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  1. Thank you for the information. Was considering using some to upgrade the drink package. Also have a small amount available from our TA, sounds like they would be treated similarly, other than access to the credit card OBC in advance.
  2. Have a shiny new Celebrity credit card and have accumulated a little OBC. Trying to decide whether to use it or save it for later. Is it considered non-refundable or refundable? Is it available for use prior to sailing or only once onboard? Thank you.
  3. We get off the Summit the day before and I would love to do this. However, Halloween is a HUGE event on our street. Certainly DH would understand if we won a free cruise.
  4. Yes, it’s included in the premium beverage package, perhaps even the basic as it’s not that expensive.
  5. Hated the taste of the water in the aluminum bottles. We switched to Evian. They did have Vitamin Water in plastic bottles. I ended up stashing an empty one away to I could fill it with Evian for the gym.
  6. I’m so jealous! I really want to go back sometime this Fall.
  7. Not to worry. We sailed with 270, 403 then 275. In talking with the cruise director their purpose is to get cruising and prove it can be done safely. You will have the most awesome experience. Please tell Beatrix and Derwin at the Sunset Bar “hi” from Mike and Laurie. We really miss them, well we miss all the crew.
  8. We were just on the Summit. They had many of the same wines we enjoyed on the Equinox when we last sailed it two years ago. Even though they were provisioning mainly out of Barbados instead of Florida.
  9. Our recent Celebrity Summit cruises had less than 400. However, if you did a sample booking it appeared many more cabins were booked.
  10. Excellent information. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Have a wonderful time.
  11. Appreciate this information. I’m also curious as to the actual onboard experience.
  12. I did try doing a search, but still couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. We are a group of six scheduled to sail on the Oasis in December. Final payment is around the corner. Some in our group are concerned about having to wear a mask inside. All of us are vaccinated. Can you give me a brief rundown of where masks are required and how you’re feeling about the situation? We just spent three weeks on the Celebrity Summit where no masks were required as we sailed out of St. Maarten. Not totally opposed to wearing a mask, but really want to understand the situation. Thank you.
  13. We were on this cruise as well as the two weeks prior. Anne, this is a great review and not much I could add. Have to give a nod to Derwin and “Mommy” (Beatrix) at the Sunset Bar. The entire crew was phenomenal and hardly a cutback even though as few as 270 passengers when we were onboard. Yes, the one show at 9:00 was a result of the small numbers as well as holding things such as Silent Disco by the Martini Bar. We found the internet not very powerful, I couldn’t really connect to Cruise Critic, so that was a bit frustrating. However, we were able to bid up for a Family Veranda for all three weeks and that will never happen again. What a send off when Sue and Captain Matt met us after disembarking with big hugs. Captain even helped my husband get his roller bag on the shuttle. We’d love to do one of the fall cruises, but my husband tells me we’re not going to be home enough already.
  14. Do we need to have a printed copy of our PCR results for the Summit or will they accept viewing an electronic copy? We got our results too late to print out at home. Thanks!
  15. Abbydancer, do you remember what you put on the form for departure information? It asks for Departure Country, Departure Airport, Flight Number, etc. Did you enter the information for the end of the cruise?
  16. Got out test results quickly and ready to fill out the form, their system is down. Anyway, we are flying in Thursday so a two night stay. But, what do I enter for Departure Country, Departure Airport, etc. We are also doing a B2B, so not finally leaving St. Maarten until the 21st. Do I enter the information for our flight back home?
  17. A slow day on a ship sounds incredible. No apologies needed.
  18. Was there a hair dryer in the room at Holland House? How are the ones on the ship? I’d rather not pack one, but have a small one I can take if need be.
  19. We are also staying at the Holland House and they indicated they could arrange for a nurse to come to the hotel on Friday morning for $130pp. Was this the price they gave you for the 3 hour turnaround?
  20. Thank you. So scared of messing up the dang form.
  21. I see where the form references “stamped and signed national vaccination card”. Neither of our cards have a signature line, nor were they signed by the people administering the vaccine. Can anyone provide input as to how they handled this.
  22. Murano. Our experiences with Tuscan Grill have been very disappointing. They tried to tell my husband his steak was tough because it was dry aged.
  23. Has anyone used Medwork at Simpson Bay in St. Maarten for your pre-cruise COVID PCR test. If so, what was your experience? We are looking to test there on Friday morning for Saturday boarding. Thank you.
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