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  1. Depends on your definition of better. We prefer the Royal/Regal to the Sky simply for the retreat pool area.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't say this, but our girl has Cushings as well, and has to have several meds, and while it's a labor of love for me to do it, I worry that someone else might forget.
  3. We find ourselves with an aging dog (11 years old), and are struggling with the idea of going on a vacation and leaving her behind. When our dogs were younger, we would board them and/or have my FIL come and stay while we were gone, but he is now of an age that we don't want to leave him home by himself, so we don't want to ask him to come stay with the dog. Because of her age and timidness, we don't like to board her, and my wife doesn't like the idea of one of those services that comes around multiple times a day to check on them. We want her to stay home in her comfortable s
  4. BSE is not a good deal for non drinkers. You are better off paying gratuities and wifi ala carte.
  5. BSE is a good deal if you typically would buy the alcohol package. Not so much if not.
  6. NM, I found it. Covered pool. Ugh, not for us. Thanks all.
  7. We are looking at a cruise out of LA on the Majestic Princess. I thought it was a sister to the Royal and Regal, but where the Sanctuary and Adult Retreat pool are on them, it shows a Hollywood Conseratory and pool. Is that the same thing as the sanctuary and retreat pool? TIA
  8. Cruise fare is higher to get more perks, so you pay for them anyway essentially. Marketing.
  9. How exactly are they verifying people? I see the form, but are they contacting employers?
  10. Thanks, this is what I was trying to figure out. I assume that is per person? My wife and I just had our March 27th 2021 sailing on Enchanted cancelled, and used FCC's to put down deposit, making no other payment currently. Sounds like we should get our $100/pp FCD back, and $100 bonus FCC, but is that for each of two were used, one per person to book?
  11. My March 27th, 7 day on the Enchanted was cancelled. I was likely not going anyway, so I'm fine with it. Are they giving your FCC back plus 25%, am I reading that right? I also wonder if they are going to extend the dates on FCC's purchased and not used yet. I have 4 2 that expire in 2021 and 2 that expire in 2022. I would they they would automatically extended these at some point back to 4 years or something. Anyone heard anything about that?
  12. I haven't posted here in a while, so lots of catching up to do. I have a March 2021 caribbean cruise booked, are folks expecting those to be cancelled or should I just plan to cancel myself at this point? Seems like we won't have this under control for at least a few more months. Advice?
  13. I went back and looked and do not have any emails from Princess since the time this pandemic started, and I used to get at least one a week, but I will say this, I'm elite with Princess, and I know people who are elite are supposed to get an early preview email about new deals, and I have never gotten those either.
  14. Sorry to bump a couple of week old thread, but I did call Princess today. They told me they have not sent out any marketing/promotion emails since January, which doesn't seem right to me, but that is what they told me. I still have gotten 0 emails from Princess since we opted for FCC's for our cancelled cruise in April, but I do get emails from CCL almost daily, and have never cruised on Carnival.
  15. I used to never get emails from Carnival Cruise Lines, but now those are the only ones I get. I'm not getting any from Princess. I am also getting them from Carnival Corp.
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