 on the Glory. Hey..I'm a cheap date..what can I tell ya :)
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    Thanks to all of you!!

    I'm one who has lurked on the board for a few years now. We just got back from our vacation on the Glory. My 7th Carnival cruise in 6 years. We have been on the Imagination, The Paradise 2 times when it was non smoking, Inspiration, The Triumph (2 times..once for a girls trip once with the family) and the Glory. We were looking for a tour to take in St. Martin not wanting to take an overpriced trip thru Carnival. Someone on here recommended sxmtours. We took the advice we learned here. Our tour was probably one of our favorites if not our favorite in all our tours over the last 6 years. The $30/pp was well worth it. He took us all over the island. My kids (ages 12,14 and 16) had a great time at the beach where the planes took off. My favorite was my time on Orient beach. I thought the people selling their wares were the least pushy here then any other island I had ever been on. We enjoyed our time greatly. The ship was clean, food was good. Only bad thing was some kid decided to smash my son in the face causing a messy bloody nose. Tuli in the casino was wonderful! She had asked me if I was a member of the players club.. I told her I registered for it on my first cruise 6 years ago however when I was on the Paradise the casino manager told me it wasn't worth it for me to continue due to the fact that I usually sat at those nickel video machines (heck I went with 300 to lose this trip and came home with almost 400..after being down to my last 45 cents :) ) She took my name and birthdate and came back and said..I just looked it up and we owe you 35 dollars from our old way of rewarding. Now you use your sail and sign card to get your "bonuses." Woohooo!!! I recommend this boat.. we were in room 6364 and 6368 (this was our spoiled children's balcony room). Only problem was being one floor above the nightclubs..we could hear the music. Our room steward was great. He addressed us by name each morning.