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  1. We had the same experience on the Sky last week.
  2. In the MRD everyone was dressed well. There was a mix of tuxes and suits for the men and cocktail dresses/formal pants/etc for the women. I thought everyone looked very.
  3. Honestly, my past 2 cruises (1 a couple years ago, and again just last week) I ended up wearing black/silver flip flops on formal nights. I didn't set out to on either one, but the first one I had had ankle surgery a few months earlier and I just couldn't wear my dress shoes. This past one, knee issues, and I only managed to comfortably wear dress shoes the first formal night. Wear what is comfortable on your feet.
  4. We just got off the Sky and at a nearby table one of the people seated there wore shorts, t-shirt and backwards baseball cap every casual night.
  5. That's what the captain said during one of his updates. I guess they were limiting the amount of ships in Port. I also know that the ferries to Playa del Carmen were Rocky. So much so that on our way back they came around and passed out sea sickness bags before we set sail.
  6. I agree. I spent a lot of time there myself.
  7. Honestly, I think there were issues all over the Caribbean. We got off the Sky on Saturday and I honestly don't remember having such tumultuous seas, including wind, as we did. In fact, our captain told us that we were lucky to dock in Cozumel as 3 ships were turned away that day.
  8. Andrew and Brad, I have read a few reviews of your over the years, and one thing I always think...you are such a handsome couple, especially in the picture where you are in your tuxes...just beautiful!
  9. When we were there a few years ago, we took a ship sponsored excursions (one of the few we have ever done) that was a bicycle tour of the island (the island is flat, so it was an easy ride, and only about 8 miles) that stopped at Hell, the turtle Farm and the Rum Factory. After returning our bikes, the shuttle took us to a beach where they gave us snorkeling equipment and a coupon for a free drink and we were able to get a shuttle back to the boat at our leisure.
  10. And take your passport to get stamped there, this way you can prove that you have been to Hell and back, and they do indeed, stamp passports.
  11. They way we always worked it was that we ate dinner together and go into ports together. When my kids were younger we would also insist on other meals together, but that changed as they got older. For excursions, I always try to find at least 1 that they will enjoy (don't ask me about my zipline experience a few years back). That is not to say that we never get together on the ship other than dinner, but it is on something that we both agree on, or, often, by chance as we see each other on the ship. I am not sure that forcing them to have game time will have the outcome that you intend. Sorry.
  12. We have almost always cruised Princess and my kids were never really bored. When they were younger they really enjoyed the kids camp. As teens, my older one would go to it to find friends and then branch out while my younger one would close the teen center down.
  13. I have found that it depends on the itinerary. For the ports/countries where they are stricter and/or stamp passports they will collect them to expedite clearance.
  14. I was hoping that since they no longer allow you to use unused "punches" on subsequent cruises, that they would have brought that back.
  15. Quick question about Gelato and coffee card. I think I remember at one point you could use 1 punch for gelato. Is that still the case?
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