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  1. I think most (all?) have been trying to find a port that will accept them and is a port most of the passengers can fly home from.
  2. I was told 10-14 business days. I wont even be checking for my cruise canceled 10 days ago until 4/6. I was given a reference number in case there were issues...which I had never been given before so I am wondering if they are expecting issues.
  3. These were cruises that departed before lockdowns were going into place. And as places started locking down, ports were closed.
  4. I have no idea why I thought it was 1 year. Thanks! 🙂
  5. FWIW when I called MSC (US) yesterday you have to listen to a whole spiel about canceled cruises and the CA program. For the canceled cruises they did mention a refund. Now Ive seen plenty of people here and on DIS call a credit a refund so maybe they are thinking a refund of the value/ credit. But, to me, refund means a refund of cash. As of last Thursday my dr was saying that I could possibly still make it to Italy in May. I was certain she would say to cancel and I was OK with that. She didnt say the odds were great but that it might be OK. I dont think I want to take a cruise then anymore but if we change our minds I suspect we will be able to snag a cabin on that same sailing without too much of a price difference. Yesterday when I was seeing if my cabin was back in the inventory yet, the cabin was only $40 more than the refund I was receiving and that was less the $400 deposit. I will probably keep an eye on our cabin because I am just the type that cant not.
  6. Wow. I checked about an hour after I canceled and MSC had my cruise reservation marked as canceled and I could have booked my room again so it was back in the system already. I'd say the difference is due to me canceling direct with MSC but Ive canceled via Expedia before with a similar experience as what I had yesterday. The only difference yesterday was they didnt ask me why I was canceling. Your experience seems really strange to me and I am sorry you are going through it.
  7. Appreciated. 🙂 The excursion/cruise fare discrepancy in return time frames was happening before the world went sideways. I'm guessing they are really two different departments. Happy to see the excursions (+room decor + spa) can still be refunded quickly. ICR which category the drink packages were in but I am leaning towards the excursion side just because of how it can be booked.
  8. I made my cancellation call this morning. As a reminder I was past PIF but still in the deposit loss only phase for my 5/20 Seaview cruise. I couldnt get Expedia to even put me on hold and I was getting no where with on line chat help, you dont actually get to a person its basically a search engine. My email from days ago has not been answered. So I tried MSC. Got through right away. Expected to be told to call Expedia but I wasnt. I didnt mention it to the rep so hopefully that wont bit me in the booty. Anyway I was told Id get a cancellation email (I havent yet 3 hours later) and that the refund would hit my card in 14 business days. I have a reference number if that doesnt happen. I wasnt given a reference number when I have cancelled in the past so I dont know if that means I should expect trouble. I hope the 14 days I was quoted means that you will be getting your refund in just a few days and that what you were told was wrong. Please let us know when the refund hits your card.
  9. I think (really hope) that ultimately MSC will do the correct thing. However I brought this up a couple of weeks ago. Just how easy is it to file a small claims against a company based in another country? No one at the time replied. I have a friend that is a lawyer so the one instance I really looked to be headed that way she wrote a letter and the company folded immediately. But not everyone has that out. And for whoever is asking about if anyone has received a refund (I honestly cant keep track with all the back and forth bickering), I wouldnt expect that anyone has received anything more than just a promise of a refund. Right now, regular refunds are delayed to up to 14 business days and we arent that far away from the first cancellation. I know it may seem like splitting hairs but I wouldnt be too comfortable about a refund until it actually hit my card. We are probably at least 10 days away from anyone seeing an actual refund from a cancellation.
  10. I am under 70 but am on Remicade for Crohn's disease, therefore I have a compromised immune system. I just opted to play it safe and cancel for deposit loss. After trying several ways to get through via Expedia (my travel agent) I finally just gave up (couldnt even wait on hold) and called MSC. Got through almost immediately after listening to how to do the Cruise Assurance online. This was about 20 minutes ago. It seemed like they were able to cancel and I have a reference number in case something goes wrong to at least show I tried. Good luck!
  11. This isnt necessarily true. There have been cases if someone getting it twice. Please dont let yourself have a false sense of security.
  12. If your cruise isnt yet mentioned then I think you are just in limbo and waiting to see what MSC decides. Unless you want to go ahead and cancel with whatever penalties are in place or avail yourself of the Cruise Assurance program. It *is* good cake. I know this was written by a UK poster. I am here asking if anyone has been told the same for a US customer? The US Cruise Assurance site does not state this but I am having trust issues with MSC. Am I correct in that no one has been allowed to actually rebook as 2 weeks has not lapsed so no one has actually gotten their FCC yet (in the US) and seen the full terms? For the UK, does your site actually state this or are you being told this by MSC reps? Like I said, I am having trust issues and I guess I am trying to gather as much info as possible as I make my choice to cancel for refund less deposit or take the FCC. Tomorrow is the decision day for me.
  13. My sailing is 5/20 Seaview out of Civi.. I would like to cancel my cruise and receive my payment less deposit back, not use the cruise assurance program. I booked through Expedia. As per Expedia's request I emailed about my wishes since my sailing is not within 7 days but mentioned that my request is time sensitive since I only have a few more days to still be in the deposit loss only window. No reply back from Expedia to my email but a new email this morning asking not to call unless cruise is within 3 days. I had made this decision last week but decided to give them a few days before trying to call since I knew they would be slammed with more urgent business but now I am scared that Ive screwed myself and will not be able to get my refund. Anyone in a similar situation? How did it work out?
  14. And you'd think that would be easier for them!
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