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  1. zazou

    bringing wine and corkscrew.. ???

    Is there wine glass in the room?
  2. zazou

    DIY Chankanaab

    Thanks for the review. Was the park very pack with people?
  3. Hello, thanks for the detailled review. Do you remember what was the time when you boarded the tender boat in the morning and who much time does it take to reach GC?
  4. Thanks for all the great information and suggestions! Noise cancelling headphones is a great idea and I will bring some for her. We will do anytime dining to be able to accomodate her and try to go to the dining room at less popular time. We need to be pretty flexible and go with the flow.
  5. thank you so much to both of you for the detailled answer. Look like we will attend movie night on the 11 deck. :)
  6. It will be our fist cruise with Carnival next month on the Dream. My daughter has autism and she love movies. I was wondering if someone can explain me how is the environnement during movie night. Before talking to her about it, I want to be sure that she will be able to assist. Is it very loud? do we need to go early to get a chair? Is a lot of people still talking arround and not listen to the movie? Where is the best place to sit? How to get the popcorn? Thanks a lot!
  7. zazou

    Dream 5/27-6/3 photos only review

    thanks for the photos and menu. We will do this cruise in 1 month.
  8. zazou

    Dream questions

    Hello, if you are on the July 8th cruise like us, please look at your accomodation rapidly. There is a music festival in town and all the hotels were fully booked months ago. Many of us had to book hotels 1 hour away from downtown. Good luck!
  9. thank you so much for your review and your answer to my spa question. I can't wait to be on the Dream.
  10. I can't wait to know more about your cruise. I'm going on the same cruise in July. First time on Carnival and on a a cove balcony. My room will be 2256. I would like to know if there is discount for the thermal suites on the boat or if I can buy a pass for the day.
  11. zazou

    DREAM BELIZER May 6th – May 13th

    thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We will be on the Dream this summer.
  12. thank you! first time on Carnival and this help me figuring how this boat work.
  13. Thank you for your hard work on the video and review. You cannot guess how happy I was when I open the Aruba board and see your name at the top! I knew that you have posted great information. I was not disappointed! :D I'm stopping there in October on my Panama cruise from 8am to 8 pm. We both like to snorkeling but I don't think that we will only do that on that day as we will be in port for 12 hours. 1. Seem like baby beach is the place to go. Have you take some taxi? if so, were they expensive? I'm not good in geography as I cannot figure where you stayed vs the cruise port, is it going to take longer or shorter than 45 minutes to go there in taxi from the port? 2. What other land activities did you prefer? 3. which of your underwater camera did you use? thanks!
  14. zazou

    Only in Cabo and PV for 6 hours

    We will be on HAL Nieuw Amsterdam on October 8th.
  15. zazou

    Only in Cabo and PV for 6 hours

    We are going to PV in October on an HAL cruise and I already book a food tour with them. Reading your post, I'm a bit scare now. I didn't thought that we could not be on the same time as local time. We are schedule to arrive at 10 and I reserved a tour at 11. What was your cruise line and what was the difference between the ship time and the local time? Also, can you tell me how much time did it take to go downtown in taxi? Thanks a lot!