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  1. Looking forward to not hearing the term COVID 20 times a day.
  2. THats bull. Anything disputable should have a button (I'm not saying you are lying, I am saying that system sucks). Our button was still there in May for a December charge on Costco Visa.
  3. Disputing it with the CC is just about the only way most are getting their funds back. If you are one day outside of the timeframe they initially gave, then dispute.
  4. From the US? Its not going to be sailing anyway. Then you get your fun fight for a refund. My advice is to let their stated refund period lapse plus one day and then dispute with your CC company. Then its only 4 months until your funds are yours again because they wont even respond to the CC company. That's how much MSC cares about you.
  5. That's just BS. MSC doesnt even bother to respond to the bulk of the CC disputes, they just let it time out and keep your money for an extra 60 days. Filing a dispute becomes reasonable one day after the given timeline has passed.
  6. On line for our CC there is a dispute charge button next to each charge. Click that and write a brief reason as to why you should get a refund (all we said was that cruise was canceled by MSC on X, told us they would refund by Y, they have not). Then it was a matter of waiting 2 months for MSC not to respond and the funds were cleared as ours to keep. Really simple and no actual interaction beyond typing a small bit.
  7. Only allowed off at ports if on a MSC excursion. Ive seen another line propose this too. This really stinks unless MSC has the ability to offer at lot more excursions (both multiples of existing excursions and more variety).
  8. That is madness. If its any consolation, I doubt those ships will be sailing. Then you get a 4 month or longer fight to refund. Good luck, you need it.
  9. Yay! Glad you got your points back. 🙂
  10. MOst of us would say MSC will not respond to the CC company. They will let it time out to maximize the time they can (illegally?) hold onto your money. A few have had MSC respond before the 60 days is up, usually around the 6 week mark. And yet a couple of people have reported that MSC is saying the charges are valid
  11. You wont unless you go through your CC company. Yes.
  12. I was asking if anyone has been in this position and what was expected. I can, of course, speculate myself. I keep trying to find larger ticket items I can buy through Costco (or even just with the Costco Visa being the best "deal" to use) but other places with better rewards scenarios keep winning out. So its looking highly likely I will find out myself what happens, if its $0 or if we actually owe Costco rewards (as strange as that would be it would be fair). LOL
  13. You are still misunderstanding what I am asking, you are way over complicating things. I cant think of a more simplistic way to ask other than to say I am asking what if my spend for the year is less than the refunds I have received. What does that do to my end of the year refund? I know I can request a check for the negative balance I have on my account but I cant imagine that is counted on spend and really has no bearing on the question I am asking.
  14. This is not what I am asking. Costco gives a cash refund on 3% of your spending for the year. I have a little over $10K in refunds on my Costco card. We arent shopping a ton since we are staying at home and have no big purchases planned (and I never want to hope for something unplanned to pop up). What happens if our spend for the year does not exceed the refunds we have received for the year? Ive already received the cash back for most of that 10K because it was paid last year. Anyone ever been in this odd position? I dont care enough to call--hate phones--I can just be surp
  15. This isnt true at all. DCL the other line I have been following closely has 2-3 week refund time frame for most. There have been some hang ups which seem to be mostly TA centered. MSC is doing one of the worst jobs at handling refunds. Do not lie on their behalf.
  16. Dear OP, the answer to your question for us is "never". MSC never refunded our money, after allowing 60 days from the cancellation of our trip we disputed the charges on our Costco Visa and the charge was just made permanent, 61 days after the dispute was filed. So, 121 days later we have our money thanks to Visa. MSC never refunded anything. For those looking at datapoints: We booked this cruise on board while on another cruise. The original cruise was booked through Expedia so I guess they technically had the booking but something got forked up. For all purposes (even b
  17. They are barely refunding in the US. I think most that are getting a refund are getting it via CC disputes. If youve waited more than 60 days and that avenue exists for you, Id recommend it instead of continuing to wait for MSC.
  18. It is less than 8 weeks from early May indicating that MSC likely responded to your CC company as well.
  19. They actually responded?! We are at the 5.5 week mark from filing our dispute. I was just under the impression that we would have to wait the entire 8 weeks for no response. A concern on my end is that we may eventually end up double refunded and the PITA it will be to resolve that. Presumably if they are responding to disputes then they should be aware of the refund and not double refund.
  20. Not all and that will make a difference for me going forward.
  21. I wouldnt bother until you are close enough to print documents. Last time I did it not all information was saved and I had to redo it anyway.
  22. 97 days for us. And GatorMomNC has to be over 120 by now.
  23. Given they are just plain keeping monies that should have been refunded seemingly indefinitely, why wouldnt they try for more interest free loans? For those that still dont think its possible MSC is in trouble, they are certainly acting like they need a lot of 0% loans.
  24. Thats a tough call because the price difference between a whirlpool balcony and just a regular balcony is big. I know when I first started looking at my cruise, I could have payed slightly less for YC than a whirlpool balcony. If they are giving you the difference in OBC we would certainly have a tough time spending that much OBC. Just in case youve only been interested in rebooking and not really looking at the refund threads, MSC trails just about every other cruise line in giving timely refunds. There are very few people (talking a handful maybe) that have actually been refun
  25. Just curious why people are continuing to wait rather than file a chargeback? I feel like I waited too long to dispute and I filed awhile ago.
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