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  1. Thank you. I read through everything and I chatted with an NCL agent. The airfare seems to be a steal which makes me super curious..
  2. Thank you. I nee to look at that. I doubt I spend that much a day on drinks. It's helpful to know.
  3. Thank you. I wasn't aware of that. I appreciate the info.
  4. We're currently booked on the 9 night Greek Isles Cruise on the Disney Magic in June of 2022. Prior to Disney releasing their COVID restrictions, I was already looking at a similar sailing with NCL. (10 night Greek Isles). The price is much better, it has an extra day, and there are a lot of current add ons. Now that DCL has posted their restrictions (they're not requiring COVID vaccinations- our whole party is vaccinated), I'm looking even harder at NCL. I don't want to wear masks indoors, have to make appointments for the pool etc. (And I'm an ER nurse, I know things can change, but I'd like to be on an open ship that's vaccinated than a restricted ship because they aren't required). I'd like to add that we're a group of adults 50s and 60s but active, we travel often. My oldest daughter will be joining us along with my granddaughter (as long as vaccines are approved for her age group before sailing, she'll be vaccinated). The thing is I know NOTHING about NCL. I know that the Escape is new and huge. It seems to have some fun things to do onboard, but we'll be busy off the ship. The "deal" NCL is currently offering includes free specialty dining. Is that for a certain number of nights, or can we eat in specialty restaurants every night? I'm a pretty basic drinker (and a light drinker at that) but will there be any surprises to the "free beverage" package? And finally, I'd love some advice on the rooms. I've done everything from a window room on DCL to their club level. I'd probably do a balcony on this trip. I considered a spa balcony but don't know that we'd use it enough with this itinerary. I'd love any tips. Also, (last question for now) do they offer single rooms on the escape? One of our party. is currently paying double occupancy on the Magic and that would be a huge cost saver. Thanks!
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