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  1. Thanks! We’ve done Concierge, Aqua and even we’re lucky enough to upgrade to a sky suite on our last cruise. Due to budget this time I’m choosing a Veranda cabin and looking for general recommendations on Decks 7 or 8. Not even sure what cabins to specifically search for on those threads. Thanks!!!
  2. Looking for recommendations on a Veranda Cabin on Deck 7 or Deck 8. Would like to be mid ship or aft. Any cabins to avoid? Any better than others? Thanks!
  3. Looking at booking a Pride of America cruise for February 2020. We have cruised frequently. I'm finding this to be quite expensive. I love the idea of seeing all of the islands. Just trying to decide if I can justify the cost. How's the food? How's the ship? We have sailed Princess and Celebrity in the past. Thanks.
  4. We were in ISP last week and saw three bears. Great experience! We did the tour with whatever company it is inside the building at ISP.
  5. Thank you! No worries, we'll love it regardless.
  6. @h20cruzer I'm joining you on the Millennium in Vancouver. Am enjoying reading your posts and learning about the ship. Do you know if the crew and entertainment will remain on or change in Vancouver? Who's the Captain and the CD? Thanks!
  7. Of course, appreciate the input!! Interesting that you didn't get a lounger but others have. Did you report the issues with the shower and the tub? Just curious what the response was if you did? Appreciate the tip about the blankets --- Great idea.
  8. Thank you very much! Appreciate the photos and the input!!!
  9. We have 6145 next week from Vancouver to Anchorage. Thank you for sharing the photos. I have a few questions, if you wouldn't mind answering. Do you have a photo that shows the view outside from the door? I thought I read it wasn't a slider? Did you get a lounger for the balcony? Did you use the shampoo and conditioner? Was it same type as before upgrade? Were there two umbrellas in the closet? Your photo looks like it. Being Alaska I was bringing them but may not need to. Thank you so much.
  10. We will be in Skagway on 5/15. We've rented a car and are going to drive the Klondike Highway. I've searched and am not finding a site that gives information on the ice conditions on Emerald Lake. Does anyone know how you find out? Thank you!
  11. Thank you! We are going to rent a car in Skagway and give it a shot. Could you share any additional information that will be helpful in our search!!! Thanks again
  12. We are there in mid May. Considering the brown bear watching tour
  13. Love this!! A great laugh after a long day! AND I learned something new, I didn't know Ryan Reynolds was from Vancouver!
  14. Aesoi081 Thank you. I will check into that! Thanks.
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