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  1. They're preparing to bury my best friend this week from COVID. His whole family caught it when it was brought into the household during a custody swap from an ex. He went on a ventilator and died; the rest of the family had mild cases. My sister was in the hospital for 3 weeks and survived. I have a customer where COVID ripped through the department. Out of 4 staffers, one is dead, one was hospitalized for 3 weeks, and two had mild cases. I work with people all across the country. The ones who follow protocols and don't engage in risky behavior generally sta
  2. That sounds like an improvement over the cardboard covered in cheese dished out at Sorrento's on RCCL.
  3. The parallel is air travel. If you want no restrictions, you can pay full fare; if you want to give up flexibility you can get a discount.
  4. Here's the thing about Wonderland: the waiter will insist on ordering for you and not really telling you what you're in for so it doesn't spoil the surprise. That's great if you like what they order for you. I hated half of the menu. The couple next to us had been there before and knew the drill, so they picked out the good stuff... so while I sat through courses of stuff that made my stomach turn and watched them eat stuff I might have liked. Eff that. Order what you want.
  5. Jamie's: Lamb chops, mushroom fettuccine, the tagliatelle Bolognese, and crab spaghetti are great. The Meat Plank is a great starter. At Hooked, the Messy Fish Sandwich makes for a good lunch. This is making me miss being on board. 🙂
  6. Having done both Carnival and Royal out of Galveston, Liberty of the Seas is my pick. I can drive to port within an hour, but we've been booking out of other ports the last few years because we've done all the ports that everyone does out of Galveston enough to want to try something new. Haven't had much of an issue getting on and off the ship in Galveston... I like the indoor parking place that's directly across the street; you can walk off the ship and to your car.
  7. 150 Central Park and Hooked were my favorite places onboard. We ate at those twice. Wonderland doesn't do anything for me, others will disagree with me, but I disliked Wonderland enough on the Anthem to not bother with it on the Symphony. Jamie's Italian is a favorite. I also liked the hibachi at Izumi.
  8. I've always done the parking lots, even when I've stayed the night in Galveston. I've used EZ Cruise Parking and Galveston Park & Cruise. EZ has a shuttle; Park & Cruise is directly across the street and it's an easy walk. Park & Cruise has indoor spots available. Both have discounts if you reserve in advance.
  9. Regarding the private island question - last January we were the first ship to use the Beach Club at Coco Cay. It's an upcharge (of course), but the private restaurant was great, it had its own pool, and plenty of loungers with shade. I would pay to go back.
  10. I took the deal. We're sailing for New Year's Eve 2021 into 2022, so I'm optimistic that the cruise is going to happen.
  11. I pulled the trigger on my first NCL cruise in 2022 with this promotion. While the consensus on here is I’m getting ripped off, I’m happy with what we booked. It’s in line with what I’ve priced out on RCCL once you factor in the drink package, and we’ve always wanted to try NCL.
  12. Yeah, back when going out to dinner was a thing we'd dress for the place we were going to. I'm not one to wear a suit and tie; a sport coat is more my speed. We've always done My Time on RCI because the early seating was always too early and late seating too late for us, so NCL should be easy for us to get used to. We're booked on the Encore, so there are a lot of choices onboard. It will be interesting to see how they evolve as the ships return to service.
  13. Thanks. Sounds similar to how things worked on the bigger Royal ships. January, huh? Yeah that's going to be tight. Hopefully they'll let you move the booking forward without much fuss. I don't have a cruise scheduled until New Year's going into 2022. I'm hoping that by this time next year things are in a better place, but it's hard to tell. It feels weird booking for spring 2022, too just because it's so hard to predict what cruising is going to look like, but I liked the price and the offers. It's not the cheapest cruise we've ever taken, but it's in line with what I
  14. Hi, most of my cruise experience has been on RCCL, so I'm new to all things NCL. But we decided to pull the trigger and booked an Alaska cruise last night for summer 2022. I'm searching the forums to get caught up but I have freestyle questions. I see there are multiple main dining rooms that are complimentary. Is there any difference between these venues other than the furniture? Do they all serve the same menu? The current promotion has 2 specialty dining meals included. I'm just trying to decide if it's necessary to buy another dining package to add some more to that
  15. Our family is getting vaccinated, whether RCCL requires it or not. Basically, once it's available and our doctors say go, we're getting one.
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