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  1. Which is great for you, if that is your choice, but for every person who stops cruising, there is someone who starts, and is willing to pay a higher fee for it. The cruise lines don't care.
  2. Based upon recent cutbacks, she only sails on Royal Caribbean.
  3. My guess is that they are putting those new furniture on all new and refurbishments. We'll see when the next one goes thru a renovation or the Sky sails.
  4. Yes, as long as the ship on time, you should have plenty of time if you do the express walk off in one of the first groups.
  5. Not a drinker, so I would say the free gratuities is best for us.
  6. You can board anytime you arrive and boarding is in progress.
  7. My biggest nightmare cruise scenario. Sorry for that. When we were on a few weeks ago, things were fine in our cabin (lido deck inside), but some ship areas including the buffet was warmer than it should have been.
  8. By and large cruise prices are going up. They are trying to get creative on deals and such to try to make it seem less like a price increase, but generally yes, prices are going up all the time. Prices also change regularly and the deals get better or worse regularly, so you have to really keep on top of it.
  9. Is that the area at the back of the ship? Went looking at that when we were on 3 weeks ago and it looked really nice, including the cabana's. Not sure if they charge for those or not, but they looked nice. The loungers at the terrace pool were so much better than the older ones, I hope they put them on fleet wide.
  10. Can't have surge protection on it.
  11. And if you have to go down stairs (away from all the bars around the pool areas, then it's not really of any benefit to me. The new package is indeed a huge price increase with little added value.
  12. Thanks for the menu. Do you know, it doesn't mention it on the menu, are those all blended with something like yogurt or is it just the items listed blended?
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