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  1. I believe we had an 11:30 entrance, but we arrived early, hopeful. It was 10:30ish, I believe. There was no line at the entry spot. I approached the boy checking tickets and gave him my woeful "I know we are early, but if there was any chance to go in early we would so appreciate it as we are off a cruise ship and only have until 2:30 before we must leave and get back to bus (15 minute quick walk)." He waved us through, but I would not depend on that. It is very large layout for sure, and more time would have been justified, but we took what we could get -- the 11:00 ticket and de
  2. We had 11:30 entry ticket, but were there early. Line was nonexistent so young ticket man let us in about 10:30. We couldn’t get 10:30 when we tried online, so do not wait to get your tickets or you may be shut out.
  3. My PCC called today, but says she is still waiting for deals, due on 15th June. Why Saturday was picked she did not know. So far all they know is what we all received in email - $100 pp OBC if you stay with a Caribbean cruise, $50 pp OBC to rebook something not in Caribbean. Our cruise was not until April 2020, so depending on what they decide to do with , we may or may not be cruising. Hopefully HAL will offer something much better to keep our booking.
  4. Make sure you go the the Miniatur Wonderland website and secure your tickets in advance. They are timed entries and no guarantee you can get in without prepurchasing a ticket. Shoot for 10:30-11:00. Yes, we walked from dropoff point. About 15 minutes walk each way. I had tour person conform when we got off bus that we had our bearings correct before starting out. Copenhagen was our starting point so we had two days there, saw a lot as a result. Tallinn we did a Rick Steve’s walk I had printed out. St. Petersburg we did a two day with the HAL excursions. Was fabulous and frankly
  5. Took this excursion last August. We wanted to see Miniatur Wunderland (world’s largest model railroad). Worked out great. Yes, it was about 1.5 hours each way, with about 4.5 hours on our own. We had plenty of time to see what we planned. They dropped us in the center of town and told us the meeting place for later. Bus arrived on time and back we went to the ship. The good news is, the ship win’t leave without you if you are on the bus.
  6. Thank you, Copper. Not 5 minutes ago I did receive this statement my PCC. Doesn't help much, but I certainly won't book anything (air, hotels, etc) until I know what will happen.
  7. Has anyone heard directly from HAL about this situation, and what to expect? I emailed my PCC yesterday and have had no response yet. I am assuming they do not have a plan yet, but would like to know so we can cancel or move to a different cruise if our 4/15/20 Cuba cruise is either cancelled or changed to a glorified Bahamas cruise.
  8. Thanks, Sue. Good information. I will look inro the HOHO bus in Havana, and the trolley in Cienfuegos. We have most of our day in Havana planned, but have no firm plans yet for Cienfuegos.
  9. Thanks. Pretty sure that is what we will do, arrange our own day in Havana and maybe do a ship’s excursion in Cienfuegos.
  10. Question for BaltimoreCruise and anyone who has taken Veendam to Cuba this year — did HAL deny you disembarkation in Havana and Cienfuegos if you have not purchased their Person To Person ship’s tours?
  11. Those with recent experience — did HAL Force you to take their People To People tours to be able to off the ship in Havana? Anyone just take their tourist card and passport, disembark, pass through Cuban immigration and just walk into town, or hire an old car? I am considering the Support The Cuban People Option.
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