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  1. Did they use shuttle vans? Something that would accommodate 6 of us with all of our luggage? Thanks
  2. We will rent a car pre and post cruise from Tampa area. I'm trying to decide which rental locations to use though. I'd love to hear if you have personal experience, good or bad. Pre cruise, we can return the car to the rental agency on Kennedy Blvd, only a couple miles from port and it looks like they have a cruise port shuttle. Or I can return it to the Embassy suites just a mile from cruise port. So... I could drop the family off at the cruise port, then go return the car to the Embassy suites and either walk to the port or catch a lyft/uber. Only bad thing is that the few online reviews of this rental agency are TERRIBLE! They say it's very SLOW and disorganized. Or, we could all drop car off at Kennedy Blvd and take their shuttle to the port (I assume they can accommodate 6 people and all of our luggage) Not many reviews, but all look OK. Post cruise: We can pick up a car at Embassy Suites (again.. just a little worried about the negative reviews) that is only 1 mile from the port. Or, I go get a car at Gandy Blvd (again, very bad reviews on google about not having the car they booked, etc) or all the way to the airport. Sounds like airport rental agencies are much more efficient, but we'd all have to pay to get over to the airport, which we're willing to do if it's going to help us avoid waiting to get a car for hours. Would love to use the Kennedy blvd agency, but their rates are crazy high for picking up there. Would love to hear about your experience or thoughts! Nicole
  3. Thanks for the review! We sail in February on the Legend and can't wait! Snorkeling with the nurse sharks looks awesome, but I'm not sure I have the patience for a 45 minute boat ride... but you make it look SOOO worth it!
  4. Can anyone tell me how far you go out in the boat? My SIL get seasick sometimes and I was wondering if she'd be able to tolerate this boat ride? Thanks
  5. Where is the best car rental for drop off and pick up of a car pre and post cruise? Pros and cons to airport locations, locations in the hotels less than a mile from the cruise port or the locations located on Gandy Blvd? We will be flying into Punta Gorda, FL and driving up to Tampa. I was going to drop it off at the airport and then uber to the cruise port, but then noticed there are a few rental agencies less than a mile from the cruise port. Then I read the reviews and they weren't good, mostly complaining that drop off/pick up was miserable. I imagine they get swamped prior to and immediately after a cruise and the wait time gets long. Am I better to pick up/return a car from locations located on Gandy or Kennedy or at the airport instead? I'm looking for the best in terms of ease of dropping off/picking up. If they have a shuttle to the port, that's a bonus, but I'm also fine with getting an uber or taxi. Thanks in advance!
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