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  1. Can my husband drop me off at the ship with our luggage then go park in one of the lots that are close enough to walk? Would rather not have to walk dragging the luggage, but not a show stopper.
  2. On the Adventure of the Seas, the deck plan show no walls or any kind of separation between the elevators and the cabins. We’ve been in similar cabins on Celebrity ships and there is adequate separation of the areas and have had no noise issues. Appreciate any insight.
  3. Looking at a possible quick getaway for Thanksgiving. Can anyone provide insight on Cabin 9310 on the AOS? It’s close to the elevator area, but we’ve had similar on Celebrity with no noise issues. Just want to make sure. Thank you.
  4. I almost hate to comment on food as it can be so subjective, but we found the food in the MDR to be very, very good. Even on nights when I didn’t see anything on the menu that really stood out, I was very happy with what I ordered. One exception to that was the salmon. I ordered it twice in three weeks and both tasted fishy. Could be due to the provisioning for the cruises out of St. Maarten.
  5. Ha! One bottle between DH and myself is two glasses a piece over a nice, relaxed dinner.
  6. What happens if I bring a bottle or two of water back from a port of call?
  7. Keep them? You obviously don’t know how much wine we drink. 😁
  8. Always sad to leave. I’m not at all surprised by Sue’s gesture. She had me in tears just saying goodbye when we got off. The last few days the crew joked with my husband about the various jobs they could give him so we could stay on for the trip to Miami, but Captain Matt said it would require a six month contract. 😉
  9. DH thought the croissants in the Oceanview were fantastic.
  10. Thank you so much. I assume at on Celebrity you can upgrade from the beverage package and only pay the difference?
  11. Sailing on the Oasis in December. From what I’ve seen of the bar menus the wine choices are extremely limited. Are there additional wines available in the dining rooms? Haven’t sailed Royal in a long time.
  12. This has a lot of appeal to me for our December cruise. However, since the drinks are now on the Sea Pass and not a voucher, how does the bartender know my husband is using a Diamond drink for me, and not sharing his package?
  13. She might have been making that for us. 😉
  14. Please keep us posted on the rest of your cruise. Can’t wait to see all those wonderful people again later this month.
  15. Yep, those Summit bartenders went to any lengths to make you happy.
  16. One of my few issues with the Equinox is the inconsistency of the wines served at the bars. Have to make the rounds if you’re looking for something in particular on the higher end of the Premium package.
  17. Decoy Cab. There was also a very good Merlot as well as a Zinfandel. I can’t remember the name of either right now, but they were both close to the $15 limit. As for white, Mer Soliel Chardonnay, but we noted some bottle variation.
  18. Thank you for the information. Was considering using some to upgrade the drink package. Also have a small amount available from our TA, sounds like they would be treated similarly, other than access to the credit card OBC in advance.
  19. Have a shiny new Celebrity credit card and have accumulated a little OBC. Trying to decide whether to use it or save it for later. Is it considered non-refundable or refundable? Is it available for use prior to sailing or only once onboard? Thank you.
  20. We get off the Summit the day before and I would love to do this. However, Halloween is a HUGE event on our street. Certainly DH would understand if we won a free cruise.
  21. Yes, it’s included in the premium beverage package, perhaps even the basic as it’s not that expensive.
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