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  1. Thanks Bob for the review of Caribbean Princess. I sail on Oct 12 NYC-Quebec. Recent comments about the shape she is in, worries me. Especially comments on bedding!! If I can sleep, I am a happy camper. Any thoughts on mattresses? I was scheduled to go on your 2015 Norway cruise. We had to cancel for health reasons. I am happy DH up to short cruises this side of the pond. Congrats on making Elite. Nice isn't it? Kathleen
  2. I disembarked on the 21st after spending a heavenly 20 days on the Royal. I "third" the observation about the crew. The best I have had. I cried leaving Genesis, my cabin steward. Simply one of the most pleasant young men I have ever met!!
  3. I thought I was being " smart" to arrive early. Got there at 10:45. The doors were not open yet since the ship had not been cleared of the b2b pax. The sit in the sun ( hot and humid too) was a good 45 mins. The Princess ground crew kept coming by asking if we had numbers. They started with verbal numbering. When we finally got inside a room they started taking us to a handicap checkin. Most lines had less than 3 people in them. We were stacked up for one line on the end with an elderly lady (no offense here, I am one too) taking such a long time. Finally we were taken to a boarding lounge. We waited there over 30 mins. Finally got our number. Then a manager came and asked everyone to sit in a regular seat - they needed the wheel chairs!!! Eventually I commandeered one and asked them to board my DH. We got to our cabin around 1:00 and went immediately to the dining room for lunch. I really wanted to head to a bar!!!
  4. I was just on Royal. I cannot remember the island, but there was a sailboat ride with a weight restriction. I can understand that given the small size of the boat and number of pax they were advertising (12). But just an excursion to the beach - must be a typo as others have said.
  5. Just saw the Royal bridge cam. Yep, beautiful day at Princess Cay!!!
  6. Thanks, Gail. Sorry to hear about last min cancellation due to illness. Hope this one is better. We almost canceled the night before!! But Carlos was a trooper. He had a few days resting. No better way than watching a beautiful blue ocean roll by. Hoping our paths cross again. Kathleen
  7. We were scheduled for early departure. (Flight at 10:30). We left the ship at 7:15 to find our luggage. Very easy. Then on to customs. One other couple in line in front of us. Very easy also. We found a cab and were through TSA and gate checked by 8 a.m!!! All very smooth. I think we were lucky because we disembarked before the bulk of the passengers. I understand we sailed full, 3640, and only 200 stayed onboard for the b2b.
  8. I just got off the Royal. As mentioned, the sept 30 port call at Princess Cay was due to hurricane Joaquin. Ditto Oct 2. The ship, under Capt. Oliver, had to bypass due to high winds and seas. Then on Oct 20 we skipped it again!! More high winds and 13 ft swells. Capt Sagani pulled as close to the anchorage as possible to see if the island would provide enough calm seas to tender. It was very rough. I cannot imagine loading tenders under those conditions. Just way to dangerous for pax and crew. So we had another sea day, cruising very slowly back to Ft Lauderdale.
  9. I just got off the Royal. Princess Cay was skipped 3 times - Sept 30, Oct 2 and most recently, Oct 20. When I had the opportunity to ask Capt. Sagani the state of the island, he said it was fine. The reason it was skipped on Oct 20 was the high seas and 40 knot winds!! If weather improved, I am sure the current sailing will have a pleasant visit. CruzPrincess, thanks for doing a "live from". I was going to try, but just too much pressure to type fast!!! I appreciate you using your internet mins doing this. If you see "PhyllJim" please tell them "thank you and sorry we didn't see them before disembarking". Phyllis will understand. Kathleen
  10. After 2 years plus of reading the pros and cons of this "new" ship, i thought I would start another thread with my thoughts on the 20 days I spent there. I was on a b2b starting Oct 1 and ending yesterday. Embarkation in FLL was horrible. My DH was in a wheelchair and the handicap clients were corralled outside in the hot sun for over an hour, without water, before being put in an A. C.'d room where we were given a number. Walk on pax were getting on the ship long before we were given our cruise cards!! Shameful. The ship: simply put, beautiful. I heard a lot of complaints about confusing and having to go up to go down. I did not find that an issue since we have cruised before and know the central elevators can't get you to a walkway to aft dining room on deck 6. The central staircase is an issue, causing long waits for those 6 elevators. The staff: well trained and friendly, beyond compare!! I have over 20 cruises on various lines and can say I met some of the best on this cruise that really made the cruise for me. I like the ship, I like the ports, I like most fellow pax, but I love meeting and talking to the crew. We tried most dining venues from the Horizon court down to International cafe. All were well staffed. There was only 1 not so happy camper in Concerto. Maybe his feet hurt. The food: some new interesting items, particularly in the dessert category. Only 1 night did I not find something that sounded worth trying that I went to the left side of the menu. If I didn't finish, our waiter was always there offering to get something else. Safety: I am convinced this is one of the safest ships plying the oceans of the world and for this reason I would sail her again in a heartbeat. At 2 a.m. On Oct 12, Capt Sagani came on the cabin speaker announcing a problem and all watertight doors were closing. (I jumped out of bed to see if we were dead in the water!!! We weren't, so I figured the situation was probably contained. ). The capt came back about 30 mins later to order a stand down and said all was well. The next day he came to our CC meeting and explained the nature of the problem was a generator that overheated. He explained the same thing to all pax at his noon briefing. Entertainment: a lot of good shows. Oct 11 was the first cruise for Perry Grant. I caught one of his shows. He is good and entertaining. He had a huge Celebrity following on board to cheer him on. It will be interesting to see if he has longevity with Princess as he did with X. Balconies small: check; no central staircases: check; no promenade: check, etc, etc. But for me, the pros of the Royal far outweigh the cons. If the right itinerary presented itself, I will sail her again. Kathleen
  11. Someone on these boards once told me to through out the worst and best reviews - then take the middle ones to get a true picture of the situation. I have found that is good advise. As to the CB - she is one of my favorite ships. I too have heard she is a "little down in the tooth". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find: I am on a ship on the ocean, I don't make my bed, I don't cook, I don't wash dishes. Not a bad life. I do tend to stay away from buffets - for many reasons, mostly personal taste. So I cannot comment on them. As to the restaurant, if I don't like what they are offering, there is always something else they will bring. Frankly, I have never heard of anyone dying of starvation on a cruise ship!! Finally staff: I rarely come across someone that I can't talk to. Just ask them about their country!! You might have a friend for the entire cruise!! Once, in all our cruises, I had a less than attentive room steward. Not bad odds. I love meeting fellow cruisers almost as much as meeting the staff. Go and enjoy your cruise. And if you encounter an issue, talk to the front desk. They too are anxious to please.
  12. Thanks reedprincess and patfred for handling this. I am on the same roll call with patfred, so glad he found you. We have a nice size roll call group and hopefully many can bring a little something tucked into their suitcase. Kathleen
  13. Thanks for info. Would you know anyone connected to a school that we could reach out to?
  14. someone from our roll call wants to bring in school supplies. Any thoughts on that?
  15. Here is one for all you experienced Royal cruisers. I am hoping to board early with camera in hand before the crowds arrive. What area(s) and/or things do you think are the prettiest that you recommend I get photos of? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions. Kathleen
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