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  1. We did this several years ago and we were shocked at the difference the glasses made. At that time they offered to ship the glasses to your home, for a fee. Was totally worth it for us. We we have had good luck getting Riedel in the MDR by simply asking.
  2. Although the wrong departure city still shows up, the drop down is gone. I was able to enter Austin as our departure city and complete my reservation this morning.
  3. 🤞I have air reservations under another segment of this trip and really don’t want those to get cancelled by the system.
  4. Sounds like the best thing to do for now is nothing. But, I don’t want to wait too long to get flights booked. Appreciate all the input.
  5. I just went into the Princess website to look at airfare for a trip we recently booked to Australia/New Zealand for next March/April. This trip consists of multiple cruises. For one of the cruises we are noted as being “Memphis” travelers and the only airports available to me are in Tennessee. On another cruise we are noted as being “Ft. Lauderdale” travelers and the only airports available to us are in Florida. We live in the Austin, TX area! I’ve checked and our address is correct in the Personal Information area. I’ve never seen this before, have always just entered the airport I want to in out of/into. Any ideas?
  6. Those cabins are the best. Unfortunately, the Royal and Regal are only two ships out of the fleet and too many places to go. Good luck.
  7. Yes, that’s correct, this was on Princess. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
  8. Interesting as others have posted they are no longer anywhere on the ship so no chance of getting one. We’ve actually talked about taking a cheap camping table and leaving it behind, bringing a balcony chair inside, etc. We’ll have to come up with something for a month.
  9. We cruise both Celebrity and Princess and are happy on either. Word of caution if you are planning to book Princess, they are taking the side chairs and coffee tables out of the standard balcony cabins. So, unless you book a mini-suite there is no additional seating in the cabin, other than the desk chair, no place to put your room service coffee, etc. We are sailing in a balcony cabin for a month next year on Princess and this is going to be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the price on the Australia leg of the trip has skyrocketed since we booked and moving up to a mini-suite is just not cost justified. All mainstream cruise lines seem to be cutting something.
  10. We just upgraded to Concierge for our August cruise and will have the drink package so not sure I even want this, but if it was in the cabin and chilled when we arrived it would probably be opened. Does orange juice make it tolerable?
  11. Just booked the 8/17 sailing on Friday, but didn’t read this thread until afterwards. Wish I’d been more proactive as I would have booked a Concierge cabin to get the compete refresh. Bummer!
  12. Again, thank you for your insight. I am aware of the MasterCard limits, but this is a quick trip with a very attractive price for the lodging, so the limit is not an issue. For about $37 I can get him a policy that provides a nice cushion of primary medical and good medical evac coverage. This is a good trip to get my feet wet. We have a 16 day Transatlantic late on the year and 30 days to Australia next year. In the past I’ve not usually purchased insurance until closer to final payment, feeling I didn’t have much on the line until then. Need to change my thought processes.
  13. Thank you for your comments. In my research I have found that my Chase Mastercard provides coverage for severe weather and I’ve talked with a benefits rep. In all, it sounds every bit as good as the hurricane coverage from a travel policy. Realize that still won’t cover us if we chicken out, but then if there is close weather our flights would most likely be cancelled which would trigger the Chase coverage. Now to get smart on the fact this would be our first trip out of the country since my husband went on Medicare.
  14. We are looking to book a trip to the BVI in August or September. Not a cruise, but there are so many knowledgeable people on this board. Obviously, we need trip insurance. Are we adequately covered if the policy has hurricane coverage, or do we need a cancel for any reason provision? We don’t usually book at this time of year. Last time we tried there was a named storm headed straight to Fort Lauderdale before we left. Princess gave us a full refund and we were able to use our airfare for another trip. Think we got lucky on that one. Appreciate any insight.
  15. Dang, you would think they could do a simple retrofit to add some doors and make it a much better experience. I guess if they continue to get bookings they won’t bother.
  16. Is Le Bistro still open to the atrium? Found the noise from the atrium activities really diminished what should have been a very nice dining experience.
  17. I never thought of the Norway like a box set on top a ship. But, maybe that’s we’re the got the exterior design for the Epic.
  18. Appreciate all the feedback. Think we’ll stick with the mini-suite. We booked on an MB guarantee as I liked the location of the MB and MA cabins. Guarantee was the only availability for those cabin classes. Got our assignment to an M3 shortly after booking even though we’re still 6 months out, but the location could be better. The tub/no tub situation doesn’t bother me. The tub in the Princess mini-suites has very high sides and we manage just fine.
  19. Has anyone been in both cabin types on the Epic and can enlighten me on the differences? We have been in a balcony previously and are currently booked in a mini-suite for a fall TA. The information on NCL.com gives a range of square footage for balcony cabins. On the low end, the difference seems significant, but on the high end, not so much. Trying to decide if the mini-suite is worth it. We are in a MA3 forward on Deck 13 if it makes any difference.
  20. Diver2014, some very cool items. We no longer have our cocktail glasses. That’s back when they made real Pina Coladas. .
  21. Had to go through my memorabilia box. This picture is from our second cruise on the Norway and this poster still hangs in our family room. I have welcome packets, boarding passes and a book on the history of the Norway. I don’t usually keep so much stuff from each cruise, but it was the first ship DH and I sailed together and she was just so special.
  22. We still have many. Unfortunately, they are under the stairs with all the other stuff we said we’d get to in retirement. That was 5 1/2 years ago. I was was also able to get NCL to give us credit for our cruises in the 80’s, about four years ago. I still have things like boarding passes in a box that is not under the stairs. They were really good about it. Last year Cunard gave me credit for a cruise I took in 1979.
  23. Maybe it changed later, but in the early 80’s we saw full production shows of My Fair Lady and I believe Fiddler on the Roof.
  24. Sailed on the Norway three times in our early cruising lives. Beautiful, classic ship. Agree the cabins were nothing fancy, but that was true for most ships back then. We were twice in the same inside with bunk beds, forward on the ship. On port days they would lower the vessels they used as tenders, what a horrible noise. Since we often were in the nightclub very late, it certainly woke us up. We were a lot younger back then and just laughed it off.
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