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  1. mjmalino

    NCL Newbie questions

    Hello all, We have cruised a few times, but are looking at the Norwegian Breakaway. This will be our first cruise on Norwegian and we have a few questions. 1) Dining. I know there are numerous dining options, and I realize that food is very subjective, but what do you consider the best dining on the ship (whether free or fee based) 2) kids/teen center. How do they work? I am most interested in the teen center. We have been on both Princess and Carnival. On Princess the teen center was open until 1 am every night and there was a staff member in the teen center whenever the teen center was open. By contrast, on Carnival, the teen center was open 24 hours a day and it was only staffed a few hours. Thank you for your help with this!
  2. mjmalino

    Age groups in Princess kids clubs

    The 8-12 (Shockwaves) allows kids to check themselves in and/or out with written parental consent (forms are available in the kids camp). The teen center does not require consent.
  3. mjmalino

    Do NOT purchase Princess Transfers

    Hmmm. A thread that was started in 2012...
  4. mjmalino

    Does anybody else suffer from COD

    I have it as well. My hubby keeps me in check, though, reminding me that our oldest starts college in August (out of state tuition) and the other one will start college next August. Alas, this may be our last for a few years. :(
  5. If you think about, please also post what the weather is like in the ports. Thank you!
  6. Looking forward to your posts as I will be on the 9 July Baltic Heritage cruising.
  7. mjmalino

    themed nights in Baltic

    Caber, are you on the July 9 sailing? If so, you may want to join our roll call (I don't think I saw you on the list).
  8. mjmalino

    Hello Emerald Princess

    Good to know about the pen knife. I tend to travel not only with knitting and crochet needles, but with tiny folding craft scissors. I guess I better put them in my carry on when we board in Southampton in July.
  9. mjmalino

    Loyal Princess Cruiser Tries Out Carnival

    I liked your review. We have also done 1 Carnival cruise, which was just last year. I am not sure I would do another one. I totally Agree on the muster drill, it was odd, to say the least. Two of my biggest complaints (other than the ship layout, on which I was very forgiving since it was an older ship) were what I considered the over the top pushing of alcohol and the teen center. I felt that with over a third of the pax being under 18, too many things, including pool games revolved around alcohol. As for the teen center, unlike Princess, on our Carnival cruise the teen center was open 24 hours a day, but was only staffed about 4-6 hours a day. I just think that can lead to potential issues.
  10. mjmalino

    EZair airport choice question..

    I also live in Charleston. For the first time, we booked through ezair for our Baltic cruise this July (we usually book independent). Honestly, it didn't even occur to me to check into flying out of CLT or ATL. I just assumed that flying from CHS was the most cost/time effective way, given drive time and parking fees. Maybe I was wrong, especially given that there are 4 of us. That being said, next time I will look into it.
  11. mjmalino

    Balcony or mini-suite for family of 4?

    My recommendation 2 cabin. Balcony and inside directly across the hall. Give the kids ages you will be assigned on cabin with one child, your husband in the other with your other child. We have done this on multiple cruises. Upon booking, if you choose, put both kids in inside cabin and you and your husband in the balcony. You can also get extra keys for both cabins. On our first cruise we did the mini suite. The beginning the following year we did the 2 cabins and it was about the same price as the mini with 4 people, and we had a second bathroom! My oldest was also younger than your oldest the first time we did this. We also bought a set of walkie talkies that had a monitor functions so that we could set it up in their cabin, especially at night. We also had very specific rules for the kids, which they abided by, which is also why we kept the practice.
  12. mjmalino

    Emerald lost power

    Uh oh. We will also be on her in July, so I am watching how she is doing.
  13. mjmalino

    Trying to find the right cruise line

    We are looking at our 5th Princess cruise this summer, all with our kids (who are now turning 18 and 17). The first 4 have all ranged from 7-12 days and in various regions. My hubby and I are also in our mid 40s and we have always found a good mix of age groups on our cruises. We are hoping our 14 day Baltic this summer will be the same.
  14. mjmalino

    Any Tips or Tricks for the Cruise Card?

    Myself and my kids wear lanyards most of the time while onboard, but my husband usually throws his card with lanyard in his pocket. That being said, as soon as we leave the ship in port I collect them and tuck them safely into my purse.
  15. When we were on our Alaskan cruise back in 2007 (just in case things have changed) while in the inside passage we were able to receive reception from ATT, even when the ship was at sea, a lot of time as we were close enough to shore. However, that also depended on how close the nearest town was to our location.