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  1. Thank you for taking your vacation time to update all of us behind the screens! We just booked Allure for December and are anxious with the new requirements. We shall see how this goes. Have a great day in Cozumel!
  2. I would - I just never feel like carrying something like that on. I looked at the water they showed on the princess website and it looked like spring water which doesnt have an aftertaste to me.
  3. Yes it is. They play it off because its Evian. But I don't care, I can buy a bottle of Evian at my grocery store for about $1 so I don't think I should have to pay that much! Don't price gouge me because I like bottled water on a cruise!
  4. that is quite possibly true! I drink 64 - 100 ounces of water each day, so its important for me to have. When I cruise, I also drink a great many other things that RCI is all too willing to sell 🙂
  5. I noticed that. I am good with the 12 pack they offer. I think RCI is ridiculous for charge $40
  6. Yes, that is appealing. We are similar, though on RCI we spend our pre dinner time in the diamond lounge and then normally get a "to go" drink for dinner. The idea of bringing on wine, and also ordering a bottle for the room will work for us too. Also, I noticed the water cost to be SIGNIFICANTLY lower than order a 12 pack of water on RCI. I hate that they price gouge so much, so paying $7 for the water feels amazing!
  7. That is partly why we havent tried another cruise line. My hubby loves Diamond lounge on Royal.
  8. Thank you! My TA sent it to me and I got it submitted!
  9. This part excites me. What I didn't enjoy about Oasis and Allure was not really seeing the ocean. The ships are lovely, but unless you have a balcony cabin you really don't see the water. Royal keeps you a bit captive. We live in land locked midwest, so the reason we cruise often is to be by water!
  10. You could say we are wine people. Its one of the reasons we chose this cruise. Our friends are not, we are. They thought this might be an easy way for them to cruise with us, and for them to learn more about wine. We were planning a trip to Napa and Sonoma (which we will still do at some point) but this came along and we thought, lets try something different. I have taken wine onto Carnival before (including 8 bottles once) and have no issue with doing that here, I don't mind the corkage fee as its reasonable. I will look at the wine list too and see. When I looked at the Princess wine list initially, I was excited to see somethings that haven't been at Royals Vintages wine bar, so its great to try new things!
  11. Sounds perfect! And I am looking very forward to Afternoon tea! I hated when Royal did away with that, and have always loved that on Carnival!
  12. I did not know about the vet benefit, so I am looking into that now. Thanks! And I am good without all the extras pools etc. Hubby thinks he will miss it, though on our cruise this year on Allure he didn't surf once, so I think he will be fine! I have heard the food on Princess is phenomenal and I am looking very forward to different menus!
  13. Adults only from here on out! Kid is grown and moving into her own life. Its my turn!
  14. I am at a space in my life where I don't want to babysit other peoples kids!
  15. Hi All! Hubby and I are pretty much a Loyal to Royal cruiser, but an itinerary caught our eye and we are trying Princess for the first time in September 2020. I am excited to try something new, Hubby is apprehensive because he likes his Royal set up. We are cruising on the Royal Princess from Vancouver on 9/26/20 with a group of friends on the wine country cruise. Tell me all the things I need to know about Princess!
  16. Hi All - Do you know when RCL typically releases itinerarys and dates for the next cruising year? We are eyeing a particular cruise, and we want book for 2021 (or something like it). Thanks!
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