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    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    I'm just curious as to how the OM works when you are in your cabin. Once you enter does your picture disappear? Can anyone walking by tell if there is someone in the cabin? I imagine that it's useful for the room stewards to know that. If I was travelling solo though I might not want that fact broadcast. Thank you for sharing your experiences - it's extremely useful! Camelia
  2. Yes..that's exactly right. Stewards cannot possibly do a thorough job of cleaning since they have so many cabins to turnover for the next cruise. there have been a number of times when going to the cabin on the first day and finding items from previous cruisers..etc. There are some parts of the cabin that they just don't get to. Having said that I don't do a very thorough clean but I never miss the tv remote, the door knobs and any other constantly used surfaces..it might not help but it helps my peace of mind and that's not a little thing I guess. I'm going to add checking for bedbugs on my list!
  3. How lovely to see the Royal Princess on that list. That would be my choice - definitely enjoyed my cruise on her!
  4. Camelia-

    Princess website challenges? Again?

    Given the possibility that this might disappear too..probably a good idea to print everything..just in case!!
  5. Camelia-

    $1.00 deposit sale?

    Thanks for your insights. Of course..as you say..it's not only about the deposit..it's about what comes with it in terms of perks..like that nice chunk of OBC! Also, Pam, as you pointed out..when you book so far in advance it's nice to have that placeholder in terms of your pick of cabin and then wait to see if you can sweeten the deal and still keep your preferred location. I would imagine that over a year there are a number of possibilities to increase OBC or add other perks which weren't available with your initial booking. I know that many people just book a cruise and forget about it till it's time to leave but really..as we all know...that is a shame and wasted opportunity if a nice promotion comes along which they could have taken advantage of!! I will keep my fingers crossed for the $1 to return..I'm out of FCDs right now..should have bought more!!
  6. Camelia-

    $1.00 deposit sale?

    I know that Princess has "regular" sales which they repeat each year (like the Sip's Sail) but is the $1.00 deposit one of those or was it a one time sale which likely won't be repeated? Just curious and hopeful! Camelia
  7. Camelia-

    MDR Menu substitutions

    I always ask for gravy or salad dressings on the side because I like to control how much of it I use (I find there's always too much for my liking). Of course sometimes it's not possible simply because food is actually cooked or baked in the sauce so then it's a package deal - take it or leave it..that's when it's time to look at other options or..perhaps ask for a special order for another evening. I know that if they can they absolutely will try to accomodate and it's always much apprciated! Camelia
  8. Camelia-

    Tips on EzAir?

    I've seen mixed reviews as well but I had occasion to see it in action this spring and I was impressed. I was on a cruise this past April and with a couple of days till the end of the cruise the captain decided that he needed to change course in order to avoid a bad storm. This meant that instead of arriving in the early morning we would be delayed in arriving by a few hours and would arrive in the afternoon. I had no problem with this (in fact I enjoyed the mid day arrival very much - it was a bonus that I wouldn't have experienced in the same way if we had arrived on time) - I was staying on a few days anyway. Naturally there were many people who had flights to catch that very day who would be affected. Those who had made independent travel arrangements were scrambling to change their flights and - no surprise- many were quite stressed and it was a shame that a lovely cruise had to end on that note. Those who had booked via EZAir had all the arrangements taken care of by Princess and didn't have to worry at all. I was speaking to one woman who told me that Princess had arranged a new flight and a hotel for the night as well as all the transfers. She was very relaxed as well and felt very lucky because her travel agent had made the arrangements and booked with Princess Air and she didn't even know it! Camelia
  9. Camelia-

    First time with MSC

    I have done a couple of MSC cruises (in Europe) though I mostly sail with Princess and have tried RCCL and Celebrity. MSC (and Costa) get alot of mixed reviews which I think are just a result of passengers embarking with different expectations and experiences and being disappointed when they don't find what they expect to find. The point about the water is a perfect example! It will be a very different cruise experience than what the average north american cruiser is accustomed to. If you go with an open mind and embrace the differences instead of complaining about them you will enjoy it very much. Personally I loved the food..so much more authentic..though sometimes not as plentiful! Be prepared to hear announcements multiple times - many people find this annoying..I love it. Gives me a chance to practice my understanding of 4 other languages and I'm always in awe about how seamlessly the Cruise directors switch from one language to the other! The ships are lovely and usually the prices are so much more affordable.
  10. Thank you so much! I will look forward to seeing it with my own eyes..can't taste it but at least I can see if the variety is really as poor as has been stated! I find that to be the case with all cruiselines lately..they tend to repeat the same dish over and over and show little creativity - don't know if they are forbidden to be original but it gets very tiring.
  11. I'm looking forward to following as well! We board in November. Would it be possible to post the menus> What I'm really curious about is what your thoughts will be on the Marketplace Buffet. I have read glowing reports as well as scathing ones and I have no idea what to think. Perhaps seeing the selections which are available will let me form an opinion of sorts till I see for myself! I know that all opinions are genuine but I also know that opinions about food are very subjective because we all bring our food taste and food experience along with us when judging!! Bon Voyage! Camelia
  12. thanks for your replies. In Hawaii I purchased the fruit at one of the large stores - Walmart perhaps - I can't remember - and perhaps it had a sticker. And yes..definitely we were warned over and over about not taking food off the ship - that's quite clear but I don't remember being warned in the reverse - I would definitely have picked up on that since it was of interest to me. Of course I understand why it wouldn't be allowed - even though I planned to consume it on the ship and not bring it back into the country there's no guarantee that something isn't unwittingly brought on board. I guess security was not as vigilant in Hawaii so I was allowed to bring it on board - still have fond memories of enjoying it on my balcony!! I'm glad that I didn't purchase the fresh vanilla beans in the market as I was tempted to do - I would have lost my money I think!!
  13. Hi all, I know that bringing food off the ship is definitely not allowed - for obvious reasons. My question is: what about bringing food onto the ship which you've purchased in port? The reason that I'm asking is because I had two different experiences on two different cruise lines. A few years ago I was on the Star Princess doing a Hawaiian Island cruise. When we got to one of the islands (I can't remember which one) I was shopping and couldn't resist buying four baby papayas (by that time I was tired of the lack of variety of the fruit on board). I returned to the ship and went through security with no issues and enjoyed my papayas for the next few days!! A few months ago I was on the Radiance of the Seas and we were stopped in Tahiti. Again my eye went to some fresh fruit and I bought some to enjoy on board. When I was going through security they told me that I was not allowed to bring it in and I ended up getting off and having to eat it (or as much as I could) near the gangway before I was able to board. I was surprised that it was an issue now when it hadn't been the previous time. So..I was wondering..do different cruiselines have different policies about this? Could it be different depending on which port you are in? Or..did Princess just not notice it the first time?
  14. thanks for your replies. I guess that is the only way to go!! Camelia
  15. Hi everyone! We have tentatively booked a transatlantic cruise in the Fall of 2019 on the Sky Princess. It is due to arrive in Fort Lauderdale on December 1st. We've decided it would be great to get off the Sky Princess and embark on the Allure of the Seas which leaves that same day. My question is about travelling from the one terminal to the other. I don't think a taxi would be happy to pick us up since we're not leaving the area but lugging heavy luggage around for long distances isn't appealing either. I think I remember that this isn't uncommon but not sure how practical it is? It would be so much easier to stay on the same ship I guess! Has anyone done this? I thought I read something about a shuttle but I think that goes to the parking area only? Many thanks for any insights!! Camelia