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  1. We are using A Plus Adventures Belize when we are there in January. It will be a private tour. The only thing is that you do carry your tube, but they will carry them with you for a small fee. Also, if time allows, they will throw a free Belize city tour in for us before returning us to port.
  2. I totally agree. We did one Carnival when my sons were 17 and 16. The teen center was open 24 ours a day with a crew member in there about 4 hours a day and the times were posted. I shudder to think about what can go on in there when no one is there. I realize that things happen on land as well, but, maybe I am just used to the way Princess deals with their teen center.
  3. Same here! I am anxiously awaiting for the Android app.
  4. Just checked mine. It dropped, but not enough to do the refare because I would lose the OBC, which is more than the price drop.
  5. On one hand, I agree that the parents need to tell their kids. That being said, I am all for kids having fun, after all, it is their vacation as well. However, I have seen many parents who, as soon as they step on the ship they take a vacation from parenting. The kids still need to have boundaries and the parents still need to make sure that their kids are at least somewhat behaving.
  6. This eases my mind as we have booked with him.
  7. Actually, not all lines require that. On Princess, they both do not need it.
  8. What kind of cabins are you looking at? Balcony? Inside? What we do, and have since the kids were 8 and 9, is we got a balcony and an inside (our first cruise we did a minisuite for the 4 of us, and we found that the balcony/inside was a little cheaper, and gave us an additional bathroom). Before my oldest turned 16 we would have me in the balcony with 1 kid and my husband in the inside with the other. Once on board we would get additional key cards and both kids would sleep in inside while we slept in the balcony. If you feel comfortable with this (I don't know the ages of your kids) you may find that the price is cheaper than 2 balconies, especially if one is charging the single supplement.
  9. We have only done 2 Caribbean and have one more scheduled. Our first was out of NY and did not include PC. Our second was out of FLL (western) and did. Our one scheduled for January, also western, does not stop at PC. Honestly, we are ok with that. I am the biggest beach person in the family and we live just outside of Charleston, so we are literally 8 miles from the beach.
  10. I would do a balcony with an inside across the hall. Put you and the little one and one other kid in the balcony and your husband and another kid in the inside. When you get on board, IF you feel comfortable, put the 8 and 10 year olds in the inside and you, your hubby and the baby in the inside. You can get extra keys to open both doors and what we did when the kids were your kids ages (9 and 10) is we bough walkie-talkies with a monitor function so that we could set it up in the kids cabin and hear if anything happened. We also set rules for them, which they were good at following. It gave us 2 bathrooms, which was huge!
  11. Our first cruise was an Alaskan Cruise on the Coral Princess when my kids were 8 and 9. They really enjoyed the kids club. My older son didn't want to go initially, but we told him to go the first morning as I figured that would be when they were doing ice breakers and meeting people. Also told him he didn't have to go back if he didn't want to. We couldn't get him out of it! In Alaska, Princess also has a junior ranger program in the kids club and such, so they got to learn a bit about Alaska while they were there.
  12. My kids (now 21 and 20, but cruising since they were 8 and 9) have been on 2 lines...Princess and Carnival and have always preferred Princess.
  13. Honestly, I LOVE surprises. However, the surprise for me would be my hubby telling me that he booked the cruise, before we left for vacation. I am the planner, I research the heck out of ports have everything planned/scheduled/paid for etc, including parking at the pier. Case in point, we are cruising this January and I have already pre-booked all of our excursions as well as booked pre/post hotels, parking and started my "cruise box" (things that we won't necessarily be needing until the cruise, i.e passports, new water shoes, etc. If ,my husband sprang a cruise on me while we are going to the port, NOTHING would be done.
  14. We have always had passports for our kids, it is just peace of mind, in my opinion. I realize the chances are low, but, if something happens, you miss the ship in port, or there is a medical issue, etc, you will not be able to fly back to the US without a passport.
  15. Actually, I was looking at booking with .bz because of some of the reviews here, and on trip advisor. However, the negative ones were a bit worrisome, so we decided to go with another company, which, is a couple of dollars a person more, but will be a private tour and, if time allows, will also add a city tour before returning us to the port. I will post about it after we return in January
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