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  1. Forgive me I meant Tripmate. Believe me I know the difference. Tripmate is the insurance you get if you sign up through Viking. I had Tripmate pay (minus the cost of insurance) and Allianz pay for the non cruise portion. I fell going into the city before starting the cruise started. Trying, ineffectively, to make the point that people buying Tripmate insurance should check to what it covers if you are doing an onshore excursion with a private company in a foreign country.
  2. Best to ask Viking direct but I am planning on getting private travel insurance for any part of the trip that isn’t a Viking sanctioned flight, transfer or excursion. It goes by how much each thing (flight, transfer, excursions) costs. For anyone in the US, think about....getting hit by a car in a foreign country while on a private excursion or falling a breaking a limb while on a private excursion. There was a ton of paperwork when I got home both for Viking and for the other insurance. You have to show how you paid for each thing. Credit card statements, bank account statements, etc. etc. That said, I imagine Viking would pay if you just walked off on your own around town. Up to you. Ask the question to the cruise ship before assuming that an injury on a private excursion is covered. Just ask. Doesn’t hurt to ask.
  3. Something to remember when booking a private excursion. You need to buy an outside private health insurance policy and you need to do it at the same time (there might be a week or two leeway) for the insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. I you slip and shatter your ankle, like I did, outside of the cruise ship on a private tour, no help. Foreign countries could care less about your insurance. They sure aren’t going to bill. Cash only. My insurance co no longer even pays out of state! My husband’s does not pay out of the country. All expenses get paid by you but you get reimbursed later if you did it right before the trip. Worth a thought.
  4. Wow, I shattered my ankle in Japan when I went early for a Viking cruise to China. Flew home for surgery of a trimalleolar fracture and ligament repair. I can't imagine recuperating with both feet injured. I'm so sorry. I do remember laying in bed doing a whole lot of research while pumping my legs so I didn't get a blood clot. Surgery was in October and I am doing well. Good luck! It will all be good.
  5. I am really glad you brought this subject up. There are 6 of us going soon. We will be gone from home about a month. We using texting for the kids at home but for each other, it is nice to know that WhatsApp withdrew without WiFi. I will have to practice that. Good suggestion for Viking to consider a intra-ship communication method.
  6. Hands down best walking tour we have taken was in Budapest through Context Travel. They do only small groups (6 max) usually led by PhD level guides. Outstanding!
  7. We are watching this too. Two things. Trip insurance won’t pay for this kind of interruption. I know this, the cruise lines don’t want their personnel and tourist caught up in this so we are thinking that if things continue to be this bad or worsen, the cruise lines will figure out alternatives. That’s our hope anyway.
  8. As I lay in bed with with my foot elevated, as it has been since September 29, I got a huge laugh out of your response when you talked about how the travel insurance co now knows our bank balance and what we charged on our credit card the months we charged things!!! Thanks for the laugh. I was aghast to send them all of that but that is the way it goes. I did ask one if they needed a copy of the policy they issued! They said no. With tripmate, we could not download as easy as Allianz so we had to mail a huge packet. I would never do expensive travel without insurance. Now I see that optional tours with other operators would be an issue. Thankfully I didn’t have that but worth knowing.
  9. Unfortunately, I now know more than I want to about trip insurance. On our trip I fell and broke my ankle in three spots. Had to fly home for surgery and rehab. We had two insurance policies. Allianz to cover the business class flight (we did on our own) and a week we did on our own before a Viking cruise. We had Viking's tripmate for the cruise portion, First of all, insurance is a MUST. I know now that if you do a private tour on shore with a group other than the cruise, you should have a separate policy to cover anything not done while on a trip sponsored tour. Keep all receipts in a file. That includes the credit card or e-check statement that shows you actually paid for the trip. Flights, tours, cruise all with billing statements showing you did pay. Both companies wanted this information eventually. I found the Allianz claim site easier to navigate. That said, they are the ones who keep asking for info. No email. They expect me to look and when it says more documentation needed, you have to call. Then you have to call and call some more with each new documentation they need. Tripmate SEEMS to have come through 100% in that they say both my husband and I will be reimbursed minus the insurance cost and the claim is closed. That said, I have not gotten a check but I am told it will be emailed this week. I know we have 2 more paid for trips and seeing as some of them are paid way ahead of time, you need to copy your billing statements and put in a file or you are searching archives to figure out what month and year for the exact billing. Just FYI. Wish I had known.
  10. A cruise line like this you don’t generally find the hungover party people. Most of us are well traveled and enjoy meeting other people and care more about the ports and traveling than late night partying. It’s wonderful fun and better than the ships who nickel and dime you. They don’t have a formal night. We can do that at home and don’t want to waste luggage space. I learn a lot from other travelers.
  11. That’s what they wanted from us too. Crazy.
  12. Well... I went on our trip early to Japan. We were visiting a temple when I fell 4 days before our Viking part of the trip began and broke bones in my ankle. I am currently at home with my leg elevated (24 days of elevation so far) after surgery. Submitted claim through Tripmate. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  13. We did a Viking Ocean and used Alla. They were able to get us in before the crowds which was a huge advantage. Bring tip money.
  14. trav25


    We got Hep A and did the live typhoid vaccine for China. Not required.
  15. We loved both lines but if it says anything, we have three Viking trips planned. Only one is ocean and we have only done one ocean with each of these lines, although the Azamara was a back to back trip. Viking ocean has included shore excursions. They are fine and sell more. We found that the main restaurant served the same food as the buffet and wound up liking the buffet better. We took most of our meals there. Specialty restaurants are included unless you want to buy a better wine pairing. A couple of things that Azamara did really well was to teach everyone to fist bump only and that the passenger would see the crew do that too. They said “there is always flu somewhere in the world and the world comes together on a cruise ship.” The emphasis to clean hands was really great. We liked the piano bar on Azamara too. Loved, loved Azamara white night as well as the special onshore night each trip (can’t remember the name). What a treat!
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