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  1. Does Celebrity require passengers wear masks on upcoming sailings in Jan/Feb? We respect people with conditions that are at risk, but we will not sail with a rule that passengers must wear masks. We are interested to book new cruises and want to know what the current policy is for Celebrity and mask requirements. Thanks
  2. Be careful about a broad stroke to quickly dismiss all antibody tests. The leading manufacturers have had their tests reviewed by 3rd parties with over 99% accuracy. I have read several of the diagnostic reports and there are a number of small CO’s using tests that have reliability down to 85%. Some in government feel threatened by antibody testing as they don’t have an answer to increasing numbers of people who show evidence they already have had the virus. These antibody tests are being questioned over a lack of reliability and also the premise that we don’t know if a person can get the virus more than once. While it is possible people can get the virus more than once the more likely answer is that some people carry the virus for a long period of time with several spikes in symptoms. Regardless, very soon there will be hundreds of thousands of people who have had the virus and scientists and medical professionals will be able to definitively say if people have gotten the virus twice. For now my view is that past similar viruses were not caught twice, but there were people who carried the virus for several months. Some government leaders fear an inability to stop people from an active lifestyle and so their first defense is to brush off the antibody test results as inaccurate and/or saying there is no evidence you can get the virus a 2nd time. When this is cleared up (by monitoring people who have had the virus to see if any have gotten it a 2nd time) there likely will be large numbers of younger people purposely exposing themselves so they can put this issue behind them. That is something that really scares the government officials who are attempting to keep a lid on the virus by changing all society rules.
  3. Here are some facts from people who died on cruise ships this year. Diamond Princess 2666 passengers plus 1045 crew and 14 died Grand Princess 2422 passengers plus 1111 crew and 7 died Ruby Princess 2700 passengers plus 1100 crew and 21 died That is 11044 people and 42 dead. Most of the passengers were over 70. The cumulative death rate was 0.38% That is a very low death rate compared to the exaggérated death rate published in the media, but I would guess on these same ships in 2019 less than 3 to 5 people died on the same voyages. COVID is highly contageous at a much higher rate than the normal flu. How many of you are booking your next cruise on Carnival this Summer?🤥 More info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_on_cruise_ships
  4. My wife and I don't have any of the comorbidities and our lungs are in top shape. We will cruise when it is allowed AND the following: No restrictions at any of the ports of call No restrictions on the ships (we will NOT cruise if we must wear a mask all the time). We don't want to run scared the rest of our active lives. If we get COVID (if we have not already had it) the odds are greatly in our favor that even if we get a bad case our bodies will fight it off. The best example of COVID 19 is to study the 1968 Hong Kong flu which is almost identical in nature. Many people in the USA and the world died, but society and business did not shut down. Cruise ships are very dangerous for people with risk factors because viruses like this one spread very quickly. But even on the ships with thousands of passengers (including the navy ships) the number of people who died is a very small number. And for cruise ships the demographics during February and March were a substantial majority of people over 60.
  5. Seems very dangerous for older people i can see younger people maybe taking the chance, but anyone over 70 is at great risk the vaccine is at least a year off and then there is a period of time after that to wait and see if it truly works.
  6. Even if CDC releases cruise lines to start sailing, it doesn't seem likely people who are either older in age or people with pre-existing medical conditions that have been linked to COVID deaths will start sailing. Will you sail without a vaccine? If your answer is "YES" please tell us why you will take the COVID risk.
  7. If the CDC releases cruise lines to freely sail, will you sail BEFORE you have had a COVID vaccine? Will you wait to get the COVID vaccine before you will sail again?
  8. Carnival's lenders have stopped providing new loans. RCL has drawn down the balance of their available line of credit. These companies are burning cash at a rapid rate. Because most people won't cruise until after they get a vaccine it is unlikely the blood bath will end until mid-2021. What no one knows is under a chapter 11 will the cruise vouchers lose all value. Many cruisers I know have asked for cash refunds of money put down on future cruises as they don't think vouchers will survive a chapter 11. As far as shareholders go, the stock prices have held up because many investors are holding on hoping for a recovery. Here is a good read: https://www.investopedia.com/time-running-out-for-cruise-line-stocks-4801755
  9. My original post had no politics involved, but it has involved into conflict on this blog. My single point is that before there is a vaccine, anyone who is in the primary groups of people who are dying from COVID-19 should be very cautious before taking a cruise. As long as COVID-19 is circling around, cruise ships might be the worst place someone with risk factors should step foot on. Young people carry the virus and are spreading it like wildfire, but the people dying are coming from people with known health issues (diabetes, heart, lung desease, obesity and primarily with people over 70 and/or smokers. No one with these health concerns should take a cruise until after they have received a vaccine (and that won't be for another 8-12 months at the earliest). I'm sure most everyone on this blog loves cruising and wants to do more and more of it. But this is a rare situation that won't be resolved by November 2020.
  10. Phil, You are absolutely correct. The biggest spreaders of the virus are millennials and virtually no millennials die unless they are obese or have a severe pre-existing condition (ie diabetes). Children also carry the virus and rarely have symptoms. But if a person has any of the underlying conditions COVID-19 can be a killer. Hopefully within a month or so we will start having antibody testing. Then people who already have had the virus can be freed up to work.
  11. Almost 99% of people who have died from COVID-19 are over 70, have excessive weight, smoker, have diabetes, or have heart or lung disease. No one with any of these characteristics should cruise until they have received a vaccine for COVID-19 Cruise ships will have people with the virus with zero symptoms until everyone is required to have the vaccine to cruise. Younger people without any of the above medical issues can take the chance, because if they get it most likely they will be ok. Hope no one with the above medical issues takes the chance before they get a vaccine
  12. What is in the Executive Lounge that is interesting or fun?
  13. Who has access to the Executive Lounge (everyone or just some suite categories)?
  14. Thanks for the input. A couple of follow-up questions: 1) Without the drink package what does Oceania charge for non-alcoholic drinks? 2) can one person from a couple buy the drink package or do they require both people in a couple to buy it ($60 vs $120/day)? 3) what is in the Executive Lounge and who can access this Lounge? Thanks
  15. Does Oceania have a private club for suite clients like Michael's Club on Celebrity? Does Oceania provide free alcohol and drinks for suite clients or do you have to pay for every drink?
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