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  1. We stayed in a hull balcony and I do not recommend them. They are very small and the room was surprisingly dark. Ours was also located over the main theatre so was loud at night and there were also rehearsals during the day if you like to nap. SV sounds like a better choice.
  2. People that fart in public Muster drill Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. I would advise against those cabins. We stayed in one in February and asked to be moved. They are over the theatre and it is loud. We like to relax in room some days and they have rehearsals most day plus the shows at night go to 11 30. The balcony was also really small. Both people have to sit sideways. Just my $0.02 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Hi, Can you add these codes when you book online or do you have to call to make the booking? I just tried to book online, but I dont see an area where you can add promo code. Thanks
  5. There seems to be alot of posts pointing out that cruise companies don't pay US taxes. Newsflash most companies don't pay US taxes. States and governments attract companies so they can provide jobs for their states. Throw in the fact that Florida is a huge swing state in the next federal election it is almost guaranteed the industry will get support. Bailout is a poor choice of word, but a credit line with a very low interest rate is very very likely. No way Trump leaves the state of Florida without support 8-9 months before they head to the polls.
  6. We got back from the edge in January. Beautiful ship but I really missed quiet lounge areas for a pre dinner drink. We could never get a seat in the main bar before dinner and it was very loud. Not sure if that is important to you.
  7. Hi... I forget our exact room number maybe 6011 it was port side deluxe balcony over the theater. It was horrible and I paid $200 to switch floors. We went on the cruise to catch up on rest. In our room during the days the walls would shake when they were rehearsing in the theater and you could hear the shows till 11 pm. I would not recommend being over the theater unless you dont use room during day or dont retire b4 11pm. Cheers
  8. We just returned from the Edge and had the IV. I did not like it at all, but the Mrs preferred it over a traditional balcony so a 50/50 draw lol. My only issue with it was I always get up a few hours before the wife. I will usually go on the balcony with my coffee and read my book until she wakes up. with the IV you have to open the blinds to use the “balcony”, thus waking up the whole room. So on edge I would leave cabin and have coffee at cafe and wait till wife woke up. Definitely a first world problem, but I prefer a traditional balcony. just my $0.02.
  9. Right above the theater... rehearsals during the day and shows till about 11pm. Very loud. We got lucky and paid to move to a different floor, but a full sailing you would be out of luck.
  10. I was laughing that they sell faberge eggs. Cant imagine there is alot of cruisers looking to pick up faberge eggs on a caribbean cruise.
  11. Thank you all for responding. If you were going to do 1 speciality dining would you choose fine cut or petit chef? It has lots of early times available. Thanks
  12. Good morning all, Just booked our cruise this am on the edge and pretty excited. I went on the cruise planner to book Fine cut restaurant and the only times available are for 9:00 pm or later. My questions is: Will there be earlier times available on embarkation day if we go straight there or is there one booking system and this is as good as it gets? Has anyone had any luck getting earlier times once on board? Thanks
  13. You guys are the voice of reason 😀 thanks so much
  14. Yes, that’s the direction I am leaning. The main pro for me is the traditional balcony and uncrowded pool deck, but hopefully the main pool deck won’t be too crowded.
  15. Ok thanks. Is Luminae worth the upgrade?
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