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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the family balcony with the bunk bed opened out ... I have seen the picture of the room and man it looks tiny and then someone said with the bunk open you can't even walk past it you have to crawl thru it if you need to go to the bathroom in the night that is so inconvient


    We stayed in a Mini Suite on 13 with four of us...I can email you pics if you'd like

  2. We just got off the Oasis.....All I have to say that it was an amazing cruise! I've never done a review but I wanted to give a shout out...


    We had a very hard time with their customer service leading up to the cruise so I was a bit turned off walking onto the ship


    Embarking was crazy but very easy! We were waiting on 5 other family members so once on the ship we sat by the Pizza place and took it all in! The ship was very impressive and very lively.


    We had two balcony cabins on 14 and they were perfect for us. Not big like we are use to but enough room for myself and my son (6). Storage is very limited so I'm not sure how 4 people share a cabin...Our room steward Davison was from St. Vincent and about to go on leave but he never showed that this was he last week. He was on top of everything and so pleasant!


    Dinner we were at Silk and we had Noel for bar service, our assistant waiter was Chao who was brand new and the sweetest. Our waiter was Kumar, there is not enough to say about him!!!! He made dinner so enjoyable and fun! He was always on top of things. He knew all 3 kids before we even introduced them...knew their orders and knew how to make them laugh. He is from a small town in India that my husband travels to for work and he was shocked we knew about it! We are traveling there in Oct and he is on leave and he's going to spend a day with us. The food for the most part was very good!


    Shows were great. Little disappointed there was a broken pipe in Aqua and 1/2 way through the show oil was spilling out so they had to cancel. Not their fault at all and the divers weren't hurt :-) Joel Mason was one of the acts and I can def say I enjoyed it a ton! Come Fly Away was great also! Frozen in Time was good too....My daughter enjoyed it much more than I did!


    Ricky Matthews is the cruise director and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is incredible! We've been on a bunch of cruises and I can def say he is the one cruise director I will remember the most!


    Id def go on the Oasis again....If you have any questions please feel free to ask...I don't want to bore anyone with a really long review!:D

  3. Hi


    I normally don't cruise RCL but we are doing a huge family cruise next month. My husband kids and I cruise free style every year so don't have to worry about formal night....How many does the Oasis have? If you don't want to dress up can you still eat in the restaurant or do you have to do something else?


    Also what restaurants are free onboard and what needs to be paid?


    I appreciate any help you have to offer...


    Thank you so much!

  4. Just a heads up. Spa services are rather expensive... $100+ for a one hour massage, but probably an automatic 15-20-% on top of that. They will work hard to attempt to sell you stuff after the massage.


    But - the massage is usually good.


    Yeah I'm sure but its well deserved after the holiday season!

  5. Hi Everyone


    We're going to be on the Epic Jan 4th and going to Ochios Rios...This is someplace I've never been and my husband hasn't been there since he was 14. Anyone have anything they can recommend? My kids will never do the Falls or Ziplining (they are 5 and 9).


    Thanks so much for your help! :)


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