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  1. We board the Crown Princess in just a few weeks and I intend to "opt out." I started a thread entitled, "Am I the Only One..." a few weeks ago and asked if there were others that did not see the benefit of the Ocean Medallion program. At last count there were at least thirteen "likes" to my original post, thus I am not the only one who feels this way. Of course there were the snarky comments similar to those on this thread. I am quite comfortable with technology and have been using it for almost forty years. I just do not feel the need to have all of the bells and whistles and to stay connected at all times, especially if it is of no benefit to me. Folks, I am on vacation to relax. And to the guy who asked if we takes pictures on our cruise, the answer is yes, but I do not use a cell phone. I use a small inexpensive digital camera. If I lose it, no big deal. On the other hand if I lost my cell phone....
  2. We have used Gold Coast Parking several times now and I highly recommend them.
  3. Than again, some folks just need to get out of the way!
  4. Unfortunately there are some who cannot (or refuse) to see the bigger picture.
  5. Thank you for posting this. Unfortunately those who don't care about our environment won't click on the link and read it. It is all about them. They will be very quick to blame other countries for creating more pollution and use that as an excuse not to take small steps on cruise ships or anywhere else. They want their plastic straws, plastic bottles, balloons, (etc.) and to them that is all that matters.
  6. Now you are confusing folks with facts. And yes, this is sarcasm.
  7. This is indeed said to hear and see. Unfortunately we have found this to be the case on many Princess ships lately. Evidently the ships' libraries do not make any money for them. We shall be on the Crown next month for a ten day cruise. I shall have to bring along four or five paperbacks and leave them on the book swap shelf when finished.
  8. Am I the only one who is questioning the value of the ocean medallion program? I don’t find the need to have all the latest technology at hand 24/7. Yes, it may save a minute or two here and there, but what other value does it really have? It would seem that you would be more apt to lose it than you would a key card. Of course Princess would be more than happy to sell you a special wrist band or lanyard at an additional charge. As for using your cell phone, we turn it off and lock it in the safe as soon as we call our loved ones to let them know we are on board safely.
  9. Some of us care about the environment and then there are those who have the, “It’s all about me” attitude.
  10. If we be even nicer if we did not have to pay for a cup of brewed coffee. Even diners serve brewed coffee!
  11. The bigger question is why do we have to pay “extra” to get a decent cup (ie. Brewed) of coffee?
  12. All of the above sounds reasonable to me. Of course some of us care about the environment and then there are those who don’t.
  13. Using your logic, why even bother going on a cruise when you you buy a book with plenty of pictures?😉
  14. Okay, other than being able to say that you are wearing the latest technology or maybe getting your drink thirty seconds sooner, am I the only one who doesn’t see the benefit of the ocean medallion ? Why should I pay extra for this?
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