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  1. Dear Caughthefever, I have read this post on and off for the past several years. I need to loose 40lbs or more. If you need a buddy, I am willing to be that person. Maybe we can inspire and influence each other. I am thankful I came to this site at 2:59am because I couldn't sleep. Catch up with me, let's see what we can do to help each other!:)
  2. There is no way I will wear this dress without coverage, I'm 55 and past that. I just saw an add for the Ahh Bra, think I will try that over my bra, it should work perfectly. I've tried them before and took them back because of no support, which might make it work like a short, stretchy cami. thanks for the input ladies! :)
  3. I have a pretty dress, casual but can be dressed up. The front has a v neck all of the way down to almost the bottom of my bra, the back plunges past the hooks on my bra. I've been looking for something to wear under this dress that is not long, like a cami or tank. I have a camisole bra, which is perfect in the front but not the back. I have two of those stretchy tubes, but find them uncomfortable for an extended amount of time. I'd like, but can't find, a cami that goes down a little past my bra. I'd appreciate your help, thanks!
  4. I'm looking for a new tote. I recently heard about Baggallini, but they are so expensive. I like to buy everything on sale, but haven't found any to justify paying so much. Does anyone know of a similar brand, or a more affordable way to buy Bagg.. I've looked on Ebay, QVC and overstock, still wasn't impressed with the prices.
  5. Ever port I have been to, always have people standing with placards advertising tours/excursions. Just walk up to something that looks good to you and ask questions. This is their profession, they are proud of their businesses and want to please you. Good luck, hope you find something fun!
  6. Ackkk! After all of the research I have done, now I am wondering if I will get eye fatigue from the screen. I do not read in the sun due to eye/sun sensitivity. Now I'm not sure if I should get the regular Kindle or the KF. I've seen in the accessories section that you can purchase a clip on light, why would a person need something like that if it is backlit? Will I be able to read in bed at night without bothering my husband and still be able to see the screen easily? Can anyone help me weigh this out?
  7. I am purchasing a Kindle Fire and would like to take it on the Magic next week. This will be my first ereader, not sure how or if I will be able to use it on ship. Can anyone tell me if I will be able to use it, will it work without wifi connection, do I need wifi connection on the ship. Will someone please help me figure this out? Thanks in advance!!
  8. Cori, I have a different take on the spanx with the crotch slit. I have no problem using it and actually wouldn't wear anything that didn't have a crotch opening. They are made to naturally open wide when you sit down and spread your thighs...sorry to be graphic, but really, it works! I was also a sceptic, but took the chance. I wasn't sure how to make the thing open, so I just sat down on the toilet, the way your body sits on the lid, somehow just makes the thing work, I have never come out of the rest room with a wet spanx. Just try it, I think you will like it ;):) Oh, one more thing, when you sit down, you need to lean forward, just a little something I try, it helps!
  9. Ladies, thanks so much! Just what I was thinking, I won't take the velvet, but will save it for other winter functions. I'm not one to worry about velvet for holidays, if I go somewhere that I'm sure to be cold, it wont matter to me if it's December or January, if I need to be warm, I'll wear the velvet ;):). I guess I need to go shopping to find something pretty to wear for at least two nights. I plenty of clothes to outfit me for the other nights. Again, thanks for your time, I appreciate it so much!
  10. Free water is nice and sure saves money, but I get nausous just smelling that water. I've taken my own water on, some ships dont say anything, others are difficult about it. I decided that on my next cruise, I'm just going to buy the bottled water, I don't have a big bar bill, so it won't bother me too much to pay for the water. I've tried putting the bottled water in my carry on, but it makes it too heavy, the porters get ticked off and luggage gets mysteriously dented and abused. I'm in my 50's and not too excited about heavy luggage anymore.
  11. I've won several times, each time got the dreaded ship on a stick, which I left in the room! It was cute, and we were pleased, but I dont have a use for one of those things. It also helped us find our room! We'll be decorating again in November!
  12. I've been to Montego Bay twice, the second time, we lounged around the pool and never left the ship. I plan on doing the same thing when I cruise the magic in november. I wont get off in mexico either, I'm not happy with the way they treat Americans, none of my money will be spent there, period! I agreed to go on this cruise, because I live close to Galveston, and wasn't in the mood to fly during the holidays. Plus, I can make fun out of anything, I don't have to get off of the ship!
  13. The same thing happened to me at Galveston a year ago! My bag was about an inch over the regulated size. They took it from me and said it would be destroyed. YEAH RIGHT! Those people who work customs probably take those bags home with them! When I got off of the ship, I went straight to the people who took it from me, they smiled and said it was gone. A friend who went with me, had a small cooler, smaller than the regulation, they took it from her also, her dog had won it in a competition and had her name embroidered on it. She went down to customs and threw a screaming mimi fit, they gave it back to her. I dont know what she said, but her face was red when she came back to the room.
  14. Cruising out of Galveston, I've cruised in November before and it was HOT. What do you ladies think about sundresses, bermuda length shorts, crop pa nts? I'm not sure what to take for dress up night (sorry, it's late and I can't think of the word). Please give me some ideas as to what you would pack. We are having an early Thanksgiving the weekend before so I won't be packing anything until a few days before we leave. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much! One more thing, I have a black velvet skirt with a long sleeved off the shoulder with fake fur, stunning if I say so myself. Do you think that would be over the top, I know I am always cold in the dining room.
  15. I am 54, I can't wear wedge heels because of hip/back pain. I also feel like a hoochie in those higher heels :p! Thanks ladies, I bought some pretty flats the other day, and have some sandals with kitten heels, both will work nicely! I appreciate your replies, thanks!
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