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  1. Just off the breakaway....the link above from 'beyond ships' showing the getaway menus, look like the menus we had on the breakaway. Ironically the menus on that site for the breakaway are not the menus we had! Have a great cruise :)
  2. Agree! We don't go on cruises to make friends, we go to relax and enjoy spending time with each other...
  3. We were just there 2 weeks ago. I can't help you with any info regarding drinks, we just did the cheapest 'beach' day excursion. We've been to Nassau many times and thought we'd try it since it's new. The beach area is very small, but nice - my husband snorkeled and saw several types of fish - the water is so clear you can see fish swimming around with you even without snorkel gear! I had read some reviews where people complained about the loud music and 'party atmosphere' - if you're not into that just go to the farthest end and it's not as loud. I also read a review that someone said the water depth within the roped off area was 3' - they're wrong, I'm 5'5" and it was up to my neck quite a distance before the rope. I think the dolphin area is near the pier the boat lets you off - it was a dismal, way too small area for them and I felt sorry for them :(
  4. Totally agree! It may depend on the ship - we sailed on the Miracle and the ytd tables for 2 were on the upper level along the railing overlooking the lower level and they were nice; just got off the Splendor and hated the black pearl dining room! All the tables were close together including the 'tables for 2' which seriously were about 10" apart - no way anybody would be able to walk between them and absolutely no privacy. Besides the ridiculous seating, service was painfully slow and most dishes were barely luke warm!
  5. We bought fttf for our upcoming cruise mainly for the opportunity of going directly to our cabin upon boarding - I couldn't care less about "being first"! We both travel with carry ons and it's SO annoying to be dragging your carry on to the lido, trying to keep it out of the way while you're eating, continue dragging around while you explore the ship, etc. I have no plans on needing it for any 'preferred dining choices' - we have anytime dining and that's fine. Also have no plans on utilizing the famous guest service priority line - we've been on 13 cruises and have only gone to GS ONE time to verify if our obc had been applied. I have no idea what everyone is going to GS for :confused:
  6. I'm not positive about carnival's money in/point equivalence, but on NCL it's 1 point for each $5.00 on regular slots and 1 point per $10.00 on video poker. I think I remember someone saying carnival's conversion was lower, but definitely not $1.00 = 1 point!
  7. But will they seat 2 people at a 4 top??? It sounds like all the tables for 2 are the same smooshed together situation so switching to another table for 2 would yield the same....
  8. That's what I was afraid of :( Thanks for the info
  9. How "close" were the tables for 2 in the dining room? We had anytime dining on the Miracle and loved the tables for 2 as they were along the railing upstairs, however, I've read reviews that on some ships you're literally inches from the next table - hoping the Splendor isn't one of them...
  10. If you don't mind walking, head down the beach, the beach is lined with trees that provide shade and there were plenty of loungers there. As a bonus very few people venture that far so it's nice and quiet ;)
  11. The past few years we've sailed mostly on NCL due to their casino at sea program which has had major cut backs lately. When we were checking prices for our usual Oct. cruise we also were shocked at NCL prices compared to Carnival. We went on our first Carnival cruise a year ago and thought for the most part it was very comparable to NCL. We're not picky eaters and found the main dining room food to be very good, buffet not as much variety as NCL. Passengers also were about the same, we didn't feel like it was a 'party boat' as many people seem to think it is (maybe on shorter cruises but not on a 7-8 day). There also seemed to be more activities, things going on at night which is probably because the majority of the deck space on NCL is taken up by restaurants instead of bars, lounges, etc. I know that's NCL's "thing", having tons of restaurants, but I think it's a waste of space! Plus Carnival's private island is way nicer than NCL's...... here's a link to funtimes http://www.johnhealdsblog.com/funtimes/2013-04-18/Carnival%20Splendor/
  12. We've sailed out of NY quite a few times in February - the weather has ranged from 20's with snow on the decks to 60's and sunny! You just never know. As far as sea conditions well that all depends on if there's a storm in the area, not the month of the year. A bit of advice, if you're driving to the pier pack a shovel in your car we've only needed it once but were glad we brought one! :eek: This is what we arrived to after a Feb. cruise.
  13. I found them on Amazon - put "cruisetags" in the search box and you'll see the types they sell.
  14. Special pricing based on your previous play in the casino - similar to what land casinos do with giving comped/discounted hotel rooms. The rate shows up under 'special offers' - we received a letter in the mail also that mentioned the discounts and coupons to get $100 casino cash at the casino.
  15. LOL, didn't think so! The price was total - actually 490 per person. I'll have to check out the roll call - Thanks :)
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