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  1. Here's another we will consider http://bahamascruiseexcursions.com/NassauRiuResortPass.htm Have yet to read any reviews though, going to research more.
  2. Really enjoying your review, thanks for doing it! This is definitely on my bucket list.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed my last RCL cruise, can't wait to book another. I missed a few things, eggs benedict, free laundry (platinum perk), and the drink pushers, I had to get up from my lounge chair and go to the bar!:eek::eek: but the service in the dining room was by far the best, my sons soda glass was never empty and everything was very prompt. I enjoyed the different menu, the food for the most part was excellent (except the eggs benedict). The price keeps me with Carnival. The lack of basketball on the majority of their fantasy class led me to look elsewhere. I hope to enjoy another RCL cruise soon.
  4. Paradise was my least favorite, the rooms are old and the food wasn't as good IMO. Everything else is similar, I would pick for the ports, price and drive distance.
  5. Enjoyed yor review, I really liked the Jewel, was sorry to see her move from Tampa.
  6. We love ours, use them for coffee driving to work and by the pool, keeps ice water cold and drinks don't get watered down. And if they break, you get a free replacement.
  7. That's what I saw as well! Happened to me in Nassau on the way to our excursion, very similat photo.
  8. Beautiful photos, what camera do you use if you don't mind?
  9. I packed water, coke zero and some fruit punch in a small suitcase. I did not check it, I rolled it on board with me, we sailed out of Tampa, they didn't even check it. I read about the naughty room with liquids in checked luggage and didn't want to waste my time there, it wasn't long before the rooms were ready to drop it off. When we sail with Carnival I do the same, but I check it, it always shows up later then our other luggage with a note in it saying they inspected and found nothing wrong.
  10. Aww lovely wedding pix, congrats!! Love your reviews, thanks for posting!
  11. Carnival is wrong, please come back and let us know if you got anywhere with your claim! Good luck!
  12. I found the entertainment quite similar, missed not having a midnight deck party on RCL, they get a slight edge on service in the DR at dinner (breakfast was equal to Carnival) and the Windjammer. Loved the ship decor, but that doesn't make or break it for me, it was just a refreshing change and looking forward to experiencing Carnivals newer ships and the eggs bennedict, rcls was awful. As far as bizarre behavior, have seen some on a couple of my Carnival cruises and both of my RCL cruises. This past cruise I witnessed an uppity older couple yelling at their room steward in the hallway, I was disgusted, I prefer the occasional drunkenness I saw on the cruises, including RCL to SNOBS.
  13. I really enjoyed experiencing a new ship and a different menu. I thought the dining room food was very good for the most part, although selections less. Incredible service, the boys soda glasses were never empty and the attention to small details exceptional, really good desserts. The ship and the room was the nicest i have seen so far, superior to the Paradise, same port, in many ways, food, decor and service. I liked the layout of the windjammer, the waiters there offer to serve you the free drinks. Wasn't impressed with the food so Much, but never went hungry. Different from Carnival, missed them a little: eggs Benedict, royals were awful IMO, no entertainment from waitstaff in DR, and drink servers around the pool decks, practically non existent. My son mentioned missing the promenade, being able to walk down one hall and see all the different venues. Bars and such on this ship were scattered all around the ship, you really had to go looking for them. It was a great cruise, a nice change and would love to sail RCL again if I can find a great deal like the one I got on this cruise. I would love to sail the breeze as well, she looks like a beauty. But I am happy on any ship, I just love being on the ocean.
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