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  1. Association of British Travel Agents i think 🤔
  2. My honest answer has to be I don’t know that said I really feel it should be investigated and followed up because if not then how many other passengers are to be parted from their hard earned money( 6 of us plus packages) only for Celebrity to care not a jot! its actually pretty dishonest it’s also very shoddy practice
  3. Ive asked for and been sent an Abta Link to escalate my complaints, Celebrity are not obliged to even answer my grievance for 28 days. In fact they state that the reason they even bothered to answer my first email is because I reached out on Social Media,so thats " damage limitation" but only short term in my view. My next move will be to ask my T/A to contact his Celebrity Rep ,as I have an email now apologising for some of the issues, but skirting over others, and adding some for good measure.
  4. I think even 10 years ago Children were not so commonplace on Cruise Ships as they are now. you have reminded me that a couple of times in the daily planner there were a few words asking that children be better supervised doors not slammed and corridors were not to run in cant remember the exact wording but it was a little amusing I still stand by what I originally said The children situation is not an acceptable explanation for all the other shortcomings on our trip will be interesting to see the next batch of reviews from the cruise that followed ours incidentally I had a reply back on Tuesday last ftom Celebrity Uk my subsequent reply back is as yet unaddressed they are very aware that out sailing was a mess
  5. Hello yes we did many times and it was so obvious the wines were a completely different colour too
  6. I think the number of children was only one part of a much bigger problem and that’s a lack of respect to the fare paying passenger Food that’s is supposed to be hot was not Wine that was paid for was not available Same for Evian ..paid for so dnt give me the other variation on music is so so easy to achieve general disdain towards passengers and a lack of the basics by lots of crew..I enjoy saying good morning,hello etc complete rush job in the MDR overselling of basics so that the quality of the product is severely lacking its not the Celebrity I have loved and recommended to many for years and two weeks later they are not at all helping their cause i have many previous almost perfect Celebrity Cruises to compare to and this didn’t even come close
  7. Annie really not sure what you are implying here. it was my 17 cruise,This happened..of that I can absolutely assure you. im not going to get into any arguments it’s pointless to do so celebrity are very aware this cruise was awful and there’s always going to be differing opinions of course there is..however no matter how loyal cruisers are they sometimes have to accept when things aren’t as they should have been.. this is one of those occasions so whatever you haven’t read on another site is not really relevant
  8. I could drone on and on about things wrong with this Cruise,but I dnt feel the need to justify my comments i have cruised lots,and this was awful. I won’t cruise from Uk again,and Celebrity will be a long time off getting my money as my confidence in this Cruisline is Zero now. i can confirm that the follow up Customer Service is equally bad. Ive never had an experience like it and it cost a fortune.
  9. We did as I said previously have a very well behaved 9 year old with us,Sadly the kids club also fell short, not reliable opening times and at the hint of a wave all kids were herded into one room and obviously then were not keen to return, job done, they weren't keen to return.Past cruises I have seen and experienced genuine interaction with Kids Club Staff and kids when walking round the ship.Surprise surprise not on this one...heads down and chatting to each other, no rappor whatsoever.My child now too old has many happy memories of celebrity kids clubs. We also had a member of our party that used a wheelchair,I can confirm the Elevator Challenge game was ridiculous. Strange if Celebrity knew( of course they did) that the number of kids was so high, you would have thought they would have prepared for it.I can also confirm that the teenagers most of which mine included were polite and respectful, although some were not, the two groups quickly separated from each other.Other passengers thought it was ok to take pictures of the teens who were actively encouraged to use the hideaway,and it is NOT acceptable to take pictures of kids/teens full stop! I myself saw an adult deliberately walk through the hideaway to get to the lift on the same side as her room, and then walk between the teens and the table rather than the open space to get a reaction,I think she was most disappointed when she didn't. The second to last evening( too little too late) Julie,head of Guest Relations I believe) attended the Hideaway to attempt to see what had been going on for two weeks, and had the pleasure of the feral kids from the Ocean View,again they were lippy and disrespectful.They had also been rude and generally vile to the teens, who did not retaliate.Yes,I saw it myself. The 9 year old and teen travelling with my party did pay full price,I too have never seen any offers for kids I have proven not to be so good at quoting and answering on here, apologies for that I am not too tech savvy
  10. I did question how they thought I couldn't tell, the classic wine was just awful, thats probably why the glass was always filled, another dead giveaway I had been fobbed off with the wrong one, because my chosen wine was three sips and its gone
  11. There were a lot of children,we had one extremely well behaved one with us.I am absolutely not anti kids. A lot were absolutely unsupervised.”The elevator challenge” was actually a game...why would any parent let their kids do that! A few were “feral” ..to see them roaming the Ocean View having taken whole French Sticks from the Buffet and proceed to march around hitting diners on the head and eating them whilst waiting for a reaction was absolutely awful. Similarly when we had adverse weather and Security could not get them out of an increasingly dangerous pool..on the contrary parents were laughing as more and more piled in resulting in the officers having to get knee deep in the water to plead with them to get out. another fun pastime was to run across empty sun loungers.If one of the little treasures were hurt it would have been a different story. celebrity must have been aware how many cabins were at capacity and just decided to “ get it over with and get us off” of that I am sure.
  12. I commented on Celebrity’s FB Page whilst still onboard,and received an immediate response.its interesting that each reply thereafter by private message was acknowledged with a standard “get back to you” message.Right up until the last one which appears that it’s been switched off.obviously loyal cruisers are just an annoyance when valid points are raised. its been read of that I have no doubt The. amount myself and my family spent was a great deal,although that shouldn’t matter..ultimately a customer is a customer and I am most certainly not a picky one.I like things right,on this ship they were not. and Celebrity are simply not bothered I am just glad others saw what I saw although it’s certainly a shame.
  13. I was on the July 28 sailing, still feel completely ripped off and just a little angry.All the reasons listed above and oh so many more.Just going to vote with my feet and not rebook with what was always my preferred Cruise Line. I was 85% just awful.Benidorm at sea was used by many to describe our experience. Classic wine passed off as premium, lukewarm repetitive food every day in Ocean View, entertainment absolutely dire, same 20 songs played from early till late by the pool, fastest service ever in MDR to get you out ,reluctance to offer Evian under the premium package,so many Wi Fi packages sold it rarely worked and a front desk that were delightful but not at all pro active.Have had a conversation after being insistent for 5 days with customer services in the Uk, am STILL waiting for a follow up, wont hold my breath. Celebrity has dropped the ball, and after 3 cabins,6 drinks packages,3 wifi packages and 6 speciality dining packages they have lost all my respect as a brand.
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