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  1. We are booked on a back to back on the Enchantment. I am not sure if the ship will be ready , but if it is and does sail, we shall not be on board!
  2. And the sun still rose and set each day.
  3. Nor did I (at least by name), but as my late father used to say, “If the shoe fits, wear it!”😉
  4. Dr. Fauci realized how serious this was soon after that. Some of those same politicians you mention still don’t get lt. Maybe they should listen to him more and stop interrupting and contradicting him.
  5. Thanks. We shall be staying at the Micro Hotel near the Jacksonville Airport on Sunday night.
  6. We are snowbirds from New Hampshire and have been at a condo on Hollywood Beach since the beginning of the year. We have pretty much been in self quarantine by choice for the past two weeks. We did make one final trip to the grocery store on March 15th and went out again on St. Patty’s Day tp pick up a prescription and get a take out corned beef and cabbage dinner. The beach and condo pool have been closed for almost two weeks now. We have read a great deal and have watched way too much television. We try and take a walk daily and have enjoyed the warmth of our balcony for hours each day. The weather during the past two weeks has been awesome. The car is packed and we are heading straight up I-95 to New Hampshire tomorrow morning. We expect to be home by mid-week. We have a good supply of disinfectant wipes to use each time we stop. I think that we shall be fine until we reach Delaware. After that I am concerned with traveling what will be a short distance through New Jersey and New York, but we do not intend to make any stops there. Life as we know it has changed and it will be sometime before we all get back to normal. We have a cruise booked for November. Right now I am inclined to cancel, but we shall wait until mis summer to make a final decision.
  7. Fort Lauderdale Beach and South Beach in Miami have closed their beaches. Folks are prohibited from going on the dry sand. Restaurants and bars are still open, but must close early each night. Maximum capacities have been reduced. Dania Beach has closed their beach as well. We are snowbirds staying in a condo on Hollywood Beach. The beaches here are still open, but my guess would be that they are on the block as well. Life as we know it has changed folks, at least for a while.
  8. Bail out the cruise industry? How about paid family leave? How about taking care of the little guy instead!
  9. We drove along Fort Lauderdale Beach and over the 17th Street Bridge on Monday and again earlier today (Wednesday). Thousands of spring breakers were on the beach, thinking only about today and not tomorrow, go figure. When we drove over the bridge on Monday, we saw the Regal Princess tied up and today, the Caribbean Princess tied up at dock #2. It was rather eerie knowing that both ships were void of passengers and would not sail again with passengers until May.
  10. I am “tip”, not “tip tip” and I am not related to nor do I know him/her. I have posted on these boards since 2007. I must say that “tip tip” is making sense here. It is important that we not overreact, but use common sense. Right now we are snowbirds who are residing for the winter just south of the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale which I believe is the busiest cruise port in the country. . According to local television news, four individuals have been tested positive for the virus in this county. All of them are in their sixties and have been employed by the cruise industry or related vendors. Right now the Regal Princess is tied up empty of passengers after having returned to port late this past weekend. Local port authorities claim there is a shortage of cleaning supplies. In my opinion, now is not the time to take a cruise. Right now, however, people are free to do as they wish. Good luck to those who choose cruising.
  11. You will certainly have less daylight than you would in June.
  12. The problem is restricted to Fort Lauderdale and has pretty much impacted residential neighborhoods and along the New River due to an aging infrastructure which has not been maintained by the city fathers. Other communities have their own water supplies including Dania Beach. We are snowbirds who have been in Hollywood Beach for the past seven weeks with no problems.
  13. Although I have never worn shorts to dinner in the MDR on a cruise, I consider myself to be a “normal” person and I have worn shorts to a “normal” restaurant on land.
  14. The same here. I have never understood why folks get so worked up about what folks choose to wear.
  15. Then don’t go to them. For many of us, they meet our needs quite nicely.
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