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  1. Received verification from the Executive Office this afternoon indicating that at the pier in St. Maarten they are looking for a PCR that was conducted on Wednesday. I asked if they would please update the website.
  2. Sorry for additional questions, how did you get the resort credit? Is that for any resort? We are staying at Holland House. I assume that was $210 per person?
  3. Would you please report back as to where, cost and how things went. We are also flying in on Thursday and if there’s a reasonable option to get tested in St. Maarten that might be the best way to meet Celebrity’s requirements. Thank you.
  4. I’ve written to their Executive office about it. So far nothing.
  5. I know you have been following this issue closely. Can you please tell me your source for the Celebrity requirement for a PCR no more than 72 hours prior to check in? That is not what the website says. Not trying to argue, just wondering how you are certain the website is wrong?
  6. I believe the “departure” reference is the requirement for St. Maarten that your test be taken no more than 72 hours before you depart for St. Maarten. Celebrity did initially have a requirement for a test no more than 72 hours before boarding, but that was recently dropped. Anyone feel free to let me know if I’ve misinterpreted this.
  7. Where did you see the Celebrity requirement was for 72 hours prior to departure (boarding)? Their website currently says 72 hours prior to arrival in St. Maarten.
  8. Trust me, I have every intention of doing everything I can to get this right. But, have there been any reports of anyone showing up at the pier in St. Maarten with the wrong test or a test outside the 72-hour timeframe and how they were handled? I’m guessing if accommodations were made Celebrity would not want that advertised.
  9. The problem is there are multiple kinds of COVID tests and the requirements for St. Maarten are not the same as for Celebrity. That is why we are anxious about getting it right.
  10. Hope that is still the case on the Summit in August. Used up a fair amount of OBC on the Equinox at the Sunset Bar on the Equinox in August 2019 enjoying VC.
  11. This is our first time booking Flights by Celebrity, somehow felt “safer” doing so for St. Maarten. Princess Air is so much better. Negotiated prices, but you remain in control of the booking. Not sure I’d do Celebrity air again.
  12. I do not have a definitive answer, just an observation. On our B2B cruises on the Summit in August there are many more cabins shown as unavailable than there should be based on the occupancy rates for these cruises. And the unavailable cabins are in blocks. Maybe just coincidence.
  13. I have been communicating with someone in the Executive Office about some other issues with our Summit bookings. Yesterday I sent an email addressing the lack of good communication on the testing. Hoping to get someone’s attention that can do something about it.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I do think the key for me is using smaller containers. I usually take more of each product than I need and it all adds up. My favorite foundation comes in a heavy bottle and the design of the bottle makes it almost impossible to transfer the product to another container. Guess I need to find a new favorite foundation.
  15. Ok, just checked the Celebrity site again. Celebrity no longer requiring a separate test but recommends an RT-PCR is done no more than 72 hours before arrival in St. Maarten. SXM requirement for a PCR is no more than 72 hours before departing to SXM. Why can’t these seem to get aligned? I was excited by the ID Now, but it does appear it won’t meet Celebrity’s requirements. And, since Celebrity is “arrival” that means delaying the test several hours increasing the stress of getting the test results back and the EHAS form back. Am I missing something?
  16. Fantastic information. Thank you.
  17. Yes, this time we are sailing from St. Maarten so not sure what I’ll be able to pick up there. Certainly won’t take sunscreen. My hair is colored and I find the shampoo and conditioner offered by the cruise lines are usually too harsh. But, I’m going to be a lot more conscientious of the quantity of some of the things I need.
  18. We’ll that just answered the question of whether or not I’ll cry when we board the Summit in August.
  19. Bob Voyage! Have a wonderful time!
  20. Good luck with your decision. Our last cruise was on the Epic November/December 2019. Fortunately, it was a fantastic itinerary. First time on a cruise I’ve been genuinely hungry. Some of our food at dinner was inedible and I’m not a big eater. Lots of service issues. There was a lot of grumbling as people were getting off.
  21. My husband would like your screen name. Should have been clearer on my “paperwork” comment. I was referring checking the COVID paperwork which is being done on this end.
  22. Has anyone already done JetBlue to SXM for the Millennium? We are scheduled in August for the Summit. Curious as to where they checked your paperwork, originating airport or FLL? Any layover issues (we have just over an hour)? Flights by Celebrity can’t book my seats and I can’t do it online. Wait time over 216 minutes this morning with JetBlue.
  23. No way. We’ve sailed on the Epic twice out of Barcelona, always two nights in Barcelona to get our feet back under us. BTW, never stepping foot on the Epic again.
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