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  1. Great pictures. Looks like the little sailboats are "socially distancing" themselves. So happy this cruise is working out for you! Tschuss
  2. SS Monterey 1971, shortly after being sold by Matson Lines to Far East Pacific Lines. Moving from Hawaii (we were there pre-statehood) back to the US "Mainland". Cruise was from Honolulu to Los Angeles (which was smog city at the time). After the cruise, hit a small town called Las Vegas and saw Elvis Presley at Caesar's Palace. Now that was entertainment! That was the summer before my senior year in high school. Moved to Fairfax, Virginia for Dad's assignment at the Pentagon.
  3. Totally agree, they are very disciplined. That's why the autobahn works so well. Change lanes, pass car, get back in right lane. We loved living in Germany in the early 90's (Kalkar)!
  4. We have a 13 night trip planned on the Star Flyer, Malta to Athens, booked for April 2021. Our tenth or eleventh on Star Clippers, I believe. Yep, we are worried about it, even though final payment is not until 25 January, 2021. One of our major concerns is having to fly 3 hops from west Florida to Malta, taking ~ 20 hours or so. Cannot even book that now because of flight restrictions, but truthfully, might cancel because of the airline travel issues, especially the long flight across the pond. Also, not sure the port calls will remain the same. 🤔😷😪
  5. Fly a 3 hopper from Florida (VPS), thru Atlanta, to somewhere in Europe, then on to Malta to catch a cruise next April? Can't even book the flights now because of restrictions. BUT as of now, no, we don't want to fly and will probably have to cancel this trip by mid-January (before final). DH, a pilot.
  6. Not on a high horse, just an educated person presenting some facts. I wish more people were like markeb.
  7. Wow, I don't have high hopes about that one either. Sorry...🤔
  8. Many ports/countries have HUGE late departure fees. Thousands of dollars per the minute. I imagine the port authority has the hammer, not the Captain. Once in a Lahaina, Maui (which is tendered), two teenage girls never showed up back on the ship. The whole family had to pack up and get left behind (by tender). Those girls learned a lesson the hard way. Later heard the family flew to Oahu, and then home. $$$ 😳
  9. Guess you have never been in the US Armed Forces. What a broad statement, so many issues today, everywhere. Hmm...
  10. "The CCL has publicly predicted..."--that is a fact. They did it. Publicly. 🤔
  11. Countries set there own rules and enforcement policies on "recommended" and "required" vaccines. Some countries in South America and Africa do "require" a yellow fever vaccine for anyone entering the country, by whatever means. Usually the International Yellow card needs to be shown, along with your passport. Your Contract of Carriage for a ship has a blanket statement that it is up to the individual traveler to make sure the correct health documents are in hand. If a vaccine is "required" and people don't want to get one, then they don't travel where there is a "requirement". Simple
  12. It will be interesting to see what guidelines some countries might come up with reference to travelers entering their country. Remember the good old days when some required you to present your vaccination/shot records...😷 I still have my little yellow booklet.
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