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  1. If your booked Business Class I wouldn’t worry too much about what seats you get. You will have great seats anyway.
  2. Air Canada will not allow you to choose your seats until you pay the premium in full. i just booked our European flights in/out of Rome for our Sept. cruise & I have to tell you that Celebrity Air was way cheaper than the same flights on Air Canada. I will pay in full when the Premium seats start to disappear.
  3. If only


    Our E-docs did not come out until 30 days before our cruise in middle of Nov.
  4. It’s clearly right on their web page. I am also going to buy their insurance plus it’s also in their wordings which you can also get online.
  5. It says on Blue Cross website that they will cover Covid 19 coverage for Medical , they will not cover Trip Interruption or Cancellation until the CDN Govt. changes cruising from Level 4.
  6. Well here’s hoping it keeps the information until Nov 25.
  7. Many thanks to Fouremco & Alberta Cruisers for your help. I sure would not be wanting to fill all that information in using the wifi on a ship.
  8. Thanks found it, we never put in Test as we haven’t done it yet, but did find it.
  9. I just downloaded the app today. Only asks for "Last country you stayed in or visited prior to you flight to Canada" that's it.
  10. Arrive Can only asks for the last foreign country you visited or stayed in, so am I missing something about adding every country visited?
  11. Sorry you are going through this, last time we cruised 2019 we booked another cruise. I know we never liked the wording of a “Future Cruise Certificate”, so we just selected a Cruise that we thought we might go on & if not we changed it & the deposit & onboard credit went with it. Since we have not cruised since then & we had too many on hold we have cancelled a couple & our deposit went back to the credit card it was taken from. Good luck!
  12. Oh I hear you it’s always unpredictable living in Ontario, we also booked air through Celebrity for Nov & it was way cheaper than Air Canada but same flights. Feb we are supposed to be going in 2 days earlier but not sure now, will have to see how it all plays out.
  13. That is also my biggest concern is leaving from Fort Lauderdale. Plus it’s also my reason for cruising in Nov as we can fly in same day as cruise & leave same day as disembarkation. Not so easy to fly in on the same day in Feb as who knows what the weather will be like. If the same protocols are not in place for Feb that could make us change our minds as well.
  14. Celebrity changed their full payments to 60 days. Which is probably the only reason we are going in Nov as they will also allow us to cancel up to 48hrs before cruise & they will give you an FCC.
  15. That’s why we are travelling in Nov & our Feb cruise doesn’t have to be paid in full until Dec now so we have lots more time to decide about it.
  16. Celebrity clearly states it on their website that they will fly you home by private jet if you test positive on their ship.
  17. Well we decided to book a cruise on the Millennium in Nov,. We think it’s probably safer than trying to go to the Eaton Centre or Yorkdale shopping. Plus right now we can cancel up to 48 hrs if things get worse & take an FCC. We are both vaccinated & will certainly take all precautions. We haven’t done anything in 18 months so it’s Time to get back to living. Also right now till the end of the year Celebrity’s website states that if we do come down with Covid they will fly us home on private jet but only until Dec 31. We also have a cruise booked for Feb on the Millennium & we now have up to 60 days to pay final pay. Also Blue Cross will cover Covid if vaccinated. Wish us luck!
  18. Yes, we used it until we realized how close it is to go by cab, Uber or Lyft. Would never use Celebrity transfer again. To easy the other way in Fort Lauderdale & cheaper.
  19. You were extremely lucky then. We gave up after half an hour & this was just to ask a Captains club question.
  20. That sounds like a great idea now if we could only convince a cruise line to do it!
  21. We are booked on Celebrity Millennium in Feb 2022 & it was a great price way back when but right now in Ontario I’m not sure it’s a go but we have until Nov to get things better. Sure looking forward to cruising.
  22. Not aware of it & we have referred lots of people. They are all Elite now or Elite Plus.
  23. You are so right. The stories I could tell you about their computer errors!
  24. Totally agree, I get many emails that I don’t want & the one’s that are important I may or may not get. It’s just not consistent one way or the other. The PUP are hit & miss but we are close to the next level so they are important, as not sure when we will actually cruise again,
  25. We phoned Captains Club & we did finally get the link for the webinar. It’s very hit or miss whether or not we receive any Captains Club Newsletters. We’ve signed up many times but thank you for letting us know you received it.
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