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  1. Here is the deal....you have to trust the american people are going to do what is right on the precautionary measures for covid...there is the MAIN problem! you trust the people in this country forget about it!
  2. Eventually after many months of pushing cruises back when do you say until we try it how will we know what is going to happen?? no one knows at this point so go ahead and try for the sake of cruising. because how long can they cancel cruises and keep there business afloat?
  3. Anyone had trouble with it? it will not let you put in ship name. so you cannot process request. any info appreciated!
  4. You folks that think there will be no cruises till next year are being foolish.....if there are no cruises till then....there will not EVER be anymore cruises. you have to have financial ability to run a cruise company. by then there will be none left!
  5. Had a long wait for FCC but everything went well. I believe this will be the last cancellation.
  6. Have sailed both....freedom is great....but nothing compares to oasis class! simply the most magnificent ships at sea!
  7. While staying at hilton...did anyone do the water taxi? any info appreciated!
  8. You will love oasis class.....absolutley the most amazing ships ever built!
  9. Thanks..I was just wondering about shuttles,hotel location,etc. not so much worried about cost.
  10. All these folks that keep saying this will happen and that will happen and no cruises this year and all that go buy me a lottery ticket or give me your crystal ball!
  11. What makes everyone so sure it is not going to be better in almost 3 months?
  12. I disagree....I think there will be cruises this year!
  13. With it just being March....to say cancel for the rest of the year is is stupid...NOBODY knows how the future of anything is going to go!
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