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  1. We just cruised on Sirena in OS 8064 which is under the Terrace Cafe. We did have some noise but mostly very early in the mornings for 10-15 minutes then it was quite again and that was most mornings. Only one other time was there noise in the middle of the afternoon from Terrace so there must have been an extra setup going on. Otherwise, we very much enjoyed our suite and the large deck and of course the butler, Antony, who has now left Sirena for a break at his home in India. Given a choice, we would choose deck 6 or 7 for an OS but we got lucky and booked the last available OS on Deck 8
  2. Anyone know what choices are available for the Suite bar menu choices?
  3. We are thinking of booking an owners suite on Sirena and want to know how bothersome is the engine noise and the vibration on the back end of the ship. Also, is the Terrace cafe about the suite a noise problem. Thanks for your comments.
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