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  1. Our experience on the Epic in November/December 2019 was horrible. Service, food, pretty much everything. Entertainment was the exception and fortunately the itinerary was wonderful. But it was enough to make NCL a big “no” in the future.
  2. Has anyone gotten a feel for the turnaround time for the approval of the form by St. Maarten. I’d much rather get the antigen test, but also want to ensure the approval comes back in time.
  3. Starting to regret that I cancelled the 8/15 Equinox. 😢
  4. So still requires the PCR no more than 72 hours before boarding. I was really hoping that would get dropped. A bit of a hassle for those of us planning to arrive in St. Maarten early.
  5. No, but as a parent you do and that’s worth a lot.
  6. Thanks to all who provided information. Looks like we sit back and see what happens later this week.
  7. We were there one week too early. 😢
  8. You’re fortunate you can test for free for travel purposes. I’m seeing about $130 in the Austin area.
  9. Ouch. Thank you for posting this. We currently have a two night stay planned, so it’s change arrival or test twice. We were also looking at booking a second cruise now that B2B is allowed. However, any of this involves an airfare change. And I remain convinced these requirements will change again before we sail in August.
  10. May I ask how you found the island? The last time we were there there was still so much hurricane damage. Then the economic impact of COVID. We will enjoy our time there no matter what, but curious.
  11. We were booked on the 8/15 Equinox and had hopes of doing that after we got off the Millennium 8/14. So, we only have airfare back as far as Miami right now. Didn’t make final payment on the Equinox as it wasn’t looking likely. So, we were either stupid to only book air to Miami, or we’ve opened up another world of possibilities. Guess we’ll find out.
  12. Yes, we could have paid the fee. Since the airfare does not appear as ticketed we were hoping to avoid the fee. Plus the return airfare a week later is more. These cruises aren’t exactly selling like hot cakes and we don’t sail until August, so maybe another opportunity will present itself.
  13. Celebrity is now allowing B2B on the Millennium sailings. Looked into adding a week earlier today. Unfortunately, we made final on the one we had booked a week ago. No leeway on the airfare change fee. For now we’ll stick with just one week. I firmly believe these testing requirements will change for the better. The CDC has issued a lot of changes in the past few days and I’m sure the cruise lines are trying to digest it all.
  14. Unfortunately they are not willing to negotiate. Bummer!
  15. Wanting to add another week to our August St. Maarten cruise but have made final payment including Celebrity Air. However, it appears our air has not been ticketed yet. Wonder how this will go?
  16. We were in Galveston earlier this week. One of the healthcare providers is very proactive in wanting to get crew vaccinated. Maybe a matter of supply.
  17. Couldn’t figure out how to delete the above post. Truly appreciate everyone sharing information as they get it. I was really wound up about this yesterday, but so far today we have learned that a neighbor had a miscarriage, a good friend from church lost his battle with cancer and a family member is having some complications following surgery. This cruise stuff doesn’t seem so important now.
  18. We don’t cruise until early August so have time to learn from the early sailings, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change again. We talked last night and are resolved to the fact we may end up canceling kind of last minute if things aren’t going well. Going to look into resorts in the Bahamas. They currently have discontinued all testing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals.
  19. Think that is the fear many of us have, that we think we’re good to go and something will change at the last minute and not be communicated. And, yes, I used the term “documents” in the broadest terms and probably old fashioned terms.
  20. Just looked at this closer. In smaller print it still says ships except tests up to 5 days prior to boarding. Will be tight to get the test results back in time to file the SXM paperwork and ensure acceptance and still meet that requirement, but doable.
  21. This is logical and easy to comply with. Let’s hope this gets published on the website.
  22. For what it’s worth I just called the Guest Relations Department as opposed to the Booking Department. I tried to very respectfully relate my frustration with the frequent changes in the Celebrity requirements and the lack of any communication to booked passengers. I was told that for each sailing the final requirements would appear on our documents when we complete the online check in. I expressed my concern that for some us flying in early that could be an issue. He indicated PCR tests were readily available in St. Maarten, of course at our own expense. I emphasized the need for open communication directly with booked passengers so we have time to study our options. He assured me my concerns would be forwarded, that there was no chance he would fail to escalate this.
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