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  1. Our first Viking Cruise is March 1 (northern lights) and we used credit from a canceled trip in March 2020 to book our flight to London (before the credit expired). So now we only have to get home to the US from Bergen. I was told before contacting Viking Air we should have a flight in mind. Unfortunately it appears the number of flights out of Bergen is very small. Maybe as Norway opens up more, airlines will have more flights. I’ve never left the flights this late so it’s making me nervous… especially since we’d like to find a Business Class flight to the West Coast via Amsterdam, London, or Copenhagen.
  2. We are going next March to Norway and I’m a little concerned to hear the streets are icy. Coming from So California, I am not sure what to expect. Does it rain a lot and that is why it was so icy? We’ve been to Norway in June and it was lovely.
  3. Did you do this through Viking because I wonder if they’re holding onto all the flights out of Bergen to Amsterdam? How did you cope with the super early morning flight?
  4. That sounds like a plan! Good to know that they had nonstops before pandemic.
  5. We are booked on a Northern Lights cruise (our first with Viking) and had airline electronic vouchers that we needed to use soon so we purchased our flight to London with these. Now I’m looking for a way home from Bergen before I call Viking Air. I’ve read that one should have 3 choices in mind before calling. Well when I look at potential flights, the best option is through Amsterdam. But the early hopper flight from Bergen must be sold out already since they say that route is full. There don’t seem to be any nonstop Bergen flights to London. So what do passengers do? We’ve been to Bergen before so we weren’t planning on extending our stay. Any suggestions?
  6. Can one use airline vouchers to pay for flights through Viking? I wouldn’t think so but thought I’d ask.
  7. If a couple is traveling together, do they both have to upgrade if one wants the premium wine. I know my DH would enjoy the better wines, but I don’t drink that much... maybe a cocktail before dinner, no wine, and possibly a Bailey’s after dinner on a rare night.
  8. The air vouchers are currently the problem we are having. We had a March 2020 Disney cruise for 7 canceled and we got airline vouchers that expire March 2022. Our 3rd rebooking of the Disney cruise puts us outside the airfare window. The amount is significant so it looks like we will be flying business class to London assuming the RT airfares stay low. Does Viking allow combining their program with vouchers one already has?
  9. Vaccinations will be required on Viking for the Welcome Back cruises... LINK HERE
  10. This was all important information. Thank you. Since we didn’t get in under the free air promotion, it sounds more complicated than it is worth for us...even with Air Plus. While I don’t sneeze at a few hundred dollars, it might be worth it do rid myself of the anxiety I’m feeling now. We want to fly in early to visit with friends, and all the non stops from LAX to London appear to go into London Heathrow and I thought I saw something about Gatwick for our cruise. We want the nonstop to get the lay down beds in Business class. Being we have 8 time zones to adjust to, it makes a world of difference to the beginning of our trip. I suppose I will try calling them to see what they offer once flights are open for our trip in 2022. This may be more simple than it first appears. Thank you again.
  11. I am totally new to Viking and I was wondering exactly how their air promotions work and can you upgrade? We have cruised a lot and as we have gotten older we try to fly Business class to Europe since our flights are so long from the US west coast. Normally, we use airline points but the points inflation has made that more difficult in recent years. So I have a few questions? 1) if you booked your cruise through a TA, do you have to go through the TA to book air through Viking? 2) to use their promotion do you have to accept their choice of flights or can you specify a nonstop flight? 3) currently the promotion says airfare from $799. Is there a place you can go to on the internet to see what the fare would be from your gateway city or do you (or your TA) have to talk to a rep on the phone? 4) can you upgrade to business and if so do you still get a discounted airfare? I’d appreciate any input. Thanks
  12. There are ways to protect yourself and book now. We just booked a 2022 trip through a TA. Viking gave us until June 30 (8 months prior to our trip) to make final payment. We took out insurance on just the deposit amount at a small cost. By purchasing the trip insurance within 20 days we are protected from both the pre-existing conditions clause and financial default of the cruise provider. The latter is covered because we went through a third party (the TA). If in late June we decide we think things are safe enough to go, we will increase our insurance coverage to the full payment amount (and any other expenses) and pay the additional premium. All coverages remain the same. If we decided to cancel we will only lose our small policy cost. That’s how I understand it. I am not recommending others do what we have done. Everyone has to decided their own level of risk. Certainly talk to your travel insurance agent and read the Q&A about travel insurance done here on CC in January and last July.... especially about financial default.
  13. I learned something important recently. If you book directly with a cruise line and the company goes belly up, your travel insurance probably won’t cover the loss. If you use a TA it satisfies the third party supplier requirement. I can’t explain it well but you might find THIS does better.
  14. We independently flew from Los Angeles to Iceland business class with points. The airline required a stop in Minneapolis. I later found out that because both legs were less than 6 hours we did not get Business Elite with lie down beds. We just got larger seats and better food. We were hugely disappointed and upset that this wasn’t made more clear. Check the aircraft and the length of the flights before spending the money or points.
  15. Our Greenland Expedition trip was a trip of a lifetime but one I wouldn’t want to do again. Saw wonderful things but there were no bathroom facilities ashore for hiking nor were you allowed to go behind a rock because of the polar bear danger. In addition there was no relief when spending several hours on a zodiac excursion. Being in our late 60s at that time, let’s just say it added to the stress. 😳
  16. At the moment, Viking is saying ONLY ship’s excursions due to Covid protocol. I’m hoping in a year that will have changed. I’d like to find someone who will “chase the lights” looking for clear skies. As I type this Tromso has a K5 Aurora event happening but they are 97% cloudy. Rita
  17. We booked the March 1 Northern Lights trip... a year from today! We think the Explorers lounge will be a fantastic place to be in a cold weather itinerary. re The washrooms: it would be hard not to be bigger than the Rships! 😉 Rita
  18. First time in the Explorers Lounge. Glad to see the warm and friendly atmosphere. We just booked our first Viking cruise in 2022 largely because of this lounge (and the itinerary). We have been cruising almost exclusively on R-ships (Azamara and Princess) because we like smaller ships and we LOVE the forward looking lounges. I just don’t understand all these larger ships putting their lounges in the bowels of the ships! We look forward to someday meeting you in the lounge in person. Rita
  19. Hi, that was me, Rita, that asked. We went on a NE Greeenland expedition cruise with another line 3 years ago and so we have a bought a lot of cold weather clothing for that trip... merino wool base layer, fleece mid layer and waterproof outer layer. However, the cruise provided the heavy warm jacket and Muck boots. My large suitcase broke open in transit on that trip because I was packed to the gills. That’s why I asked about the boots in particular. I am assuming the Northern Lights excursions require being outdoor in the cold for hours. Were your feet warm enough in regular shoes?
  20. We are also booked on a March 2022 Northern Lights trip. Is there anything you wish you knew (other than how the trip ended) that you could share with us? How did have room to pack warm boots and a heavy jacket? I guess the jacket could be carried on the plane but boots take up a lot of room and can be heavy.
  21. The reason I asked the original question is that a few years ago we took an Alaskan cruise in early June on Seabourn. It had some very active excursions like kayaking at the base of a glacier. The only place that one could eat in the evening in jeans was at the grill outside by the pool ...which had insufficient heaters. We came in late one evening from an excursion and didn’t feel like dressing for dinner. Apparently many others felt the same. There were no unoccupied tables. Luckily a couple took pity on us and offered to share their table with us. We had no heater and it was 48 F. I vowed then I would never presume what the dress code would be when booking a trip.
  22. Thank you everyone. This sounds perfect! I have no problem with the MDR dress code. It’s just nice to know that things are more relaxed in the World Cafe ...especially on the more “outdoorsy” itineraries.
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