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  1. We'll be on Harmony in January in a Junior Suite. I have already purchased Voom surf when it was on sale and I think I got a good buy for a 7-day cruise. But if we do get some comp hours as a diamond, would I be able to get a refund for those couple of days. I know that's a tacky question, but just asking.
  2. I'm really happy to see this post. We will be on Harmony in January and we're Diamonds. I have already purchased Voom surf only and got a really good price for it. But now I wonder if I would be better off cancelling the Voom package, use the free days and then pay for the balance of the week. My concern with that is the prices may be higher than I have already paid.
  3. We're sailing on the Harmony in January. I'd like to know if any of you booked your cruise through a TA. Do I need to tell my TA to add us to an upsell list?
  4. My primary question is did all of you who received this email book directly with Royal Caribbean or did any of you use a TA? Our January Harmony cruise is booked through a TA.
  5. I just pulled up my Cruise Planner and the only offers for internet are Surf & Stream for one or multiple devices. Nothing is shown for Surf Only. Our cruise is in January 2019. Is there a possibility Surf Only will be available later on?
  6. Radio, what can I say. I just read your entire LIVE review and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your photos were awesome. I have to tell you that I am more than excited to be on Harmony in January 2019. My husband and I had to cancel one cruise for February this year because I was diagnosed with lung cancer, which required removing the top lobe of my right lung and just two weeks ago I finished my chemotherapy. So, this cruise will be a cancer free celebration for us. I don't care if all we do is stay on the ship, as there is sooooo much to do. Thank you so much for such an indepth review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :):)
  7. I did do a search but didn't find anything, but thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Could someone please tell me which two nights are formal. We're trying to decide which night we want to go to the Crown Grille, but don't want to miss the formal evenings. Thanks!
  9. First of all I am not trying to start anything with my post...no arguments please. My husband and I will be sailing on the Ruby soon and I'd like to know where the outdoor smoking area is. I had lung surgery almost three months ago and I want to stay away from the smoke. I'd like to know which deck and whether it is aft or not. Thanks bunches...
  10. My DH and I will definitely attend a veterans get together. My DH is retired from the U.S. Army with a rank of Colonel. He loved his service in the Army and served 20 years with seven years in the reserve. We will be on the Regal 11/5, so we will make a point to be at the get together if they have one.
  11. Thank you all for your information. I would certainly hope they do something for our men and women who sacrificed so much to protect our grand country.
  12. We will be on the Regal on Veteran's Day and I was wondering if Princess does anything for the veterans on board. I hope they do as it would be really nice if Princess recognized them in some way.
  13. Thank you for all these tidbits of information. We are sailing on her in eight days and can't wait. We will definitely check out everything there is to offer.:)
  14. We are looking to book our fourth Alaskan cruise in May 2018 and I am curious as to where we might find Captain Mercer. He was the Captain on the Oosterdam when we took our first Alaskan cruise and he performed our renewal of vows ceremony. We think he is wonderful. I know he did the World cruise last year and then went to Alaska, but I haven't been able to find any list of the Captain's schedule and their ships for the upcoming year. I would love your help with this. Thanks so much.
  15. I loved your review and it has me really excited about our upcoming Regal cruise on 11/5. This will be our second Princess cruise and I can't wait to step aboard the Regal. I'm so glad you had a wonderful cruise. :)
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