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  1. Math. You know how many ounces are in each drink. You know how many ounces are in a bottle. A good bar manager will want to know exactly how many of each drink he or she is selling each week so he or she can order the right number of bottles. Data drives good decisions. If you have no data, you have to guess. If you guess, you end up with too many bottles of stuff that nobody's drinking and too few bottles of the stuff that everybody wants.
  2. We liked Jamie's on Anthem so much we ate there twice... It's a licensing deal, and they've obviously structured the company so UK going down doesn't take down the international licensor. At the end of the day it will come down to whether RCCL thinks they're getting value for the name "Jamie Oliver" when the term is up.
  3. Many hotels on the island will offer a shuttle to port, and for the ones that don't, a taxi or Lyft will not be hard to get. Getting to the island, either use Lyft or somebody like Galveston Limo from either airport. Hobby (HOU) is closer to Galveston than Intercontinental (IAH).
  4. Tillie speaks the truth. It can get bad here, but you can't predict what areas will get bad or when. Also, keep in mind that Houston and Galveston are about 50 miles apart and Houston itself is massive, so what you might see on the news is only affecting a small part of the region. Chances are slim that a hurricane is going to hit while you're away - but if one does, I would not want my car parked on the island.
  5. Kroger will have a better selection that Walmart. Specs will have a better selection than Kroger if you wait until Monday.
  6. There is a partial closure on the Houston Ship Channel today due to the chemical tank farm in Deer Park that caught fire on Sunday. I'm unsure if that's going to affect any of the cruise ships in Galveston or not, but everyone's a little jumpy in Houston this week.
  7. The Port of Galveston and Royal Caribbean are to sign a memorandum of understanding tomorrow regarding building a third cruise terminal on the island. More details should be available tomorrow when that happens. Source: Houston Chronicle
  8. They announced an app last year that would allow for this without buying an internet plan, but I haven't seen it. The RC app I used aboard the Anthem earlier this year let you look at the Cruise Compass and make reservations without an internet plan, but I don't recall seeing a text feature, and it was buggy as hell.
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