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  1. Since the Pacific Princess itineraries have been canceled through the end of November and resume in Tahiti in December it makes sense for them to use her to transport crew to the Philippines and hopefully find a place to wait out the pandemic.
  2. By now many have rebooked their cruises and found out that they don’t get %125 of the total they paid. They subtract out all the port fees and taxes as well as prepaid items and refund that part to you. The remaining amount (basically the cost of the room before taxes) then is multiplied by 1.25 and that is the credit you get. That is then applied to your next booking including the taxes and port fees for the new cruise. So you don’t end up with quite as much OBC as you first thought. I’m not complaining, just explaining.
  3. Meanwhile what is everyone doing about their flights? Our 4/4 trip was canceled and I have requested a specific cruise date. But we need 2 adjoining rooms on that date and if we don’t get that we will have to cancel going. I don’t want to be stuck with $5000 credit in airline vouchers with no place to use them. (There are 7 of us that were flying cross country during Spring break so flights were expensive.)
  4. Disney has made a short term offer to cruisers in the next few months starting today: https://disneycruiselineblog.com/2020/03/disney-cruise-line-institutes-temporary-policy-changes-allowing-guests-to-cancel-sailings-for-full-refund-due-along-with-nes-screenings-at-embarkation-to-coronavirus-threat-covid-19/
  5. Thank you. Do you mean there is an information center when one gets off the ship?
  6. Are these open air safari taxis really safe for a 2 year old going over the windy roads? We are a group of 7 and wondered if we should be considering a more conventional taxi? Thanks
  7. There will be 7 of us including a 2 year old and 72 year old. It seems like none of the ship’s excursions except the beaches are open to 2 year olds. The other two children aren’t old enough to snorkel yet. Which beach would be best for us... one with some shade and easy access?
  8. Thanks, that’s very helpful. So basically, bring one with a plastic sleeve that will hold a credit card. Rita
  9. I have multiple lanyards from which to choose to bring for my DCL ID card. Some have a vertical plastic holder and one horizontal. Some plastic holders are large, others are credit card size. Some of my lanyards just have clips to connect directly with a card with a hole in it. What is best with a Disney ID card and why? What size is the card? Does the card have a hole in it? Sorry if this seems like a trivial question. But I’ve been on a lot of cruises (not DCL) and a lanyard makes life so much easier.
  10. What are those 85% wearing then? Shirt and Tshirts to the main dining room?
  11. I have read all the tips in the pinned thread and Disney’s official dress code guidelines. I thought it all sounded very casual except for the semi-formal night and specialty restaurants. In cruises with other companies in tropical settings, my DH has worn Dockers/Chinos with a muted Hawaiian shirt most nights In the main dining room. However, I just came across the following in CruiseCritics info about dress code on the Fantasy. The dress code is casual during the day and resort casual most evenings. Think jackets for men, but no ties, and pants outfits or summer dresses for women. Is this true in practice? Do most men bring jackets to the Caribbean?
  12. You may have convinced ME to go on it! I definitely don’t like thrill rides or roller coasters. Adrenaline is not my friend! But if the 7 year old will do it, I may have to try it. Thanks!
  13. Thank you. That is good to know. Our grandson will have just turned 7 so he may enjoy it.
  14. Are most kids accompanied by a parent at the character breakfast or just the younger ones?
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