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  1. I thought there was another suit. But I can't find any mention of it now, so I may have it mixed up with some other company. Sheehan did win the suit in late 2017 (just found that story, or would have mentioned that). The sexual escapades were stricken from the suit before it began trial, so I assume the plaintiff's caved on that issue. Sheehan's attorney insisted that he wasn't forced out but resigned on his own volition after merging with Prestige and having Del Rio in place to succeed him. I didn't find any sexual harassment suits against NCL or NCLH in my quick search. I wouldn't put any validity into Veitch's claims as to Sheehan's mores since the claim was stricken from the record. I thought Sheehan's departure was odd at the time because he was fairly popular, and had improved the company's performance.
  2. Looks like NCL is going to be using Just Goods' "JUST Water" starting in 2020. It is spring water that is filtered, then sanitized with both UV light and ozone and packaged in Tetra Top the "water bottle carton". (There's a water quality PDF on that JUST Water site above). I wonder if NCL will keep the current pricing. JUST Water is about $1.50 a carton for 16 ounces on their website, but Whole Foods said it will carry it at $1 per carton.
  3. I think the surveys come from a different email service than the regular promotional emails. I get both, but the survey was in my spam folder one time. Surveys are used for statistical purposes. Like Bird says, with tens of thousands every month, you aren't going to get any kind of personalized attention to a comment you make. You might get a follow up if overall your survey was negative, as those can be isolated and followed up on with out spending anyone's time. In large companies, all consumer complaints are the same way, even if you complain to a person. They are tallied and a score is given to the appropriate department. Your feedback is still important, and can influence decisions. But if you are looking for a specific reaction or some kind of compensation you need to do that though personal feedback, and not the surveys.
  4. I hadn't heard about the boxed water, but that makes sense in light of the move away from "single use plastics" by many companies.
  5. The purified water from Aquafina (and others like Costco) is as good as the ship's water, and much better in terms of organic compounds than city tap water, because it is filtered via reverse osmosis, then carbon filters. Some of the water the ship converts from sea water can be from reverse osmosis, although I understand they usually create distilled water using heat from the engines to create the steam. Distilled water is not as healthy as regular ground water; the lack of minerals in it is thought by some to leech minerals out of your body. And, distillation does not necessarily remove all of the chemicals found in the source water; I think the sea is pretty clean so you're unlikely to have cancer-causing chemicals in the water like you would from something like industrial waste water that is distilled.
  6. The bathroom water is not filtered so still tastes like pool water. The water in the bars and dining rooms is carbon filtered and tastes fine to me. We drink only water, coffee and tea so the taste of the water does make a difference to us. Bottled water is typically filtered to remove chlorine and organic contaminants that can cause cancer, with minerals added to adjust the taste to make it consistent from bottle to bottle. It just tastes better for those of us who can taste the difference.
  7. The cabins are small; here's my wife showing how narrow the balcony cabin is. Behind her you can see the shower on the left, and the toilet enclosure on the right. Fine for a couple, but families with a shy teen or unrelated people might be uncomfortable:
  8. IIRC, the timeline was that he merged NCL with the company that owned Oceania and Regent Seven Seas (Prestige) into the new NCLH with the boss, Del Rio, at that company under him. Then Sheehan left / was booted out and Del Rio took over as CEO of NCLH. Sheehan has some legal issues where the suit claims: No idea if that's true; remember the lawsuit can say anything it wants, and it's by the guy that lost his job to Sheehan, so it's not in any way "unbiased". Now for some further speculation: if Andy ends up at Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, co-owned by Kevin Sheehan, we may have a new competitor in the making. BPCL added another older ship, but if the management team includes both Sheehan and Stuart then perhaps the company might look more attractive to investors.
  9. I recall there was a long period of time that oil was above their surcharge trigger and there were no surcharges. I'll bet they have that in the contract "just in case" of a sudden shock to the oil markets. Longer term, slow price rises can be accommodated in the regular fares.
  10. Have you ever flown JetBlue? I like them a lot. We are taking them as our preferred airline now, and flying out to FLL on Saturday. I chose them even though they were not the cheapest from LAX to FLL. The red eye isn't ideal, which is why I would not let someone else handle my air reservations. There is an upgrade available to fly in the day before, I believe, that might get you on a non-red eye flight.
  11. Oh, of course. I misunderstood. I thought you were saying the ship's wifi was different somehow, and more dangerous than your home ISP, Starbucks wifi or the Internet at work. It's the same, so no special warnings are needed.
  12. The SSL connection has the browser encrypt the data as it is sending, so the wifi router doesn't really see unencrypted data. The websites you visit, yeah, but nothing you type into a secure site can be read by the service.
  13. I don't recall the cabin we were in. We were all the way forward and below the bridge. This image purports to show cabin 11017, and it has the porthole set up.
  14. We're bottled water drinkers and the water you get in restaurants and bars is good. They carbon filter it, so while it has a little more of a flat taste, it is definitely good water. If you never drink chlorinated tap water I would say not to rely on the in-cabin sink for drinking water unless you have a method to filter it. It's all the same water on board, but the water coming out of the tap has sodium hypochlorite (bleach) added to it, so it tastes like a swimming pool to me. I forget if NCL still provides water in a pitcher via the cabin steward; someone said that's a room service item now and subject to a delivery charge, but I am not sure. If it's free, it is also filtered and tastes pretty good. We buy the six pack of their expensive bottled water for nighttime use in the cabin, then drink water from a glass the rest of the time. We don't drink much of anything else, so I suspect I drink more NCL ship water in one cruise than most of the people with the beverage plan drink in 100 cruises.
  15. We had one of these, and the balcony was huge. But totally enclosed, with a "porthole" cut in the side of the hull. While it was a large hole, it wasn't large enough to be able to see the horizon or sea from within the cabin unless you were standing up. Sitting or on the bed all you saw was a small patch of sky. But standing at the porthole did offer some nice views.
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