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  1. Wow, JB! Thanks for the interesting information. Our son has had a pretty strong Russian history fascination for several years now - he is only 11 1/2 but he reads constantly about the czars, the birth of communism etc. He loves it! So I will mention this to him. I agree with your take on Leningrad. When I visited - in 1989 - it was still very "soviet", so I am interested in seeing the changes. Even then though I thought Leningrad was way more colorful and vibrant than Moscow - that was a depressing city back then! I remember every thing in Moscow being gray then, the buildings, buses, people, food, cars.... Thanks for all your great insights :)
  2. Thanks for all the great info! The Russian Embassy did mention that a visa is not needed if you are with a government approved tour company. I was asking them about just walking off the ship and taxi-ing into town. So they were correct. Carnival was a little more misleading ;) We are right now thinking of doing a two day private tour with Alla. They seem like small tours which I like. I can't stand being in those giant excursion groups. Thanks again!
  3. Hello all - we are travelling in July on Carnival Legend with a two day stop in St Petersburg. Checking with the US Dept of State and following up with a call to the local Russian Embassy here, we will need Visas in order to get off the ship if we are not taking a cruise sponsored tour. I was last in Russia when St Petersburg was Leningrad and you HAD to have an Intourist guide with you at all times and whose favorite answer to any question was, "No. It is not possible"!!!! I am a little shocked that not much has seemed to change! Anyway, I started filling out the Visa application online and got stuck when it asks for "Visit Details", asking for Name of Host Travel Company, Reference Number and Confirmation number. It didn't accept me entering Carnival CL and then our booking number. The nice lady at the Russian Federation Embassy told me that the cruise line should know what to enter on the form. When I called Carnival they acted like I was speaking acient greek. So my question is - have any of you succeeded in getting a Russian Visa and then set off on your own in SPB? Did your cruise line provide the needed details for your visa application? The whole reason for this trip is so our son, a Russian culture fanatic, can see the city, and with two days there we'd love to be able to explore. Thanks for ANY bit of wisdom you can throw my way! :o
  4. Our kids have always loved the kids clubs. They are now 8 & 9 and have been cruising since ages 3 & 4. They are kept very busy with all kinds of activities - dance lessons, parties, movie nights, crafts. I have always thought that the counselors are very nice. The boys BEG us to go! :)
  5. Our son has slept on two times on the Dream and he said it was great...of course, he is only 9 years old, so might not be the best judge. It seemed find when I laid on it a few times. Its very firm. The linens are really nice and soft and the duvets are cozy. Plus two pillows. Seemed pretty comfy to me. :)
  6. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Barcelona has changed much in the last 23 years. I lived there as an exchange student in 1987 and of the group of ten or so girls, 7 were victims of pickpockets. Those guys were so smooth, usually they'd come up and flirtatiously ask for a cigarette - next thing you knew, your wallet/purse was long gone. It's a pity because Barcelona is such an incredible city :(
  7. What a horrible, tragic story. I hope that Carnival can help you out in some way. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to take a cruise and bring your Nana & your baby and remember all the wonderful things about your mom that made her special. Warm thoughts & peace to you on Mothers Day.
  8. Glad you had fun. We loved the Dream too. We also enjoyed the Country Inns and Suites - lots of very nice people working there!
  9. Thanks for the review - I also loved the little gems you'd see in different places around the ship. My 8 yo son noticed them everywhere. I also loved the granite on the lido deck tables - am installing it in my kitchen this month :) PS. The mini-golf has a desk on Lido deck and you just check out your putter and ball there. Then go up a deck to the course. It's fun. :)
  10. So you can put it on a lanyard and then pick your kids up at Camp Carnival. So I don't lose it every where I go :D
  11. Our boys (now 8 & 6.5) have loved Camp Carnival. The counselors are top notch and keep the kids so busy. The kids have their own Capers which is a great reference b/c there is so much going on. Have fun!
  12. You will love the Dream - the balcony cabins are very comfortable. I have to agree with others that the beds are fantastic and the linens are very, very nice. You will have a great time! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage :) Buzzsmom
  13. Oh, your post made my eyes tear up. What a wonderful trip this is going to be for your family. And its so touching to read about what Carnival did for you. I hope you and your children enjoy and savor every moment with Nanny. God bless her!
  14. We were on the 12/3 sailing and while our cabin wasn't in the Spa Cabin section, we were just down the hall in 11266 -the head of our bed faced towards the front of the ship. This is a GREAT location. Close to Lido to run down for snacks, quiet with no thru traffic, the hallway ends on one end at the stairway to the spa and at the other end to the seating area of Deck 11 above the Lido pool. I liked being able to go just down the hall and be up to the gym in no time. The hallway changes when you get to the spa cabins - it looks a little more upscale at that end. You will love it! Have fun :)
  15. We were on the 12/3 sailing and did briefly smell sewage once in our cabin which was on Deck 11, port side. No big deal, it went a away quickly (within a few minutes) and we just moved out to our balcony, which was our favorite spot anyway. :p Brief smell or not, we loved the Dream! Buzzsmom Crown Princess 2/07 Carnival Glory 8/07 Caribbean Princess 4/09 Carnival Dream 12/09 Carnival Dream 10/10
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