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  1. To the OP:

    Having you email the Latitudes Desk was probably not the right place to go. Almost all communications to that desk are regarding points, missing cruises etc. The standard response is 6 weeks or so and I think is sent as an auto reply. Your TA should be handling this, they should have clout and contacts within the cruise line and are being paid to handle your problem. I'm guessing the TA sent you to the Latitudes desk because they know you can't contact NCL yourself and this will stall things and get them off the hook. Tell your TA to get with it and make contact regarding upgrades of any sort that might get you into the new promotion.

    It's not particularly snarky to point out the downside of dealing with a TA, many folks love to come on the boards and rave about the OBC's and other perks their TA's give them. But when the downside of dealing with a TA comes up, not so much! Hope it works out for you and your family.



    Thanks for your advice. If anything was going to be done it would be wonderful, if not my kids are going to have a blast that's all that's important! We just booked the dolphin swim in Anguilla...they are super excited

  2. Same thing happened to us! We are booked on the Epic 1/11/14 and I got the mail about kids sail free. I called our agent and she sat on hold with NCL for 30 min and they wouldn't budge. She had me email the latitude group bc we have been on 4 ncls. My email back from them was they would get back to me in 4-6 wks!!!! That's crazy. I'm curious to see what other people write. Hopefully it will help



  3. What ship and when are you traveling? I highly recommend Bernard's. We are thinking of doing it with our kids (8&4). He will make a tour just for you guys if you want. Nassau with kids I would def take a tour. It's not one of the best places for kids. You could go to the Atlantis too. They have a great aquarium. Nassau we talked about dolphins but it's so expensive.


  4. You can once your cabin is assigned. Been there - done that!;)


    Where can you do it online? We booked an outside cabin with just a port hole and we got upgrade to a CC on the Lido. I'd like to see if we can get a further upgrade..Where can you change it on the website

  5. Hi!

    Has anyone stayed in L305? We just got our cabin assignment and when I look at Princesses website it says its a balcony...when I look at another sites it just says its a cat CC. Can anyone help me out? We have never been on the Grand!

    Thanks so much!!!


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