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  1. SoBaycruiser

    Ships WiFi signal through Aleutians?

    We are taking a cruise from Seward to Tokyo via the Aleutians and Russia. With a lot of days at sea we are trying to determine how much Internet time to purchase and if there is a satellite signal in that area. We have cruised in some areas of northern Norway where we were not in range of the satellite apparently. Has anyone cruised is this area before?
  2. SoBaycruiser

    Survey on where you'd like to sail in 2021

    Many of us have fathers who fought in the Pacific during WW2. Would love to visit some of the islands where they fought.
  3. South Bay in SoCal. (South of LAX on the coast) thanks so so much for the info!
  4. Bonnie, We are on the Aug 7 cruise from AK to Tokyo and as I am fairly new to Azamara (only other time was 2008), I can’t find information on the port that we arrive in on the website. You said we would hear by the end of October whether it would be Yokohama or Harumi. Are there any updates yet?
  5. SoBaycruiser

    Pacific Princess’ fate?

    I see she will be doing 7 day Alaska cruises from May 15 through September 16. I got that from our TA. I still don’t see anything past April on Princess’ website. I believe the Alaska cruises will happen but am still not sure she will end the year under Princess.
  6. SoBaycruiser

    Pacific Princess’ fate?

    I don’t see any cruises for Pacific Princess after April 2020 and see the Sun will be doing a World Cruise. Does that mean the Pacific Princess will be leaving the fleet?
  7. SoBaycruiser

    Our new ‘My Account’ is launching today!

    Most places of business are open on Monday Columbus Day. Only government offices and banks close I think. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. SoBaycruiser

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Also I was told by my TA that the Indulgence Package has to be paid for at the time of purchase, not final payment time. So it seems prudent to wait. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. SoBaycruiser

    Indulgence package

    You might check if you can hold onto your excursion and then cancel and rebook on the ship as using the credit. That’s what Seabourn did with our OBC. Our only other AZ cruise was the second one Journey ever made and AZ was organized a little differently then. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. SoBaycruiser

    Indulgence package

    We normally don’t buy special packages but our next cruise will have a LOT of sea days so we thought we’d treat ourselves with the indulgence package and take advantage of the spa and more WiFi time... in addition to some of our favorite brands of liquor. I wouldn’t bother on a port intensive cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. SoBaycruiser

    New to River Cruising: Good for 25th Anniversary Get Away?

    We celebrated our 40th anniversary on Uniworld. We signed up for a dinner on the top deck on our anniversary night as we sailed away from Budapest at sunset. The tables were group tables but when we told them it was our anniversary, they set aside a table for two for us and made it a special evening. I was really impressed with how family like the staff was. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. SoBaycruiser

    Photos From Dutch Harbor - 2016 and 2012

    Thanks Keith1010 for all the pictures of Dutch Harbor. We will be there next August. Did you find the days still pretty cool in August, despite the lack of snow? I’m also curious, since there are a number of days at sea in the Aleutians, if there is any ships satellite WiFi, other than around a Dutch Harbor itself. When we did Svalbard we were without WiFi for a number of days and we over bought minutes. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. SoBaycruiser

    Our new ‘My Account’ is launching today!

    How does one know how many points older cruises are supposed to get? I don’t remember a point system for our 2008 Azamara cruise. In fact, Im not familiar with the point system at all. And RCL cruises don’t count, correct? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. SoBaycruiser

    Cruise ending in Tokyo

    Oliver, Thank you. I actually had found your blog earlier and bookmarked it so I could study it in more depth. You really explain a lot. Thanks from a newbie! Sent from my iPad using Forums