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  1. I went back and looked and do not have any emails from Princess since the time this pandemic started, and I used to get at least one a week, but I will say this, I'm elite with Princess, and I know people who are elite are supposed to get an early preview email about new deals, and I have never gotten those either.
  2. Sorry to bump a couple of week old thread, but I did call Princess today. They told me they have not sent out any marketing/promotion emails since January, which doesn't seem right to me, but that is what they told me. I still have gotten 0 emails from Princess since we opted for FCC's for our cancelled cruise in April, but I do get emails from CCL almost daily, and have never cruised on Carnival.
  3. I used to never get emails from Carnival Cruise Lines, but now those are the only ones I get. I'm not getting any from Princess. I am also getting them from Carnival Corp.
  4. Hi folks, Since we made our Princess cruise credit request for my April 2020 cruise back in March, all the emails I get from Carnival now, are Carnival emails, I've not gotten any emails from Princess. Is that occurring for everyone? I've never cruised on Carnival itself, only Princess. Thanks
  5. Hi folks, As many of you, we had a cruise cancelled by Princess because of the virus, and we went in and did the survey they sent out in March to indicate your preferred method of receiving refund/FCC. I hadn't logged in in a while, I do see my cruise is removed from my account, but I don't see either a credit or placeholder for the credit we are to receive. It's supposed to be 150% of the cost. Where are they displaying that in your account online? I can't find it.
  6. So we cancelled and took the 150% FCC for our April 18th cruise, this was back a couple of weeks ago when they had you go to the website and choose your cancellation option. I see the cruise is still in my personalizer, although they have removed images, and such, but I don't see my FCC money anywhere. Are other seeing the same? If you elected the FCC option, should it already be appearing in your account somewhere?
  7. I looked at my booking and final payment confirmation from my TA, and the prices for the insurance were part of the cruise price I paid, so I am assuming it will be part of the reimbursement.
  8. This is what I'm assuming as well. If not, I'm going to be unhappy.
  9. Why are they not offering the exact same compensation for all cruises during the 60 day window?
  10. So, will we get our travel insurance money back as well? I bought the insurance thru our TA with Princess. I hope that is included.
  11. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html
  12. For those who are impacted by this business decision, Princess is offering guests the opportunity to transfer 100% of the money paid for their cancelled cruise to a future cruise of their choice. To add a bonus incentive for guests to accept this offer, the company will add an additional generous future cruise credit benefit which can be applied to the cruise fare or onboard expenses. In addition, Princess will honor this offer for those guests who had made final payment and cancelled their booking on or after February 4, 2020. The future cruise credit can be used on any voyage departing through May 1, 2022.
  13. We are scheduled on the Royal on April 18th. Trying to decide what to do. We did purchase the Princess travel insurance, platinum I think. I'm likely to cancel, but wondering if Princess will cancel for me. Anyone have any insight as to what is going to happen with April cruises out of US ports? Are they going to be cancelled by the cruise line? If they cancel before you do, is there additional benefits provided?
  14. I wish after I booked my last cruise, I sold my shares, and I would rebuy them now.
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