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  1. We were booked on the Connie for 2/26/21 in a Sky Suite. Booked early and got an amazing rate and perks. If the virus is still lurking in February, assuming the Connie is sailing, I'm not quite ready to be on a cruise. Didn't want to loose the rate and perks, so we did a lift and shift for 2022. Didn't want to wait it out and see what happens, so we'll see what happens with the ship and cruises and hopefully sail (maybe on a refurbished ship) in 2022.
  2. We are booked February 26, 2021 in a Sky Suite. We sailed the Connie a few years ago and love the ship. However, we booked based on the ship being revolutionized. We sailed May of 2019 on the Millennium just after it was revolutionized and loved the new Retreat lounge. We booked this ship based on the updates and being able to use the Retreat Sundeck with four days at sea. Sounds like the updates aren't going to happen, which I understand! And at this point, who knows if any ships or this ship will be cruising in 2021 or not? That aside, we are booked on the non refundable d
  3. Catching up on this post and see the refub is cancelled/postponed. We are booked for February '21. We got an amazing deal on a Sky Suite , planning on use of the Retreat Sundeck on the 4 days at sea during the cruise. If I read a lot of the comments correctly, Celebrity won't allow us to cancel based on this not being the ship we booked? We have a "non refundable" deposit. I don't we will find another ship for Feb '21 where we can get this same rate for a suite. Also, I looked at this sailing earlier and it still shows "the Retreat".
  4. Totally agree, hoping everyone returns home safely. Should have said that in my original post. I can't imagine what they and their families must be going through.
  5. I would think we'd know something soon. The revolution was scheduled to start in a few weeks. I may call in a week or two, if something isn't posted.
  6. We booked this ship for February based on the revolution. Really looking forward to the Retreat Sundeck, with four days at sea. If they don't do the revolution, wondering if that will be considered a reason they will allow cancellation? (I booked non refundable deposit rate). I feel like it should be, it's not as advertised.
  7. We sailed this itinerary last May on the Millennium. Made the change on an upgrade at the last minute from an aft balcony to a Sky Suite. We loved the benefits of the Sky Suite, probably more than the room itself. Not that the room wasn't nice but that wouldn't be my reason for booking a Sky Suite again. The food and service in Luminae were outstanding. Loved eating breakfast in there and lunch during sea days. We also really enjoyed the retreat lounge, perfect for a cocktail before dinner or the show.
  8. Ah, yes! A lot of people in threads I read before we sailed mentioned the lack of shade. We were on an Alaskan cruise, so sun was welcomed. Also, other spots lacking in shade are the bar on the back of deck 10, those canopy's have been removed and the Retreat doesn't really have any shade either. I'm hoping they make some adjustments to the lack of shade on the Retreat Deck based on comments. We're on the Connie in a suite for a warm weather cruise in 2021. 🙂
  9. Here's a photo from the outside. Gives you a good idea.
  10. We were in 6145 on the Millennium in May. Here's the things we didn't love about the room: Regular door verses full sliding door The bathroom door that we had to shove a towel under to keep it from banging against the wall. After a day or two the steward found something to keep it closed. The couch on the balcony was not the most comfortable. They did bring us a lounger but there was not one on the balcony. No table in the room Not the best lighting bedside All that said, I loved the room and the extra large bathroom! I'm happy to answer any q
  11. I did and the only cabin in my list of choices with information was 6124 and it didn’t show the view from the balcony. I was hoping someone could provide more information. Thx!!!
  12. I've done some research and am having trouble determining which Sky Suites have the crane and / or lifeboats below them of the following: 6119, 6123, 6166, 6120, 6122, 6124. Any comments on which one(s) to book or not to book? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions on rooms. The sweet 16 are taken, except very first one. Not sure I want to be that far forward. Deck 7, if I look at those right, they look down on the cover over the balconies below? Can someone speak to if that is same on 7151- 7165? Do those have a clear view to the water? Any concerns on one of those? Or 6111? Just not at all familiar with any of these and don't find a lot of details on the deck plan sites. Trying to stay in this price range of cabin. Thanks!!!!
  14. Thanks! We’ve done Concierge, Aqua and even we’re lucky enough to upgrade to a sky suite on our last cruise. Due to budget this time I’m choosing a Veranda cabin and looking for general recommendations on Decks 7 or 8. Not even sure what cabins to specifically search for on those threads. Thanks!!!
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