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  1. Hi, I just happened to call my PVP at the right time, I guess. I did a mock booking the other day, saw a cheaper ( Inside) cabin and emailed him to see if we could switch to that cabin and get the difference ($90) added to our already $500 OBC (Casino Rate). He called me back and said he had an even better deal.... a Balcony, and the total was going to be a whopping $860-ish cheaper than our original inside cabin! Huh? That didn't make sense to me, but ok, we'll take it! He said we'll lose our original $500 OBC and have it replaced with just $100 OBC. Ok, still fine with us. So, my questi
  2. We're leaving on March 16 and scheduled to go to Ocho Rios & Grand Cayman. From the news today, it's not looking good. We're pretty flexible and usually ok with any changes, but we purposely chose GC so we could visit my partner's daughter, who lives on the island. Oh well, it is what it is...... Hopefully this all dies down sooner than later.
  3. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20200303/chinese-businessman-guard-slain-brazen-mobay-robbery Quote from article ~ "While most serious and violent crimes are on the decline, murders climbed by 11.5 per cent up to the end of February. Two hundred and thirty-three people were slain up to last Saturday." ........ 🙄 And they're worried about the Coronavirus?? 😮
  4. .... and I'm wondering what type of travel insurance you would suggest for my partner & I. With this Coronavirus coming on strong, I'm worried about our March Break cruise being cancelled, due to something out of the ordinary like not being allowed over the Border. So, I'm thinking maybe we should get some sort of Trip Cancellation. Any suggestions?
  5. It's booked! We're looking forward to it! Thanks for everyone's responses :)
  6. Love the video Hoops_Baller, Thanks!! Thank you for the other responses. I know it will be a great ship!
  7. Thank you, and I totally agree! I am a positive person, who always has a good time. I've always enjoyed every ship I've been on. I'm just interested in learning more about this ship, since I'm pretty sure it's the one we're going to book. Just waiting for my PVP to get back to me 🙂 So exciting! Have a great Cruise next Monday!
  8. I'm thinking of booking the Sunrise for this March. How do you feel about this particular ship? tia
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