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  1. Thanks so much for the comments, I have so many messages about it these cabin tours! People really like the idea!
  2. Hi Tom, Same here, I was expecting a lot more USA sockets. I do wish they had included the 3-pin UK socket. Happy to see the USB sockets provided though. Cheers, David
  3. Thanks so much for the comments, I've had some great feedback here and on the social media channels. People really like this idea! So, yes for the time being, I will make them on each ship I go on. Thanks again, David
  4. Thanks, I like those deeper balconies on Dolphin deck. You have the best of both. An area covered and an area open to the elements! David
  5. Hi Everyone, I've created 4x 3D Cabin Tours, which you might find useful. Please let me know if this is something you would use going forward? https://cruiseshowuk.com/tour-sky-princess-cabins-in-3d Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, because we have the video tours of each cabin coming, along with a 'Medallion Challenge' video and a food vlog.... not forgetting the ship tour! See you up on deck! David
  6. Thanks so much for the comments. It’s a lovely cabin, in a great midship location. I would book this cabin/location again in the future. Have a lovely time and keep an eye out for our full ship tour, coming soon. David
  7. Hi All, Here’s our cabin tour from Regal Princess 21st August 2021. Please like and subscribe for lots more content coming very soon. Our next cruise is on Sky Princess 3rd September, from Southampton. Followed by: P&O Iona, Anthem of the Seas, Celebrity Silhouette, Queen Elizabeth and Mardi Gras See you up on deck! David
  8. Hi, the boarding time is basically your ‘testing’ time. So aim to arrive at the test centre, as per your boarding time. That’s what we did, give or take 10 minutes. Thanks for watching. David
  9. Hi, they can send to 1 device if that’s all you have. So no problem with just the 1 mobile. Have a good cruise and thanks for watching. David
  10. It was so good to be back on Princess…. It’s been about 5 years and as soon as I stepped onboard, I felt at home!! Please take a look, like and subscribe for more content coming very soon, including a food vlog and a full ship tour! You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Upcoming cruises in 2021- Sky Princess, P&O Iona, Anthem of the Seas, Celebrity Silhouette, Queen Elizabeth and Carnival Mardi Gras See you up on deck! Also, take a look at this 3D Interactive Cabin tour, is this something you would find useful? If there’s interest, then we may introduce it alongside our YouTube channel. I think people might find it useful to be able to walk around the room, including the bathroom etc. Let me know what you think. PS. This video is just to give you a rough idea of what it might be like. IMG_0034.MP4
  11. Here's some nice footage of MSC Virtuosa, departing Southampton, Saturday 14th August 2021. We were lucky enough to sail on her maiden voyage back in May 21. It's a fabulous ship! I'll be back onboard MSC next year, this time on the MSC Seashore. Until next time, I'll see you up on deck! David Follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Just search 'Cruise Show UK' 2096707623_MSCVirtuosa.mp4
  12. Hi Paul, Yes you are correct.... All the spirits you saw in the video were additional cost items. Actually, I think they put the spirits/mixers in the room by mistake, because we had to chase up on our Bubbles package. I'm glad that they stocked it though, because it looked amazing! Cheers for commenting, David
  13. Lucky you Wendy!! Hope you had a fab time!
  14. Hi Everyone, If you're staying in a Rockstar Suite (not mega) on @VirginVoyages Scarlet Lady, then you get to choose what free mini bar items are stocked in your cabin. We've put together this leaflet showing what free packages you can choose. just message your Rockstar Agent and let them know which package you want. Cheers! David
  15. Thanks so much for the comments, I really appreciate it. David
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