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  1. Love this!! A great laugh after a long day! AND I learned something new, I didn't know Ryan Reynolds was from Vancouver!
  2. Aesoi081 Thank you. I will check into that! Thanks.
  3. Martincath --- thank you! I was hoping you would answer. We were in Vancouver two years ago and your posts and answers were so helpful. We are used to being VERY cashless in the US. In fact, I'm known to NEVER have cash. We'll plan on no cash. Thanks again!
  4. We are in Vancouver for a night pre cruise, not arriving until late afternoon. Do I need Canadian money? Our travel companions arrive around noon. Will they need some? I'm thinking they will tour around the city. Thank you!
  5. We are in Ketchikan from 7 - 3. Would like to see either Totem Bright or Saxman. Don't know that we will have time for both. Which would you recommend? We will be doing this on our own. I believe I read we can take a taxi or bus to either one. Thank you!
  6. We are going to be in Skagway in May of '19. This is our second time in Skagway, thinking about taking the ferry to Haines. Our ship is in Skagway 7 - 4. First ferry is at 8:00, second one at 10:00. We would need to take ferry back at 1:00. Possible to make the 8:00 am ferry? If not, is two hours in Haines worth the trip? Thanks!!
  7. We are planning dinner at Seven Glaciers! Thanks!
  8. Thanks! We took this company two years ago and were happy. I was wondering if anyone had used this company that does the smaller 26 passenger bus. https://www.akcruiseshuttle.com/transfer-tours/
  9. Thanks everyone. We're not interested in doing the train. I know it's beautiful, we just don't want to spend the 6 hours it takes to get to Anchorage. We're renting a car in Anchorage and staying the night at Alyeska in Girdwood. Looking for someone with experience with the 26 passenger vans from Seward to Anchorage for a recommendation or thoughts over the motor coach. Thanks very much!
  10. Is breakfast served in Blu on disembarkation day?
  11. Looking at options for transportation from Seward to Anchorage at the end of our cruise. When we cruised out of Whittier a couple of years ago, we took the big bus (ACT) from Anchorage to Whittier. It was fine. Looking at Anchorage Tours and Transport, who has a 26 passenger bus direct to the airport. Has anyone done this option?
  12. We are going to be staying in Vancouver one night pre cruise in May of 2019. It's possible we will be arriving on a late flight. Not sure if we will do an sightseeing the next day or just go to the cruise port. After reading about the lines, I'm thinking we want to be there early. Looking at the Marriott Pinnacle of Delta by Marriott. Finding good rates on both at this time. One better than the other location wise or one a better property? Thank You!
  13. Great trip report! We did a Princess Southbound cruise in May of '17. Booked the Northbound for May of '19. Looking for new things to do in '19. And I too am originally from Kansas, Overland Park. Relocated 12 years ago to Omaha, Nebraska!
  14. If you are going to be in Anchorage on Saturday, check out their outside market downtown. We bought most of our souvenirs there before even sailing on our cruise. They were from local artists and craftsman and the prices were great. We also went to Alaska Wild Berry Products in Anchorage and picked up a few things there.
  15. martincath -- thank you. I posted this before I began reading the posts about the embarkation process at Canada Place. :eek: We're cruising May 10, 2019 and I see three ships leaving that day. So worst possible, scenario from what I read. I think we'll skip doing any touring and get to the port early. We were in Vancouver post cruise this year and did get to do some touring (you were very helpful then as well, thank you).
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